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How Long Will Vegetable Soup Keep in the Refrigerator?

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How long can I keep vegetable soup in the refrigerator before it spoils?

By Kaky


Recent Answers

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By Dorina [2]01/12/2011

I don't keep anything longer than three days in my fridge. By the third day is in containers in my freezer for fast meals later on. I put it in ziplocs laying flat on a baking sheet until frozen. Then I can easily lie them flat in my freezer. Don't foret to label it so you know what it is later on. =)

By Lilac [18]01/12/2011

I don't keep food more than three days but the vege soup might keep five. The problem with freezing soup is that the water separates and alters the taste. If you don't mind that them you should freeze it.

By linda roberts [5]01/08/2011

The safeserve class I just took said that you could keep it up to 7 days in your ref.I would freeze it portion sized baggies and reheat as you need then you would be sure.

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