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Paint Color is Too Dark

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We just painted my sister's room purple and green, and the colors ended up too dark. How can we lighten the walls?

Elizabeth Faw



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By debbie kolden03/07/2005

colors too dark? Try a lighter color diluted with water or white too. You caneither "wash" it with a brush or experiment with a large feather,rag or will lighten the walls without changing the colors.

By Ruth (Guest Post)11/22/2004

Sponge paint it. Take a lighter color paint lite purple or light green or white. Thin the paint with alittle water. Take a sponge, or rag or crumbled paper and dab it over the dark paint. It's fun, looks great..what do you have to loose.

By D (Guest Post)11/21/2004

You can buy paint glaze and mix your own glaze with some of your paint colors lightened a few shades with white paint and mix in glaze to thin it down then sponge over the original color for a 2 tone sponge finish.....adjust the tone of the glaze color to lighten and go back with straight color if you get it too light in some areas......that is a very pretty faux finish try on postor board first if you are unsure of the colors.....good luck!!! use a sea sponge or a rollor that is designed for rag rolling to apply

By Doggy (Guest Post)11/21/2004

You might purchase some paint in the same colors, but several shades lighter, and stipple it onto the walls with large sponges. It will give texture, and lighten things without repainting. You may even decide to add a second, even lighter layer of stippeling for more dimension. : )

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