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Homemade Snake Repellent

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Do mothballs keep snakes away? What home remedy can I use?

By Trish from Eustis, Fl


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By Louise [7]09/25/2010

I live in FL also and I am very terrified of snakes. I have to say that mothballs do not work. I know it's expensive, but a product called snake-away does work. I tried to save money by using mothballs only to go outside and see this huge black snake slithering over the mothballs. Snake-away smells like mothballs but probably has other things in it that helps repel them.

By Sheila [3]09/24/2010

PS: Moth balls also work to keep roaches, etc. out of your house. I go around the outside and throw a couple under the house through the vent or door to the crawl space and about two or three in the attic. Don't put out more than that, because you will be able to smell them and they can be strong.

By Sheila [3]09/24/2010

Oh, but moth balls do work! I used them around the perimeter of my yard when I saw one and never saw another snake! You can also do the same with lime, it works just as good.


Mothballs fumes are highly toxic and they are poisonous and are especially dangerous to have around children or pets! I don't know of any homemade remedy, but if you called a pest control company I am fairly certain they would tell you what to buy and where you can buy it. Seems to me that large garden centers would carry snake repellent.

By Sassyscrappin [4]09/24/2010

Just an FYI: Mothballs have worked here at our house in Texas, for years. We have only had on snake on our five acres in 16 years.

By Deanj09/23/2010

People believe mothballs work, but they don't. The critters just go around them or find another way around them. Waste of money.

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