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Can You Dye Carpet?

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I have tried everything to clean my carpet but still have stains. Has anyone ever dyed carpet? Have you had good results? Please help, as I can't afford to replace it right now.

Trabocan from Liberty, MS



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By sandy (Guest Post)03/10/2006

my cousin dyed her whole house wall to wall carpet. it looks pretty good. i mean you can tell in some places something was done but if you cant afford new ......... try it in a closet or something.

By priscilla zahner (Guest Post)03/10/2006

SPOT SHOT is the best ever for removing all kinds of stains---I get it at Wal-Mart. Just spray it on and the spots just disapear!!!

By susan [8]03/10/2006

There are professional companies the dye carpets, but they are few and far between to find. I would not try doing it myself, you'll just end up with a gigantic mess, and end up replacing the carpet anyway. Call some carpet stores, they might have some leads, or try doing an internet search. Be careful though, some of the dye does not hold properly, and will bleed onto whatever else is against it, or fade just in places. If you do find a company, make sure you get some type of guarantee.

By SPOILEDBRATTS (Guest Post)03/09/2006

well you can use rubbing alcohol 2 caps full and 3drops dish soap in a spray bottle and see if the stains come out mine did on my rug.. first used on a old rug to test. good luck

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