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Why do I have to flush the toilet twice?

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We just moved into a very nice home built in 1990. However, we are having a few problems in the bathroom. First, the toilet does not flush everything down the first time it is flushed. It always needs to be flushed twice, which is not only wasteful of water, but is also inconvenient, as it takes time to fill up before it can be flushed again.

Does anyone know what could be causing this problem and how it can be fixed? The amount of water in the bowl looks like the amount in any regular toilet--it's not extremely low, as in those special toilets that are meant to use less water.

Another problem is the drain on the jacuzzi tub-- it does not completely seal so water slowly drains out. Is this fixable? (I know, I know, I am worried about wasting water by flushing the toilet twice but I'm not worried about wasting water filling up a big tub. It doesn't make sense to me either...) Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!



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By tony bavone (Guest Post)10/10/2007

In your toilet u will find a float its white pull the float up now u will see a guide up and down. Adjust the guide so when u flush the toilet it goes into a slot that will hold the float open long enough to flush the toilet. Have a nice one. Tony

By jerry#1 (Guest Post)06/06/2005

If you hv older,(not low flow type)type: Take top off of the tank and fush.Then observe ,as the tank refills;
There are TWO water intake pipes, one at bottom of tank one at the top. The small one at top should be directing replacement water into a larger pipe just below.The said small pipe you should be able to move by hand. Solved the problem for me.....


By pm omoth [2]04/12/2005

The low flow toilets usually work with one flush for urine for which it is mostly used. But needs two or three flushes for bm's which happen not as often. Even at that they are still water savers

By P. (Guest Post)04/12/2005

We were having problems flushing at our house because the former occupants of the house had not installed the toilet correctly, by putting a vent in the pipe that goes to the outside air. When we remodeled the bathroom and corrected the vent problem, we also replaced the toilet with a high pressure flush toilet. We found it at a building supply salvage store for only $75. The toilet is still a "low flow" model, but it has a pressure tank inside the water reservior tank of the toilet. Once the pressure tank was primed, it would always work on just one flush, and the suction that the flush created would make visitors who used our 'loo' jump in suprise. So if you are up to installing a new one, you might want to be on the lookout for one of the high pressure varieties.

By Rose Mary B (Guest Post)04/12/2005

I agree you probably have one of the low flush toliets, we purchased one a few years ago and was told that is all that is sold now. I noticed the one we got (after we installed it) has a smaller hole at the bottom than some of the other toliets. Since it was the cheaper one that was for sale I assume that is why. We always hold down the handle longer and sometimes this works, sometime we just have to flush twice and sometimes three times or even plunge. I do not like this toliet! Anyway we usually use our other bathroom. I'm not sure if there is really anything that can be done short of getting a new toliet that has a bigger hole at the bottom. Sorry.

By Tori [21]04/11/2005

Check out the website and click on "Low Consumption Toilets" which explains your problem and offers a partial solution at the end of the article.


By Joyce (Guest Post)04/11/2005

We have a low flow toilet and we have found if you will hold the flush handle down longer you will get more water and it will flush out the first time. Hope this helps you.""

By Verue (Guest Post)04/11/2005

We bought an American Standard that they claim flushes 24 ? golf balls at once. I now want to change out our other toilet for one like this. They really do work and use less water. They sure sold me.

By Patricia04/10/2005

Many if not most areas of the country have laws now making low flow toilets mandatory. Since your house was built in 1990, you most likely have one even though it doesn't look like one. I know people in northern states who go into Canada just to buy regular toilets because they are illegal to sell where they are. By the way "King of the Hill" had a very funny episode about this very subject. Low flows were made mandatory but had to be flushed several times - thus using more water, not less, than a regular one. Another example of something that sounds like a good idea on paper but turns out to be impractical in real life.

By the way, I have read the low flows are getting better. You may want to try one of the newer ones. I have read there is a wide variation between the different brands so I would do my homework first.


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