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Alternative to Cascade Plastic Booster

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Stack of plastic food storage containers.

I really like using Cascade Plastic Booster in my dishwasher. It does an excellent job at removing red stains like tomato sauce. I was wondering if any one had any ideas for a homeade version or a cheaper alternative, because this stuff costs around $3 a tube. Any suggestions?



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By LadyeWitch07/14/2011

Use some hydrogen peroxide with your regular detergent. The hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in the Cascade Plastic Cleaner.

By (Guest Post)08/04/2004

Place your plastic in the sunlight to remove stain; it's free.

By Ann (Guest Post)08/04/2004

I've heard that if you first coat the plastic container with olive oil, that keeps the tomato stain away.

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By jakinley11/16/2013

Actually the active ingredient was Benzoyl peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide won't do the same. That ingredient is still available in many acne creams in most drug stores... but not at $3 per container.

By Judy07/12/2010

It's no longer on the market, but maybe if enough people request it, they'll bring it back. Either do a Google (web, not shopping) search for Cascade Plastic Booster, & the first result will be the Amazon page (you can't find it with amazon's search engine). Or here's the link ... ng-Additive-6-8-Ounce/dp/B000CEO5AU. There's a link on the right to sign up when it becomes available. Who knows, maybe if Amazon reports that a lot of people are requesting it?

By Dollinky (Guest Post)01/20/2005

The active ingredient is Benzoyle Peroxide. You can get a quart of that stuff in any supermarket in the Bandaid aile. I guess you could use it straight on plastics, or pour, say 1/2 cup in the dishwasher in the middle of a cycle. I'm going to try it myself.

By Regina Arlauckas [26]08/06/2004

Make friends with your local Tupperware dealer. It is usually on sale for about $1 if you buy some Tupperware, but you can ususally get them to tack it on an order from someone else who did not want it.

I have also tried the olive oil trick and it works pretty well.

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