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Making Yogurt Without Milk

Making Yogurt Without Milk

For lactose intolerant people, finding a dairy-free yogurt alternative can be helpful. While it possible to make dairy free yogurt, the process is a little different. This is a guide about making yogurt without milk.



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Tip: Make Non-Dairy Pudding with Probiotics

For a yogurt alternative, try making a non-dairy pudding (Look it up online. The recipe should only take about 5 minutes). Cool it in fridge, then add a powdered probiotic, blend in about a 1/2 to 1 tsp per cooled pudding batch (or more if you find you like it that way). Mix in and let this set in the fridge a day or two. This can also increase its healthy acidophilus/healthy bacteria count even more and be so much more beneficial than any regular store bought yogurt anyway.

The great part about this pudding idea is you can add fruit purees to the vanilla pudding and make it like fruit-flavored yogurt. Be aware that some probiotics are not helpful as the cultures are dead (either not refrigerated or heated up while processed). Do your research before buying.

By Tess CL. from Seattle

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Question: Making Yogurt Without Soy or Animal Milk

Does anyone know if it is possible to make yogurt from any kind of milk other than animal or soya? I have tried to make it from rice milk but it didn't work. Any ideas? I cannot have soy or dairy (including goat's milk).

Thank you,
Gillian from UK

Most Recent Answer

By Wade (Guest Post)04/16/2008

Chrons Disease is not caused from yogurt, it is an Immune disorder.
I know because I nearly died from it too.

Question: How do you make non-dairy Yogurt?

Can anyone tell me how to culture non-dairy yogurt? It is available in some healthfood stores but it is very expensive.

Most Recent Answer

By Dale (Guest Post)01/29/2009

So if it grows in soy, can it grow in other stuff like nut milks, fruit pruees etc. anything other than soy and milk?