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Fish Grease Stain on Tennis Shoes

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How do you get a fish grease stain out of a pair of Nike Air Max Skyline shoes? They are metallic silver/black and grey. My husband just bought these shoes. I asked him to pour out some old fish grease and he got it on the front of the shoes. Hope you can help me.

Chimere from Oklahoma City, OK



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By Kim Churchman [3]03/07/2009

If it's a grease, it needs a degreaser. I suggest Dawn detergent or similar, put drops on the spots and wait a few minutes. If this doesn't rinse them out, then I would immerse the shoes toe down in a bucket of hot water with plenty of degreasing detergent. Another good degreaser is 409, I rely on it for grease.

By lavonneann [6]03/07/2009

You can use Talcum powder or even baby powder and brush it in. Brush off. Repeat this until gone. I once got TAR out of a new carpet doing this though it took quite a time.

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