30th Birthday Party Ideas

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My husband is turning 30 in a few months and I would like to throw him a party. He is into guns and computers, any creative ideas?


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June 29, 2015

Well, when my husband turned 30, I secretly booked a trip for only 2 us. Unbelievablely, He was so supprised at me and we had a happy moment there. You may try it or other ways, such as a meaningful gift

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Archive: 30th Birthday Party

My husbands 30th Birthday is coming up and I have no ideas what to do for him. He is military. He usually doesn't want a big deal made of his Birthday except for this one. He wants a big deal made of his 30th Birthday I need ideas and help. Anyone with any suggestions please help me.



RE: 30th Birthday party

Have a parade! A silly fun parade!...

We did this for my boyfriend's 30th birthday and it was a little chaotic, but hilarious and memorable.

To make a parade: get a bunch of your most extroverted friends to dress up in costumes (any kind of costume!) and get some other friends to decorate their cars. You'll also need a loudspeaker to play happy parade music and maybe even a megaphone or two. Your husband can sit in the main "float" (truck) and wave. People in costumes on roller-skates are good, too. The more creative goofy friends you have, the better.

Map out a good route for the birthday parade - neighborhoods with lots of kids are great, or also college areas.

When we did this the city wouldn't give us an official parade permit but said it was fine to have a caravan of slow-moving vehicles as long as everyone drove carefully.

So there's one idea... (02/09/2005)

By Repciak

RE: 30th Birthday party

My husband turned 30 this past year. For his birthday I got all of our friends together. Played his favorite music, ate his favorite foods, and drank his favorite drink (beer in our case). I organized a large poker game. We used nickels, dimes, and pennies (spare change) and we played all night long. Laughed and joked and just down right had a great time.

The point being, think of your husband's favorites and give him all of those in mass quantity. He'll love it!

Good Luck! (02/09/2005)

By Wendy

RE: 30th Birthday party

My husband doesn't care for parties either, especially receiving gifts that he doesn't need. So, I had a surprise party for his 30th. For gifts I had everyone bring him something that he could always use. We received a lot of socks and toilet paper, but you could request other things like shaving cream, razor blades, favorite pop or snack, etc. The guests had a lot of fun watching him open his gifts and he still has a ton of socks. I don't have to buy any for awhile yet. Good luck! (02/09/2005)

By Kari Falnes

Archive: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My husband is turning 30. I have never thrown him a party before, I want to throw him a big party. He loves country music and we live in the country, but not sure what to do. I know we will have lots of beer and music, but not sure what other cool things I can arrange for us to do. Any advice?

Jean from CA


RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

I love the "bring stuff he'll use" theme! For decorations, you could do a real 'country' theme. Go get a few bails of hay, some corn stocks, carve out a few big pumpkins to put the bowls of chips and dip in. Don't get fancy, just do food he likes and have a bunch of zip lock bags for people to take home left overs or make things you can freeze and eat later. For fun, set up horse shoes, pin the tail on my husband (darts against a picture of him - he'll laugh). Go find a bunch of jokes on-line and print them out on paper (2 or 4 to a page) and then hang them all around on bright colored paper. People will read them, laugh and tell their own jokes and tell funny stories about jokes. It's a great conversation starter. (09/21/2006)

By CarlaJS

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Tell your husband that turning thirty is nothing more then 3 perfect 10's! From one who is "half a century old plus one and daring someone to mess with 'em!" HA! (09/21/2006)

By Paula Jo Carr

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

I had a CUTE picture of my hubby blown up to poster size to embarrass him. I had his favorite rock station DJ. (09/21/2006)

By edieparks

Archive: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

I want to throw my husband a 30th birthday party. Any suggestions?



RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

I had my husband's 30th birthday party last month at a place called Fun Expedition. It has laser tag, go carts, bumper cars, mini bowling, putt putt, and arcade games all under one roof. We had about 25 guests and for $15 each they all got to eat and play for a couple hours. It ended up costing about $400 because I didn't want the guests to have to pay, but my parents told me beforehand they were willing to split the bill with me and it was really fun for me just to see everybody having a great time. Almost everyone said it was the most fun they'd had in a long time. So it wasn't a thrifty party, but it was definitely worth the $200 out of pocket cost to me. We all had a blast acting like kids for an evening.

http://www.funexpedition.com/ (01/02/2007)

By Allison

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

How about having a Monte Carlo party. Rent
craps, roulette, Black Jack, TExas Holdem tables
and get friends to serve as dealers. You can
get "Las Vegas" decorations from the local
party store. (01/04/2007)

By Kay

Archive: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My wife is turning 30 in june and I have no idea what to do for it. I thought about having a party at our house, but that is just blah. Any ideas would be helpful. She loves the ocean and looking for something that all her friends and family can be a part of.



RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

How about a beach party/bonfire if you live near a coast. Or a party on a party boat. Depends on your budget, too. (02/15/2007)

By Linda

To Drew:
have a party at the home or a restaurant with and "ocean/fish" theme and surprise your wife with a cruise!!!! (07/11/2007)

By KimberlyG

Archive: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

It is nearing that time of year where I will be 30. (August 21st) I am hearing from a lot of people that it is normal to have that BIG birthday bash for this 30th year! I want to go all out, but so far everything I have checked really has been completely out of budget.

I looked at those inflatable games, renting a cabin at one of the nicest campgrounds in the area, renting a yacht or even just taking a dinner cruise on it - that is 17.94 per person and for over 50 guests... ouch. I just want something besides the basics to make it memorable - any ideas?

Jenni from Wisconsin


RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My hubby will be turning 30 November 21 2007 and I am planning to throw him a 30th surprise Party on November 17 2007 and the theme is Las vegas and Ideas on how to make homemade invitations with that theme and what to tell guests to bring (07/24/2007)

By Danika from IL

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Why not do something that has meaning for the person? If they are into volunteer work, ask everyone to participate in a group project at a charity.

If they are into baseball, football, etc. why not have a family & friends game at a local park? Pay for the hamburgers/hot dogs and drinks and ask guests to bring the side dishes and desserts.

If the person is a movie buff, hold a screening night where you play their favorite movie(s) and ask guests to dress up like the characters. Maybe play charades with clues that match up to their favorite films, actors, lines from movies, etc.

For my 40th birthday, I wanted to celebrate but not get gifts so I had a "My Favorite Things" party themed around my favorite movie (Sound of Music). We bought gifts of things I enjoy and wrapped them. Each of my guests filled out a questionaire about their favorite things and then we all tried to guess who it was. We then played a game where each person received one of my gifts (wrapped up) and a card from me thanking them for sharing special moments in my life and for being some of my favorite people to hang out with and share my common interests. I also spent some money to have my favorite food there (Italian) but that was my husband's gift to me instead of a present. I asked my friends not to bring gifts but to bring their favorite dessert and we spent the rest of the night playing cards, eating food and laughing.

These are just some ideas of fun, inexpensive ways to celebrate a birthday that would show you thought about the person and what they would enjoy.


By threegetts

Archive: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My boyfriend is turning 30 in September. I have no idea what to do. He isn't really into parties so that makes it even harder. It would just be a few friends and family. Nothing too big. Budget is an issue, too. Any suggestions?

Aryn from Diamond Bar, CA


RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Why don't you throw a slumber party for your husband?

For my 35th birthday, my friends threw me a slumber party (totally co-ed). The friend who had the biggest place (he owned a house) hosted the party. They crowned me with tiara, gave me a baton to use as a scepter, and donned an me with an oversized bathrobe. We had a potluck dinner and birthday cake, then watched movies and played games all night long. We all camped out in the living room. The next day we had a nice home cooked brunch. It was tons of fun and I'll always cherish the memory. (07/26/2007)

By gypsyartist

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

I think for your boyfriend you should invite close friends and family over, and throw him a BBQ. You could cook hamburgers and hotdogs and then just hang out outside. If it's not too cold you could have a bonfire at night. (08/01/2007)

By Alisa

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

We decided to have a dodge ball tournament and played poker, and listened to music and had a BBQ. It was fun to all get together and get involved in some intense gaming. (09/26/2007)


RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My husband is turning 30 this year. His best friend owns a lot of land so we're going to have a big field party. Everyone is bringing their camp gear. I'm going to hire a band and roast a pig. Looking forward to it. We'll do a bonfire if it's not too hot outside that night. (03/25/2008)

By Lisa

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My friends took me on a 4 day 3 night cruise. It was about $250 a person and if you get enough people they throw in the fare for the birthday guest free. Very memorable. (05/08/2008)

By Adrian

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

I just threw a surprise 30th birthday for my husband. It was a bike-riding scavenger hunt in our neighborhood and everyone had a great time. People brought back-packs and digital cameras for the scavenger hunt. I supplied beer and water so people could load up their backpacks for the hunt. There were about 27 items on the list and some of the items were related to "30" or my husband. Really fun and different. Each team had their own team mascot, which was a blow-up animal. Every photo had to include the team mascot. The pictures turned out really funny. (05/29/2008)

By Lindsey

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

(sent in by email)

Just in response to your 30th birthday confusion, here is an idea that is lower budget and personal.

