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I am thinking about buying leather furniture. My family suffers from allergies. Will this be the best furniture for people with allergies? Also, do cats claw this furniture?

By Cindy from TX


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By Judi 18 939 02/16/2010

Don't know about the cat question although I would suspect they would, as they can do any furniture. As to the allergy question, I can say it helped me. We live where it's quite dusty (farm land) and I could smack the arm of my fabric couch and see dust fly even right after cleaning. With the leather I just keep it wiped down (sometimes with leather cleaner and sometimes with a damp cloth) and this eliminates the dust and helps my allergies.

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By dorothy wedenoja 170 111 02/17/2010

I have leather furniture and 3 cats. My cats don't claw the furniture, but if they are running and jump on it (just playing around) they can scratch it some.

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By Deanj 917 02/18/2010

Hot in warm weather and cold in cold weather.

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By marion davidson 22 192 02/18/2010

Cats scratched the sides of my son's leather sofa and chairs:-( It's more noticeable on leather, too.

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By Lee Taylor 15 426 02/18/2010

I love our leather couches! We have 2 dogs and a cat and the leather is great with pets. Our couches have a distressed finish so it doesn't show any marks when the dogs run and jump on the couch. It's perfect! I keep an old knitting project folded up on one of the arms and our cat think it's his personal space. He goes right to it every time and doesn't bother with the rest of the couch at all.

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By Teresa Mahan 1 02/18/2010

Leather will last longer than most other things. We tried to save money and had a matching vinyl covering added to the backs and sides of our couch and chair (where you don't see) and wish I had kept it all leather. They put vinyl on the sides of the seats and it is cracking at the seams. It would have been worth it to me to go ahead and spend the money but for sure, get all leather around the seats.

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I am having to make furniture buying decisions in the next few weeks. I have always loved leather, however I am not sure about the durability.


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