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Displaying Clothes at Yard Sale

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I have some clothing I'd like to sell at my yard sale. However, I have no rack, clothesline, or fence to display them on. What can I do or use to display my clothes?

Thanks in advance for the clever advice I'm sure I'll get from all of you!

By Bluesome from Tonawanda, NY


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By Rachel Painter01/07/2014

I have the exact same problem. I'm having a yard sale in a few days as well and don't know what to do!

By Susan from Morristown, TN [3]07/31/2009

You can go to the family dollar and buy a clothes line and tie it between 2 trees then hang clothes on it. After your yard sale, it's easy to take down, and store till the next time you have a yard sale.

By kay winters [2]06/11/2009

I put eye hooks into the underside of the carport, tied a rope to one hook and put a pipe onto the rope, then tied the other end of the rope to the other eye hook. Your pipe can even be a little longer than the space between the hooks. I had a piece of fence rail as my pipe, but you can use any pipe since the hangers will be what's touching it.

By dan ward [5]06/05/2009

I personally think people are more opt to buy if they are displayed nicely hung up some how. They'll sell faster to if they are not wrinkled and clean.

By Deborah Weightman05/29/2009

How about using a Beach umbrella and hanging the hangars from the ribs? You can use an old coat rack. If you have any of the wire type of shelving you can put folded clothing on the shelves and then hang some of the clothing on the corners. Perhaps you have a tall bookshelf that you could use the same way.

By Krista Shackleford05/24/2009

If you do want to buy a rack, they are usually about ten dollars at stores like dollar general, family dollar, or maybe about that at Walmart or Kmart. Just make sure that they are neatly displayed, with the size (perhaps on a sticker, with the sex intended for and price--Girls 4T .50--) that helps. I know I hate looking for sizes on clothes, and sometimes, the sizes on the tags do fade away. or you could bundle by gender, age, pants, shirts. Tarps, tables, etc, are also good ideas.

By Lauren05/20/2009

Just lay everything flat out on a table. Show the top of each shirt or pants so that people see what they are looking for.

By Louise B. [5]05/20/2009

Personally, I am good with them laid out on tables, folded neatly, like you would have them in a store. Try not to have too many stacked together, as that is overwhelming for most people (well, me anyway) Tables are nice, as people like to unfold the clothes and hold them up to check out the size. I find many people refold them nicely after, if it isn't something that they want.

I think kids clothes are find on tables. Adult sizes, except maybe for jeans and tee shirts, look better if you have them on hangers. I am fresh out of ideas for how to cobble together a clothes rack to hang them on though.

By Dee [3]05/20/2009

I just saw a clothes rack made from PVC pipe. ... medium=ssp&utm_campaign=yssp_art


By Kathy05/20/2009

I used the ladder and pole and it worked well. Also, hang them from a tree, fold them nicely on a table and if you have a garage, hang them along the garage door track.

By Julie [49]05/16/2009

I'm about to have a yard sale in a few days and have the same issue to deal with. I have a fold wooden dryer rack for laundry that I plan on using to drap smaller clothing over to see and sell them better. And my porch has a railing so I plan on bending my metal coat hangers around and hang them from it to also be viewed.

By Angelna [8]05/12/2009

My neighbor hung a lot of clothes on a pole strung between two ladders. Worked fine.

By jean leiner [14]05/12/2009

Could you park your car/truck and display clothes laid out on trunk and hood or hung from doors/tailgate? Display clothes on storage bins or boxes turned upside down. Do you have a playpen you could lay clothes over the sides of? A porch or deck railing you could lay them over or hang them from? How about lawn chairs, putting stacks of clothes on the seat and displaying some over the back/arms?

By dede smith [17]05/12/2009

I have went so far as to lay a tarp down on the ground and set them nicely in stacks. Unfolded, layered on top of each other works best because they know they aren't in a department store, and are usually in a hurry to get in and get out!

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