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Family Reunion Centerpieces


I'm planning a family reunion in April in Florida. I need table centerpieces. My father has 10 siblings and I would like to have ten tables to represent each sibling. Any suggestions? I will be flying 5,000 miles to the reunion, and will be arriving a few days before the reunion. So I need to make something before hand to ship or make it there quickly.

Karen from Wasilla, Alaska



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By Ms April 1 44 02/25/2007 Flag

Before you go, collect photos of each person from childhood to adulthood.
Get or make long picks that hold photos and take them with you to Florida.
When you get to Florida, buy plants or little pots of flowers and put the picks in them with the photos.
Be sure to use copies of the pictures.
You could even make the plants all the same with the same pictures so everyone has the same pictures.

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By Paula 14 328 02/25/2007 Flag

How about a questionnaire about each sibling with information about when they were born, place of birth, schools attended, marriage, children, favorite color, favorite memories, and print it out on nice stationary and frame it to place on each table. That is, if you don't think the questions would be used for identity theft (a shame that one has to think about things like that!). You could make a floral arrangement in each siblings favorite color to place on the table and for them to take home at the end of the evening.

How about copies of pictures of each sibling (from head to toe) apply to cardstock with a glue stick, cut out the background and use only the person, then make a small cut at the bottom and make a base for the "person" to stand up, kind of like a paper doll (hope you aren't so young that you don't know what a paper doll is!) You could have various ages of each sibling on the table for everyone to see.

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By Lois D (Guest Post) 02/27/2007 Flag

I also come from a large family and when we have reunions we "color co-ordinate" the different with the 10 siblings, each "mini-family" would have a color to wear (makes them easily identifyable)....example....your father's family would wear red, one of the sibling's family would wear blue, another yellow, black, brown, green, orange...etc...and you could do centerpieces in the family colors...something simple....could be a blown up picture of the "sibling", framed in the "color"

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By pamela tucker 1 8 03/30/2007 Flag

You are going to need eleven tables. One for your father and ten for the siblings

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By Eileen 2 04/17/2007 Flag


Do you mean that siblings wear one color, grandchildren one color, and great grands another color?

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By fran (Guest Post) 01/15/2009 Flag

I have seen a cute idea in which you obtain empty cd cases. Paste old family pictures on the inside add your own words and set up like photo frame. Very inexpensive.

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