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Reuse Styrofoam Trays for Crafts

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I've been doing a lot of crafting making small felt and cloth toys. They measure about 2 - 4 inches. With so many little pieces (and a dog who waits at my feet for fabric scraps!), I needed some way to keep track of everything. I'd been keeping foam meat trays (bleached and washed), trying to find a use.

Now, my little pieces and patterns are pinned to the back of the tray. Not only do I keep everything, but I can also design things by moving pieces around and keeping them in place with pins! I also put the pins in at an angle so I don't get poked. I 'drill' a hole at the top of the tray with a chopstick, thread a piece of string and hang it from thumb tacks on my cork board! Now I can see my projects and find everything I need!

By DannieB


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By Robyn Fed [388]07/14/2010

I noticed the other day that when I drew on a styrofoam plate that it almost made a punch out star..I am thinking that the kids might have a good time with cleaned recycled plates that are styrofoam by drawing a cut out pattern on them with a ball point pen and then punching them out. They could then color them with markers or glitter glue. Good tip about styrofoam!

Love it!


By Lilac [18]01/06/2010

I agree with Dee. Why take a chance? Styrofoam is porous and the bleach and soap may not penetrate enough to kill all the bacteria. E-coli is a terrible disease. Buy them from the butcher at low cost or get Styrofoam plates at a big box store.

By jeannette [3]12/11/2008

Styrofoam trays can be used for making Christmas ornaments. My grandchildren would use Cookie Cutters pressed into the stryrofoam trays-to make an impression. You either snap the impressions apart or cut them with small scisorrs.They would then color the items and string them hang on the tree with small pieces of ribbon. Have fun a litle clean up.Jeannette

By Maryeileen [76]12/10/2008

Dee already said what I was going to say!

By Dee (Guest Post)12/05/2008

Just keep in mind that these trays are contaminated from the raw meat and may harbor unsafe bacteria. Most grocery stores will give you empty foam trays for little or no expense and they would be much safer.

By Michael Ruger [19]12/04/2008

The trays themselves can be the craft.
For instance impressing a cookie cutter into one. you will have that figure to decorate say for your Christmas tree.,
You can also make picture frames from those trays
Or how about a glider airplane,which you can decorate anyway you want?

There are many other craft reuses foe those Styroform trays. just a little prethought will bring more to you.
Mr. Thrifty

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