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Removing Ink from Book Pages

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Removing ink from paper, without damage, can be very difficult if not impossible. This is a guide about removing ink from book pages.


Here are questions related to Removing Ink from Book Pages.

Question: Removing Ink from Book

How do I remove black ink from a book?

By Mojtaba

Question: Removing Ink from Textbooks

I'm a teacher who is trying to clean up textbooks from this past year. Anyone know how to get ballpoint ink and Sharpie ink off textbook pages without erasing all the other print?

By MissC from Minneapolis, MN

Most Recent Answer

By Marlene 04/09/2011

Deep woods off aerosol is the best and least destructive ink removal solution. Aerosol hairspray is second. We discovered this when a pen exploded onto maple kitchen cabinets. We tried everything including aerosol hairspray for months with marginal results. after ordering new doors from the company, one of the kids ran in the room complaining of mosquito bites. Not wanting to pass up a opportunity, we sprayed the deep woods off thinking"what the heck". The ink dispersed before our eyes like magic and didn't harm the finish in any way! I have since used the product to my friends amazement on every single surface including a leather couch that I thought for sure was destroyed!

Question: Removing Ink from Book Pages

How can I remove ink marks from a page in a book?

By Maria from Berwyn, IL

Most Recent Answer

By Barbara Pope [10]03/20/2010

Try a Magic Rub Eraser. You can buy them at places that sell art, office, and school supplies.

Solutions: Removing Ink from Book Pages

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