Cooking Oil Residue on Plastic


We keep our cooking oil in a plastic jar until we use it again. After awhile the plastic jar becomes grimy, sticky and hard to remove residue. Do you know of any cleaner that will remove the residue quickly and without a lot of elbow grease. Thanks very much.

V. from Seattle, WA


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By Sheri 1 04/12/2006

I would try dishwashing detergent, just not the stuff for dishwashers. It is a great grease cutter.

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By Pattie Hartley 2 104 04/12/2006

Dawn makes a spray on cleaner. I think it is called Powerdisolve or something like that it comes in a blue bottle. Spray it on and wait a few minutes.

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By SL Edens 1 395 04/12/2006

I've used Dawn and baking soda with good results :)

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By Dan 50 03/19/2009

Pour half a cup of household ammonia in the jar and put the lid on. Let it sit a day, shaking well from time to time. Pour it out (beware the fumes) and wash the jar normally.

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By CAROL 4 3 09/27/2009

Use baking soda with a small amount of water. Make a dry paste and scrub. Will cut grease from all pans. You could mix baking soda with dish soap.

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By Bonnie 1 06/11/2010

I'm wondering if there are any new products or suggestions for removing cooking oil residue from the inside of plastic containers, since this question was posted. Your article was the only place on the web I found an answer. I have a very big jar with a lot of sticky residue left inside after cleaning with regular dish soap. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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