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Nicotine Stains on Linoleum

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I am about to move out of my apartment and want to get all of my security deposit back. I have 2 nicotine stains from a cigarette that are on my linoleum floor. Your help would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Roccina from NY


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By Heather (Guest Post)12/11/2006

Four Words: Mr. CLEAN MAGIC ERASER...Answer to all your problems.

By Toni Krys08/11/2004

I'd try ammonia straight from the bottle and see if that worked.

By Jo Bodey [1]08/03/2004

Are they nicotine stains or burns in the surface? You should just be able to remove stains with soap and water or a mild abrasive cleaner. You can't remove burns but you could try sanding them with very fine grit sand paper to remove the burn and any raised melted edges then colouring them in with marker pen or paint the same colour as the floor to disguise them. You could also ask advice at a linoleum supply shop.



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