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Bedskirt Shoe Organizer Storage

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If you live in a small home and need more space to store your crafts, yarn, and scrapbook supplies, think of buying an Under Bedskirt Shoe Organizer. They don't take up any extra room, come in all bed sizes, fit right under your regular bedskirt and, YES, all you gals with a shoe-fetish, you can even store shoes in them!

Here's a picture and more info:

Source: I found out about these wonderful little space savers through their TV commercial.

By CDR from near Seattle



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By She Drags [13]02/08/2010

Exactly what do the Under bedskirt shoe organizer look like?

By Judith W. (Guest Post)01/16/2009

I saw this ad on TV last night and thought, why didn't I think of that? We all can make these ourselves. As soon as I get a couple days off from work I am going to do it.

By (Guest Post)01/15/2009

I just ordered one after reading your post and using the link you sent. Wow! Great idea! Thanks.

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