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Crocheted a Hanger For a Hand Towel


I am looking for a pattern to crochet a "hanger" onto a cotton hand towel which I have cut in half.

Jan from Richland Center, WI



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By Pat Giles 959 04/18/2007 Flag

Go to and you can find lots of patterns for the towel toppers.

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By c.gibbie (Guest Post) 10/23/2008 Flag

I crochet and sell towels as part of my crafts. Have always been told that they are very nice. I use the smallest hook to punch holes in my towels. Be careful however, I have put the hook through and into my finger. Painful. Please use a thimble.

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Archive: Crocheted a Hanger For a Hand Towel

I have a hand towel in my kitchen that has been crocheted so that it attaches to my drawer. Now, I've gotten a nice new cotton kitchen towel that I would like to crochet into and make a similar item out of. I can't figure out how to get the crochet hook into the towel to make the hanger? I thought of something like a hole punch but they are too big. All advice is welcome!



RE: Crocheted a Hanger For a Hand Towel

My grandmother used to make those dishtowels. She threaded a big needle with the crochet thread or yarn and made blanket stitches across the end you want to crochet. That gives you something to put the hook into. (01/06/2005)

By mckaysatt

RE: Crocheted a Hanger For a Hand Towel

Cut the dish towel in half. Use the #10 steel hook to evenly space holes across the top of the dish towel approximately 1 inch from the edge that was cut.

Hope this helps they look wonderful and last for years! (01/06/2005)

By sparknut

RE: Crocheted a Hanger For a Hand Towel

Just take a fork and poke it into the towel. I do it all the time and it works just fine.

Enjoy those towels! (01/06/2005)

By Sandy

RE: Crocheted a Hanger For a Hand Towel

You could us an awl or anything sharp and pointed. A carving fork would be good and you wouldn't even have to measure equal distances between holes, use the distance between the tines. (01/06/2005)

By lindal

A warm thank you!

A little while ago i sent a request to help me with my dilemna to make a hanging crochet hand towel. I'm very happy with it and very greatful for all the help, the meat fork worked for me!

By ThriftyFun

RE: Crocheted a Hanger For a Hand Towel

I do this all the time without poking holes. Depending on the quality of the towel, you can just shove the crochet hook right through it without too much force. (03/12/2005)

By torifreak12

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