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Pattern for Crocheted Chess Set

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Does anyone know where I can get a free crochet pattern for a chess board and men?

Kathy from Orlando, FL



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By Lena12/21/2010

I found this and printed it out...hope this helps :) I am going to try it, too.

By Harriet Schipper [7]09/18/2008

Boards are easy to find by googling...chess or checker crochet board.

there is someone who has made up her own pattern and is selling them on ebay. You could contact her and see if she will give you a deal on the whole set" ... Z20080917?IMSfp=TL080917115007r25262

By Moon [1]09/17/2008

There's this one, ... tterns/uploads/mini_checkerboard.htm for a checkerboard, just use white intead of red. OR, of course, you could always crochet 32 white and 32 black granny squares... as for chessmen, yikes! I guess you'd have to adapt some amigurumi patterns. I'll look into it...

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