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Can You Dry Clean Couch Cushions?

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Do dry-cleaners clean couch pillows? There is not one particular stain I'm trying to remove, they are just old and dirty. I just want to make them sanitary and fresh.

By Sean


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By Anonymous [848]12/15/2010

You can call carpet cleaning places. Most also clean upholstery.

By Edna Raisor12/14/2010

I have taken off cushion covers and washed them in the washing machine in cold water. Depending on what your fabric is it cleans and freshens the cushions. I then let them air dry so they won't shrink.

By Vicki [21]12/14/2010

Here is what my BF, the former dry cleaner owner/operator says: Since some cushions have that polyester foam inside of them I would say no to dry cleaning. That stuff can dissolve in the petroleum based dry cleaning fluid. Even if the dry cleaner decided to clean them; it would be very expensive because of the amount of dry cleaning fluid the pillow would soak up, and the time it would take to extract the fluid after cleaning. I hope that helps.

By Joan [13]12/14/2010

If they are just dusty type of dirt, vacume them and then toss them in the dryer with a damp cloth and fabric softener sheet.

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