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Uses for Ramen Seasoning Packets

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Package of Ramen Noodles

Don't toss out the unused seasoning packets from ramen noodle packages, they can be used to season other recipes. This is a guide about using ramen seasoning packets..


Solutions: Uses for Ramen Seasoning Packets

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Tip: Save Ramen Noodle Flavor Packets

I empty the packets into clean salt shakers, using each flavour separately. That way, you can use a little to add a bit of spice to many dishes. I pick up shakers at yard sales, so no extra cost!

    By Faye Dutkiewicz [6]

    Tip: Save Unused Ramen Seasoning Packets

    I read your list of recipes for using ramen noodles, and I was quite disturbed to see that more than one reader had suggested that we "throw out" the seasoning packet when preparing her recipe. I want to tell readers not to throw them out!

    Those packets can be used to season plain rice, used like bouillon to make broth when you are sick, made into a broth with water and thickened with corn starch or flour to make a quick gravy or stew base for left over meat (match packet flavor to meat flavor), etc.

    These are not just "seasoning packets," they are broth without water! They are even good to put into a disaster kit or to carry along when survival camping, because they only need water and the salt and fat in them can help to nourish someone (maybe even a pet) until help comes.

    By Elisha

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    Question: Other Uses for Ramen Seasoning Packets

    What are some creative ways to use extra ramen seasoning packets?

    By Shimelle


    Most Recent Answer

    By melissa [181]08/13/2014

    You could add them to your pan when browning your meat for extra flavor for tacos perhaps.:)