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Cleaning Collars on White Shirts

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How do I get my husbands collars clean on his white shirts. I have tried stain removers you spray on but this does not work.

Lindsey from United Kingdom


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By Lisa (Guest Post)09/09/2006

Mom and I would spray dad's collars with homemade spray 1/3 water, 1/3 dishsoap and 1/3 ammonia then scrub with brush and toss into wash cycle hope it helps

By Becki in Indiana (Guest Post)09/07/2006

Baby shampoo, applied with an old toothbrush. Buy whatever is the cheapest. Scrub it in real good, let it sit overnight, then wash.

By Sharon [4]09/06/2006

Add you some bleach to a tooth brush.......
Scrub a little with brush
Hope this works.

By (Guest Post)09/06/2006

use CLEAR shampoo -- colored shampoo may stain

By Paula Jo Carr (Guest Post)09/06/2006

Go purchase some Oxi Clean liquid Spray & use it on the shirt where needed (collar, cuffs, pockets).

It can be purchased also in powder form for an aid to your laundy detergent which I use with each wash!

I swear by the use of mine now! It will even get out old stains! In my house grass, ink, tomato juice, wine and coffee have all been cleaned up with Oxi Clean and within one washing after letting soak for 15 minutes!

It can be purchased with other laundry detergents in a local store there.

Using Oxi Clean has stopped me from having to use Clorox or even 20 Mule Team Borax! Good Luck!

By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post)09/06/2006

Have you tried using a Clorox bleach pen?

By Linda (Guest Post)09/06/2006

Try rubbing a cheap oily hair shampoo into the collars before washing. Let it soak for a little bit then launder.

By Lindsey (Guest Post)09/05/2006

what is biz please i have never heard of it

Editor's Note: Here's a link to their site:

By kelly (Guest Post)09/04/2006

Hi, I have found the very best way to get anything brighter and stain free is to soak in "BIZ" and hot water for 24 hours. I simply put the item / biz and water in a ziplock bag, as not to tie up my sink with the soaking. Good luck

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