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I am getting married in April of this year. My colours are white and silver. I plan to create an ivy headress, and would like ideas of CHEAP ways to decorate the room, using ivy, white, and silver! Any ideas for wedding favours would also be gratefully received, and ways to use Ivy (and my colour scheme) that I haven't thought of. It is an intimate gathering with only four tables to decorate. Many many thanks!

Julie (near London)



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By Reba Gayle Shurden 6 20 01/30/2005

I am an interior decorator and my suggestion is to use white lacy fabric bought in bulk to decorate your tables with. I don't know what types of discount stores are over there, but I'm sure you can find some cheap. You could put cheap white material (or sheets) on the tables first, the top with the lacy fabric. You could also swag the lacy material and make "poofy" gathers with rubberbands at the corners of the tables. You could then wind your fresh ivy around the gathers and across the swags. Ask around, maybe you could get some ivy for free from someone's garden. You can use the ivy in great big bunches in containers for table centerpieces with maybe a silver taper candle in the middle. You can spray paint white candles to make them silver and you can also spray paint some of the ivy to make it silver as well. You could also buy a few yards of silver lame' cloth to use as a accent color on the tables (put some siver fabric down in the middle of the table, then set your ivy/candle centerpiece on top of that). You can use this same lace swag, ivy and silver cloth theme to swag the top of a doorway or even on a wall, like behind the cake table. Maybe this will help you get your creative juices flowing! Good Luck!!

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By Kelly (Guest Post) 01/31/2005

I am not sure about where you live, but here you can buy small potted ivys for around $2 a piece at department stores in their plant department. I would buy an ivy for the center of each table and wrap the pot in a white netting and tie a silver bow around it. Simple and elegant.

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By Joanne (Guest Post) 01/31/2005

I suggest using green Ivy to accent your white and silver colors.

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By kittikat1119 (Guest Post) 02/02/2005

There is a great website that helped me learn how to save money on my wedding.


It just happens that the couple who runs the site used ivy to decorate their wedding as well; it might be of some help. Anyway, good luck and I hope this helped.

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By Raewyn (Guest Post) 02/04/2005

congrats on getting married. I did my wedding cheaply. We have silver, purple, and blue as our colours. We had ballons and streamers in these colours and used silver and purple tablecloths with candles and pebbles. It looked nice and simple which was what we wanted.

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By Jennifer (Guest Post) 04/08/2005

I would suggest buing a few vases, these can be found cheap or expensive, put small glass beads, in the bottom of it them and use a few white roses. You can use a little bit of ivy around the base of the vase just to add a little more color. You should paint the tips of the ivy silver. That should give an elegant yet simple look. Good luck. Maybe a few votives would also help. No more than three per table if the tables are round..""

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By marsha osborne (Guest Post) 11/23/2006

with footed clear glass bowls for my reception decorations what would be an elegant way to decorate with them

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By (Guest Post) 10/21/2007

Anyone needing advice on wedding planning feel free to email me and I will help best I can as have been doing a lot of research and am starting my own wedding planner business. I learn through our challenges. We all want to save money and to start out our marriages not in debt.

I don't have my own wedding date yet but am always looking for new ideas. Please email me anything you feel may be useful in my business. Fsp4co at aol dot com, you get the idea of how to email me though. ;-) Thank you all for any ideas on how to plan a cheap wedding.

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