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Leather Furniture Cleaner Recipes

Man's hands cleaning a leather couch.

Leather furniture is big investment and needs to be cleaned properly. This page contains recipes for leather furniture cleaners.



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Question: Homemade Leather Furniture Cleaner

I FINALLY got a new sofa and its leather. With 4 kids I hope I will be glad that we got leather. I need suggestions on how to care for and clean the sofa. I like to clean my home using baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice so I would rather not use the leather cleaners that are on the market if possible. Thanks.

Most Recent Answer

By mth (Guest Post)06/10/2008

We have used a bar of ivory soap & water. Any cleaning you do on leather will eventually take away the top layer. Leather is supposed to be "worn" - that's different than dirty, obviously.

Question: Homemade Leather Cleaners

Recipes for leather cleaners. Post your ideas.

Most Recent Answer

By BG Blair (Guest Post)09/01/2008

I tried Mr.Clean Magic Eraser and it does work; however, it would be too expensive for an entire sofa. All the other uses listed on the packaging work like magic.