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Using Vick's In Steam Inhaler

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I just purchased the Walgreen's cough and cold steam inhaler. It says use water only and do NOT add any medications (Vicks),etc. I really want to add Vicks though! What do you think will happen? It is a plug in device that has a 1/4 cup size base for the water, that heats to steam.
Thank you in advance

Christine from Bay Area, CA



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By Joseph711008/20/2011

Cool humidified air is a better treatment for multiple ailments versus warm air or steam, although it is strictly of personal preference. With cool humidified air, medicines and or eucalyptus can easily be used creating a much more effective product for symptomatic relief. Cool humidified air is great and as an ENT, I recommend it for multiple ailments.

By michelle07/14/2008

Just rub their feet with the vicks and put their socks on. It's much better and more comfortable than breathing it all night. Try it - it helps w/ the coughs so much!

By (Guest Post)06/10/2008

Thank you all so much for your help : )

By Jane (Guest Post)06/09/2008

I discolored the plastic lid of my crock pot by using it to heat essential oils. It became permanently hazy/opaque versus clear, and really unsightly.

By Linda [1]06/09/2008

It's not a good idea to put anything in any of the cool/warm air inhalers. There is not a place to put anything like that. Vaporizers, however, do have a little well that will hold a dab of Vicks or similar.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]06/06/2008

If you haven't used it yet, take it back and look for one that plugs into your wall socket and disperses the medication without the residue. Or, you can do like I did and put very hot water into a bowl or pot you don't use for cooking anymore, and a dollup of Vicks. Set it close to the child, but safe where if they get up they can't spill it or burn themselves.

By Sherry06/06/2008

Hi. I've always used a small amount of vicks in my steamer when my kids were small and had stuffy colds even though the steamer said not to. The thing is, it can gum up the works and the vicks smell never goes away. It really smells up the whole house for a long time too!

By pam munro [447]06/05/2008

I have a similar steamer (a facial one, I think) and I have had success adding a smidgen of Vick Vapo Rub to the water. Don't put too much in, tho.

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