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Uses for Old Guitar Strings

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Do you have an ideas to reuse old, worn out guitar strings?


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By just someone... (Guest Post)05/14/2008

A really simple use too is the old fashioned pick necklace. You put a hole into an old pick, use an E string and slide it through the pick. I had mine for a while.

By Tom Sturges (Guest Post)02/27/2008

Make some kinda mini instrument that you can attach to your acoustic guitar and have sympathetic strings!

By ShadyWilbury (Guest Post)01/20/2008

The project which sends used strings to musicians in South America is called the Second Strings project.

By Arthur (Guest Post)10/17/2006

some scientists estimate that many metals we use for day to day things will be exhausted in 50 years. Recycle aluminum cans, guitar strings, everything you can!

By Nancy (Guest Post)09/13/2006

I would think you could use them for beaded projects, like jewelry, mobiles, etc. If I think of anything else...I'll post again.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]08/17/2004

Here is some artwork made with old guitar strings:

Click around on some of the links on the side. There are some nice pieces there.

Also there is a musician that collects old string (whole sets only) for needy musicians. He tours so you'd have to look at his tour schedule and find him in your area.

We could start a letter writing campaign asking them to provide for or recommend how to recycle our strings. Here is the contact form for Gibson

and Martin's contact page.

- Susan

By zechaeriah (Guest Post)08/16/2004

There should definitely be a place to mail your old and broken strings to set up by guitar string manufacturers. As a musician I'm very bothered by much of the ethics of guitar manufacturers in general, but this one is a biggie.

By SaveTheEarth (Guest Post)08/09/2004

PLEASE! Recycle them to help cut down on new destructive metals mining in the mountains. The string manufacturers/distributors should be taking the lead on this one. "Enlightened" musicians toss out tons of this metal annually. Can we do better? Or are we too busy getting loaded?

By Les McDonald (Guest Post)04/04/2004

I cut them into 10 inch pieces ( tops and bottoms ), then stick them into a wine bottle CORK.
Hotglue the flat end of the cork to an old CD..
Hotglue a couple of guitar picks together so they look like butterflys and then hotglue those to any of the strings..
Makes a beautiful center piece, especially when the sun hits it..

By Janiah02/05/2003

A couple uses I have found from using my DH's old strings:

Cheese cutters

Best cutter for homemade soap loaves, either if someone makes themselves, or if you buy them from someone else

Cutting rolls of cookies, cinnamon rolls very nicely as well, use as you would string to cut them without smooshing them.

To make the above safe without hurting fingers, hubby has secured them on wooden blocks or dowels, so to pull tight enough to do what is needed, but without having to twist around fingers (which could cut). He's been trying to perfect this to make a reusable item similar to bought cheese cutters, but has yet to do one that works

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