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Buy Now Pay Later Clothing Sites

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I am looking for clothes I can get buy now and pay for months later. Please help me find a business that offers this as an option.

By SOR from Cavan


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As already mentioned you can apply for credit at most online clothing stores and stores that sell clothing in your area. Please remember that if you plan to make payments you're going to have to pay oodles of extra for interest and shipping costs added to that for online shopping. Perhaps you could consider purchasing at local stores where you can place your purchases on layaway. Most do not charge for that service and even if they do the charge is minimal.

Are you open to trying shopping at Goodwill or Salvation Army type stores like we have here in the United States? I am fairly certain you must have something similar there in Ireland. You would be amazed how just going once every week or so how many great buys you can find by just taking the time to peruse the racks. Among other great buys I've found a hooded Eddie Bauer wind breaker for $5.00, wonderful slacks for just $3.50, etc, etc, etc and all were in like new condition. Oh, and I even found an awesome pair of looked to have never been worn winter shoes and a nice leather strap purse in perfect condition both for a total of $9.00.

By Joan B. [2]06/16/2011

I haven't heard of any clothing sites like that, but you can apply for credit at most cothing stores and sites, and pay monthly. Even the buy now, pay later merchandis sites, expect monthly payments.

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