Color Bleed on My Bathing Suit


My brand new bathing suit is light pink and black. After swimming, I took off the suit and placed it in a towel for aprox 15 minutes until I got home. When hanging it up to dry, I discovered that the black got ALL OVER the pink! Rit, I think has a color fade removal, but I've been told you cant use it on bathing suit material.

kvb from Texas



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By badwater 264 654 06/06/2006

Hi, I'm not sure about the Rit product and your swimsuit. I'm writing to say instead of just letting your swimsuit to dry after swimming in it. Be sure to rinse the pool chlorine water of it when you get home and let it air dry, rather than leaving the pool chlorine water on it and letting it dry. It'll be better for your suit. It's just like taking a shower after being in the pool to rinse the chlorine off your body. The chlorine will dry out your body, if left on it.

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By Annie (Guest Post) 06/07/2006

I just used a product that really impressed me.
It's called Color Catcher and it's made by SHOUT so you should find it in the detergent isle. It's a dye trapper. I had a red tablecloth to wash and one of my tan dishtowels got in that load. I ran the dishtowel through with the dye catcher and it came out like brand new. I used warm water to do this.
I'm sure it will work on your bathing suit.

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By Holly (Guest Post) 06/07/2006

Take the swim suit back to the store with the receipt (and the towel if it absorbed dye) and talk with the manager about getting a refund.
Unfortunately, some clothing items continue to bleed dye for many wettings and you don't need this problem.

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