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I need inexpensive ideas for decorating my carport. We have a nice table and chairs and grill out there so we can cook and eat outside with friends, but the only space available is our carport (which we don't park in). It is very basic, pavement floor, very open... I would love to hear ideas on making my carport a prettier space to entertain!

Jodi from CT


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By Patty 7 68 08/10/2006

How about painting a "rug" onto the cement floor? Pioneer housewives used to paint rugs onto their floors, with beautiful results. I don't see why it wouldn't work in a carport, and it will be waterproof, in case of rain or flood!

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By gail2656 (Guest Post) 08/10/2006

plant some flowers around the border...if your not a gardener the wrap some fake flower vines around the poles. hang some cute lites in there. be inventive...have fun

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By jodigirl25 (Guest Post) 08/10/2006

Grow vines up around posts, and add large potted plants, just green or ones that bloom, spaced around. Oh, and add some windchimes or birdfeeders.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 08/10/2006

Hang potted plants on the side of the carport.
Add wooden benches around for converstation.
Also an over sized table, my mother in law had a
wooden wire spool and had plants on it.
Painting a rug sound very nice. Have fun.

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By Donna (Guest Post) 08/10/2006

If you have an overhead light fixture change it for an ceiling fan, works wonderful on hot days and adds that tropical look. scarlet runner beans grow fast and and have nice red blossoms, they can be planted and just require a net to grow on to create a privacy wall of greenery

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By Jill 2 52 08/14/2006

I would buy a few strings of festive mini party lights to hang around the ceiling edge. They have a nice variety now, Japanese Lanterns, Christmas lights,etc. and all on sale here. Music piped in on speakers would be very festive also.
Jill :>)

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By Toni 6 07/24/2010

Hang up wood lattice or bamboo rolls.

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