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Homemade Candy Wrapper Wedding Favors

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How do you print your own candy wrappers, to be used as wedding favors?

Taira from Brookline, MA


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By Debbie Dzurilla [24]11/14/2006

Taira, I use alenkasprintables site too. There are many cool things to print for free. Yesterday I made up some cute hot chocolate envelopes that I am going to use for little Christmas gifts. A Swiss Miss cocoa mix fits in one.

It's possible you could find some sites with printable candybar wrappers just by putting into search.

By Paula [14]11/14/2006

Taira, I use a site called to print candy bar wrappers and other things like teabag envelopes and jiffy pop covers. They have a free section or you can pay to get even more choices.


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Question: Making Shotgun Shell Candy Wrappers for Wedding

My granddaughter is having a camo theme wedding and wants to have "fake" red shotgun shells in her bouquet, etc. All we need is a wrapper and we will fill it with cotton or paper so there is very little weight to it. Does anyone have any ideas how we can make these? She also may wrap them around a roll of life savers for favors. We can buy candy ones, but they are too pricey for the quantity she needs.


Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]01/14/2013

Red Felt might work. You could wrap gold foil around the bottom of a small dowel or pvc piece and cover the rest with felt. I hope this helps. PBP

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