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Discount Clothing Websites

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I saw an article in a magazine with two websites that offer good prices on clothing.

They were:

By Carol from Massachusetts

Editor's Note: What are your favorite online discount clothing stores?

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By Jessica04/27/2011

Also check out

By M V03/19/2010

You should check out if you want discount prices. Most of their stuff is pre owned, but there's not a single thing over $20 and shipping is free. Buying used is a good way to recycle, too.

By Bernice05/25/2009


By Candie05/04/2009

My all time fave is
There styles are unique and of great quality. Not to mention that the price is right!

By (Guest Post)12/29/2008

By teen1543 (Guest Post)12/26/2008

There is also a discount juniors clothing site that has cheap prices.

By islander (Guest Post)10/14/2008

I don't think bitten works on a mac.

By Susie from Buckhead, GA (Guest Post)05/19/2007

I saw it on Oprah. Sarah Jessica Parker has a new line out at "Steve and Barrys" everything is under $19.99. Even coats. If these items are as well made as they are said to be that's a bargain. Her line is
"Bitten". I just typed in that one word in google and it sent me right so her web site. If you click on you state it gives directions to the nearest Steve and Barrys.

By dadstiger [1]05/18/2007

The correct website for the 15 dollar store is below

By Jess [108]05/18/2007

I really like Old Navy's online shopping. They only charge $5.00 for shipping and often have online discount codes and specials. You can exchange items if they don't fit or you don't like them for no extra charge. You can also just drop them off in any Old Navy store. Great for cute kids clothes and they have women's clothing up to size 20 AND a plus section besides.

I'm sold, I hate to try on clothes at a store.


By Nancy (Guest Post)05/18/2007

Yes, that $15 site doesn't work and also, I don't think the 1st site is very cheap.

Editor's Note: The link had a typo. Try it now, it works.

By Carrie [2]05/18/2007

The 15dollarstore requires a special program. Are you on a Mac? Is the link correct?

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