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Getting Rid Of Wild Onions


Does anyone have any suggestions for killing wild onions? I have tried many things and they just get worse. Digging them up, works I know, but I have a lot of them in my 2 acre lot.

By Jerry from north TX


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By MsArmyVet 1 5 02/21/2011 Flag

Wild onions, though not a horse's best friend does have it's uses besides using tops like chives. They are not liked by most fire ants and they put nutrients in soil. Tilling and then adding Round Up works.
Brenda (Alabama)

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By jenny 2 25 02/26/2011 Flag

I love these things. They fill my flower garden up with the little white flowers. They also help with the weeds. Jenny

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By Maile 49 114 02/26/2011 Flag

Can you borrow a goat?

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By sha 5 02/26/2011 Flag

The old timers say to cut your lawn on a full moon when the onion are growing ( in the day time ). This is suppose to rid your yard of wild onions.

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By Layla 2 04/01/2011 Flag

Par III. You can usually purchase this or something like it at your local feed store. Do not waste your time with Weed-B-Gone because the active ingredients are such a small percentage of the product that you will have to buy it in bulk (which is the point). 2-4,D is what you are looking for. Your yard will look like a golf course in no time.

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By Robert B. 1 04/03/2014 Flag

Both wild onions and wild garlic prefer to grow in acidic soils that are low in organic matter. Applying lime to the soil will increase the organic matter and change the pH to levels that are inhospitable to wild alliums. Be careful to not apply lime near acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons or azaleas.

If you are not opposed to using chemical herbicides, look for a post-emergent herbicide that can be applied to the wild garlic or wild onions. Do not use a preemergent herbicide as this will have no effect on the underground bulbs. Before applying an herbicide to the wild alliums, it is helpful to mow the plants to rough up their foliage and increase their ability to absorb the herbicide. Once the herbicide has been applied, do not mow again for at least two weeks

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Archive: Getting Rid Of Wild Onions

Does anyone know the best chemical spray to use on wild Onions or wild Garlic? I used IMAGE and it did not seem to work, I even doubled the mixing instructions. It is labeled for Onions and I added "blue marking dye". I need to get rid of these before the grass starts to come back strong.

Hardiness Zone: 7b

T.M. from Meridian, MS


RE: Getting Rid Of Wild Onions

Good Luck, I have been fighting what looks like wild onions for 40 years-but have discovered they are not- they are called snow drops and they are a flowering bulb like onions. They were brought over from Europe many many years ago. they have small white blooms in clusters and they appear in early spring and bloom for a month of two and die out turning yellow on the tops.

They reappear the following spring and every spring there after-and after- I have never had anything that would kill them- not even a total kill- move is my suggestion- :) You would think a weed killer for onions would get rid of them but they don't. (03/20/2009)

By Pat W.

RE: Getting Rid Of Wild Onions

To get rid of wild onions, I use 2-4-D Amine #4 with a surfactant in a hand held pump sprayer. I use 3 oz of 2-4-D with one oz of surfactant to one gallon of water. This works great in Guntersville AL. (03/30/2009)

By Dr T

Archive: Getting Rid Of Wild Onions

This works fast, safe, and cheap. Get gallons of white vinegar, and give each clump of wild onions a small drink. Too much will just "run off" and be wasted. Now the soil is wet so it will absorb better. Give each clump a larger drink.

In a day or two, they will be flat on the ground. More vinegar may not be needed; but I like to give a last drink to be sure. My idea is the acid kills the roots; so don't bother with the green stalks.

Source: I did an experiment with different safe household solutions.

by kimairanne from Smithtown, NY


RE: Getting Rid Of Wild Onions

Do as the Indians! Get rid of them by eating this freely growing food source! Use a small spade to dig them out of the ground. Soak in a tub of cool water to pre-clean. Rinse thoroughly until free of dirt and debris, cutting the ends off as you would green onions. Melt bacon grease in a pan and saute until they start to get tender, add beaten eggs into the pan, moving around the pan like cooking scrambled eggs. Salt and pepper to taste. This will help you get rid of them in no time! (04/22/2010)

By kgroblewski

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