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What to do with Cardboard Cigar Boxes

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I need some ideas on what to do with about 30 cardboard cigar boxes I got at an auction this afternoon. Some are pretty old and some are not. Any ideas?

Tammy from Virginia


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By Brandy05/20/2009

Most cigar stores sell these wonderful boxes for little. $1.00 each at my store. The ones with the little hinges are great for glue crafts. I made my husband (a cigar smoker) a specility Cigar Storage box with Air Force Fabric and gold braided trim glued on. Then I decoupaged a personalized poem inside and the date, and occasion. He was so touched & just loved it!

By John K. (Guest Post)12/27/2008

I have several wood and cardboard cigar boxes 70 to 100 yrs old. The art work on the inside cover is a collectible. jaderealty AT

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]11/06/2004

There are lots of things that you can do with cigar boxes. The older cigar boxes may be valuable. I would check google or ebay. I love to paint cigar boxes. I have made closets out of them for Barbie dolls. I paint the outside and inside of the box, Then sponge paint a design, stand the box up on its end and put a knob on the "door " of the closet and cut a wooden dowel to fit inside of box (to hang clothes on) and hot glue the dowel in place. My daugher and her friends enjoyed them. For the smaller dolls I would make a bed out of the cigar box. Pain the box, make mattress, pillows, blankets, quilt, etc and have the lid to close and hold everything in place. My grandson loves boxes to put things in. When he was little, (after I painted the box)) I would paint bears or something he liked all over it and he could keep his "treasures" in the box. Hope this helps.
Judy in NV


Ooh, the old ones are the best, aren't they? I have a lovely old "Joan of Arc" sans lid that I use as a CD holder on my nightstand for my CD-radio alarm clock. Turn the box sideways and place the CDs in title-side up.

By SharonP (Guest Post)10/25/2004

Slice the box in the middle and use them for decorative tissue boxes.
You can make shadow boxes to hang on the wall for any season.
They make great receipt boxes or candy and cookie or stationary boxes.

By syd (Guest Post)10/25/2004

I bought a bunch that were called "school boxes" at Safeway that were on clearance ... same as the "cigar boxes" to use in a craft project at the nursing home.

I negotiated .25 cents each for the 20 of them. Since I donate the materials, try to keep it as cheap as possible.

I spray painted them all the same color and I glued a piece of styrofoam on the lid before the craft class, then had the residents decorate them with silk flowers and leaves ... very pretty!

By Kathleen Bennett10/24/2004

Boy, am I jealous of your auction find! What a treasure trove you've won. The boxes would be good for drawer organizers, used either with or without the lids. You can use them as-is or paint or paper them first.

To make a jewelry-type box, paint the box whatever color you like. Glue felt or fabric in the bottom of the inside and decorate the outside if you like with cut-out magazine pictures, old beads, jewelry pieces, sewing odds and ends (rick rack, trim, etc.). Let your imagination run wild!

These also make great potpourri boxes, just paint and decorate, fill with wonderful potpourri, they are great to give friends for their bathrooms, etc.

You could paint some red, cut out cute Christmas pictures from wrapping paper, Christmas cards, magazines, etc. and decoupage those onto the box and filled with Christmas candies and chocolate. The boxes could also be wrapped in Christmas paper and used for gift packages.

You might want turn them into a recipe box by decoupaging words from a restaurant menu all over it. Copy recipes onto index cards and filled the decorated box with the recipes.

Although many of the following ideas call for wooden cigar boxes, one could easily substitute cardboard cigar boxes. You may need to change the directions a bit; for instance, paint the box, rather than use it unpainted but the ideas should work just as well. A quick search of the Internet found the following:

Cigar Box Purse,1789,HGTV_3352_2216524,00.html ... cle/0,1789,HGTV_3321_1378531,00.html ... disney_princess_cigar_box_purse.html

Cigar Box Memo Board

Cigar Keepsake Box (you may need to scroll down past other project(s) to see this)

Memory Box

Cigar Box Jewelry Box ... cle/0,2025,DIY_13746_2895378,00.html

Old cigar boxes make wonderful craft projects

And right here on

Uses for Wood Cigar Boxes

Have fun!!!

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