How Do I Remove Black Mold on the Ceiling?


How do I remove black mold off of a ceiling? What else do I need to do other than just wipe it?

By Keshauna from Jersey City, NJ


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By nightcry 1 11 04/28/2010

Bleach, bleach, bleach. If it's on the ceiling though, there might be a leak somewhere that you might have to fix. You might end up having to replace it. After you find out & fix whatever is causing it. Do you have a fan or exhaust vent in you bathroom if not, get one. That might be your problem right there.

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By John 1 04/28/2010

I did a do it yourself mold test with a lab called ImmunoLytics  www.immunolytics.com. Their results along with my health symptoms allowed my doctor to figure out that the mold in my house was making me sick. Now that I have fixed my mold problems, my health is returning! I recommend using ImmunoLytics.

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By Lilac 20 1,333 04/28/2010

This is a serious problem. Black mold can make you very ill. You probably have a leak over the place where the mold is. There are products you can buy to kill it (I think one is called Kilz) but you need to keep it from coming back. Make sure your home is well ventilated even if it means running a ceiling fan year round.

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By Ann Winberg 306 239 04/28/2010

Afer you have applied the bleach, I use clorox, two or three times and it dries, apply Kilz oil base primer then it should be sealed so you can paint or finish however you want. Of course you want to stop the leak first.

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By T 4 04/28/2010

Do not wipe the mold this could make it become airborn. Spray it with bleach and it will disapear with out touching it. Then paint over with kiltz. However you need to be very careful not to disturb the spores and inhale them, this can cause many health problems.

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 04/29/2010

Black mold or mildew? I have mildew, which doesn't cause any health problems. I use the bleach method, which does kill the mildew. I have a textured ceiling in my bathroom, which is a pain. I would never have one put in, but the house came this way. There is no leak in my bathroom - it is just caused by the dampness. We always run the fan and open the window, but once the mildew spores are there, it is almost impossible to eliminate them entirely. I shall have to try the Kilz paint.

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By Lynne 6 37 04/29/2010

NEVER, never, never Remove Mold with Bleach. Google it. You'll see it is the worst. Use vinegar or if you have a Shark steamer steam it off -- then Make sure you buy mold resistance primer and paint - we had this problem in our bathroom because we have no exhaust fan and my husband takes really hot showers -- since we removed it- primered it - and repainted no more mold. But please don't use Bleach it can become toxic and worse from the combination Lynne

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By Carly St.Clair 7 80 05/12/2010

Dishwasher detergent gel (that has bleach in it). Rub it on and leave on. It will kill the mold and musty odor and dry, leaving a seal so that mold cannot grow in that same spot. KILZ brand paint is a good sealant paint for such areas of the home that tend to have moisture.

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By Charity P. 1 03/21/2014

DO NOT ever use bleach! I just had the mold remediator here today and he said the spores sense the bleach and migrate. It a sure fire way to spread mold. You should use a mixture of borax, tea tree oil, and vinegar. Add peroxide to bump up its efficientcy in dealing with numerous species. Also, you can use Lysol. Never bleach. Never.

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