What is an effective way to get rid of a recurring boil?

Bibo from Chicago



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By Theresa 27 03/18/2007

Usually when a boil is recurring, its due to an underlaying infection. Go to your doctor for some bloodwork and to get a prescription for antibiotics. I have the same problem and a simple $4 prescription of antibiotics took care of the infection.

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By anniebok (Guest Post) 03/19/2007

My son got eight boils in a row on his bottom. Antibiotics helped but what has really helped is bathing in 1/4 cup bleach in a tub of bathwater and soak for about twenty minutes. We did this twice a week while it was still there and now twice a month has kept him without another one. This kills all the bacteria on the skin good and bad so be very careful about washing hands and showering to get rid of germs. Good luck.

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By (Guest Post) 03/19/2007

i helped a friend by recommending that he take a garlic pill and a tablespoonful of honey.if this is a boil.my daughter had a continuous recurring cyst on her coccyx .it was a cyst and had to be surgically removed because it had a sac which would fill up with pus so the sac had to be removed for it to heal.

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By Claudia-MD (Guest Post) 03/20/2007

If you self-treat a problem once and it resolves, great, but if it is recurring, I think the problem needs a doc's attention to see what the underlying issue is and treat appropriately.

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By Tere (Guest Post) 03/21/2007

Check with your doctor or nutritionist, but when I was a kid we were told that citric acid would clear up boils. You can buy citric acid tablets or powder.

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By Marcie 6 220 03/23/2007

My husband gets these every few years. They are infected sebaceous cysts and must be surgically removed.

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By james (Guest Post) 09/16/2007

I have been having recurring boils for the last 3 yrs. I haven't found a way to make them go away. I have tried the bleach. The only real treatment the doctors give me is warm compresses and soaking in hot water. Now I have five boils on my scalp. VERY painful. My question is this has anyone ever heard of outbreaks like this?
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By Ace (Guest Post) 09/17/2007

I've spent years trying out different herbs to see if I was lacking something & to see if they would help. The two that I have found outstanding for my skin are: Lysine pill once a day & Evening Primrose Oil Capsules (1000 mg) twice a day. It can't hurt to try this. Good luck!

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By Doodah (Guest Post) 02/12/2008

I'm surprised no one has mentioned MRSA. Get your boils cultured. If it's MRSA, most antibiotics are useless.

Editor's Note: I wasn't sure what this is. Here is a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methicillin-resistant_Staphylococcus_aureus

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By cbad (Guest Post) 06/25/2008

I get them at least twice a year and I even got one surgically removed. But, I still get them in other places. Not sure why? Can anybody help?

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