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Removing Blood from a Pillow Top Mattress

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I have an older pillow top mattress that has an old blood stain. I'm thinking it may be 5 year old stain. What is the best way to lift it out?

By Sailbluehorse from Littlefork, MN


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By Toni Clouston08/07/2009

Mean Green.

By Anonymous [848]07/29/2009

I was also going to say hydrogen peroxide :-)

By S Durgeloh [3]07/28/2009

The best way to remove fresh blood stains is by pouring hydrogen peroxide on them. Pour on quite a bit, rub in with your fingers then pour more on, rub some more, pour on more then let it sit till laundering. For old stains or ones that have been washed, try the peroxide thing first the use the many really good tips people gave you. Good luck!

By Greenie [5]07/25/2009

Cold water is best for getting out blood.

By PENNY K [15]07/25/2009

Well, you might try putting shampoo on spot , perhaps premixed with a little water. Rub in wearing rubber gloves after a while and blot with towel. Keep doing that. Might take several times.

Pet enzyme solution might work for any residual stain.

My sis in law bought a lovely heavy cotton bedspread with several old stains on it, obviously originally blood. We rubbed stains with plain homemade soap (lye soap) and washed in same (she makes her own detergent, just a slightly stronger lye soap, ground up). She had to wash it about 6 times, and those were some old stains, but you would never know they had ever been there now.

By Vickie Kibellus07/25/2009

It may sound odd, but your fingernails and ivory soap (or similar plain white soap with no added oil) Lightly wet spot and soap and work in with your fingernails (or plastic knife).Wipe off with clean rag or paper towel after rinsed. I usually leave a clean rag over paper towel on top to absorb extra liquid--for about 12 hours.


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Archive: Removing Blood from a Pillow Top Mattress

My girlfriend had an accident with my brand new pillow top mattress (she got her period). Any ideas on removing the blood stain? It's about the size of a PDA or PalmPilot.

Anthony from Clearwater, FL

RE: Removing Blood from a Pillow Top Mattress

Try using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and dab. You may have to repeat it several times. (02/12/2008)

By mom-from-missouri

RE: Removing Blood from a Pillow Top Mattress

I've always heard that milk will remove blood stains, because both are proteins and they will neutralize each other. (02/12/2008)

By perfume and powder

RE: Removing Blood from a Pillow Top Mattress

I got a spot on my new solid white mattress and I used a Clorox pen to dab it a couple times and the stain was gone. I can't tell where the stain had been. Barbie62 (02/12/2008)

By Barbie62

RE: Removing Blood from a Pillow Top Mattress

The Peroxide is a great solution, you might also want to put a little salt in with it. (02/15/2008)

By bailegirl

RE: Removing Blood from a Pillow Top Mattress

I have unbelievably heavy periods (pre-menopause) and after years of this, I've found that there are really only 2 things that can "totally" remove dried-on blood stains:

Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ammonia. Just pour a capful of "one" of these on to the new or dried-on stain and let it set for 10 - 20 minutes, then rinse off the ammonia. No need to rinse the Peroxide, just blot with a clean white rag and do it again and again until the stain is totally gone. Of course, this goes without saying, but ONLY use ONE of these products at a time. Start by trying the Peroxide first. Then if after 3 applications of the peroxide that doesn't work, try the Ammonia next. The very last resort, is the Oxyclean" type of cleaners. But these can sometimes eat a hole in your fabric. Bleach "never" works on blood, so leave that in the cupboard.

When you get blood on fabric, "never" rinse with warm or hot water "always use cold water", as warm and hot water "sets" the stain. Also, "never" iron or put stains into the dryer. The heat sets the stains. Make sure to remove all traces of the stain before drying the clothing article in the dryer. This also goes for blow-drying a mattress top. Until you remove the stain completely, only blow-dry it on cool.

I buy peroxide on sale (2 for $1) and put it into a well marked small spray bottle which I leave in my laundry area. Peroxide only works for Organic (Natural) stains (for example peroxide will remove blood, coffee, cocoa, red wine, and grape juice. It will "not" remove grape Kool-aid or Jell-O stains as these have artificial coloring. It works by fizzing out the stain with Oxygen. (02/15/2008)

By Cyinda

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