Call a local bus company and create a tour of places around you that are important in the birthday person's life. Creating a personal tour, will bring back memories for all family and close friends to share in. A bus can usually be rented for under $150.00 depending on the distance. You can stop at his first school, where you both first met.

Get every one to suggest a location to add to the bus tour and the reason behind it in the invitation with their response. At every stop get up and explain why to all this is important. End the party at a location where appetizers and cake can be served.

Hope this helps.

LL in Ontario

By ThriftyFun

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My boyfriend's 30th birthday is this week, so I wanted to do something that would involve all of his closest friends and family. I rented a bunkhouse (a large, one room cabin) at the Illinois River. They offer horse shoes, volleyball, and a swimming pool, plus the river to float or canoe down.

There are several spots along the river where you can stop for a picnic, and they allow beer on the river, so it will be a fun, relaxing booze fest with those closest to us. The actual cost of the cabin was a bit expensive, but it is worth it to have everyone together for a memorable birthday. Plus, with me paying for the cabin, more people can afford to come along. But the alternative route is to have everyone pay their own share, which was still affordable, around $50 a person for the whole weekend. (08/11/2008)

By Leslie

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Make dinner. He doesn't like parties and it's only going to be a small gathering. (12/12/2008)

By Kevin

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My husband turns 30 in September and I have found a "safe" theme. A James Bond theme party. It's cheap because everyone just turns up in a black tie, and you can customize it to fit whichever film.

I'm doing a 007 party for him at a local golf club, and the decorations are black and silver. The food is simple finger food (easily bought from Walmart, and only takes a couple of hours to prepare at home) and will have about 60 people attending.

If you want to go smaller, do a 007 theme, but as Casino Royale have a poker night. You only need to gamble pennies for the night. Also, it means the ladies get to dress up as one of the sexy, sassy, Bond girls.

It's a cheap night that will appeal to his boyish side. Enjoy. (01/15/2009)

By Tracey, United Kingdom

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

I recently did pub crawl in a fun, bar-filled neighborhood in my town for the 30th birthday of a friend. We rented one of those tacky, revamped school buses that are painted with a theme. We had a keg and shots on the bus and then stopped at some of the local notorious bars. It was one of the most fun parties I have ever been to. (01/19/2009)

By Chris

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My husband is turning 30th in July and we are having a party for everyone to attend, then the guys are going camping that evening. (02/09/2009)

By Casey

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

In 2008 I gave my BF a 30th Casino night party. We rented roulette wheel, craps table, and a poker table it was so much fun. People want us to have casino night parties all the time now. The decor was mostly bought at partycheap.com and orientaltrading.com. Rental of all 3 tables was about $200 and it came with play chips. (02/16/2009)

By Adriana

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

I am taking my husband to NYC for the weekend. It just worked out that the weekend of his birthday the Yankees are playing the Indians (his team). We will drive and meet a couple on our way, and his friends from MD and NM will be coming in for the weekend. Total cost $150.00 for tickets (4) and we found great rentals in the city for all of us, a 3 bedroom, 3 bath for about $300.00 a night. I will pay for that $750.00 not bad for a birthday he will always remember. But you could always split the cost with a few of your closest friends and family. (02/25/2009)

By Heidi

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My husband is turning 30 on 3-11-09 and he is making a big deal about how old he will be. So, for his party is kind of a Halloween decor party if you will. The decorations are black and grey (streamers and balloons) along with tombstones (the Halloween decor ones from the Dollar store). I also saved a semi life sized skeleton that I will be dressing in Kevin's clothes with a birthday boy hat and pin. The skeleton will be propped up in a chair next to the tomb stone cake I will be making. It will say, "Today we lay to rest the youth of Kevin."

I asked everyone to dress in black and I have a sign in book similar to the ones you would see at a wake, so guest can write a favorite memory of Kevin before he turned into an "old" man and how to work through those mid life crises. It is a cook out; I have a cousin doing the BBQ so Kevin won't have to. There will be a keg and it is in the evening to help with the whole idea of a spooky grave yard for the burial of Kevin's youth. For lighting I have tiki lanterns.

Altogether I have spent around $100 in decor about $150 in food and then the keg. So I didn't really spend all that much. It really depends on the amount of food you want to have and how much you want to spend on beer, liquor, etc. I hope this gives you some ideas. (02/28/2009)

By Nicque

Archive: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My son will be turning 30 in March. He lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and is a chef. They will be visiting us in Florida for his birthday. I want to do something really special at home with family. Any suggestions?

By Kathi from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Archive: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

My wife is turning 30 this February and I would love to plan a party for her. She is a mother of two, works as a RN and enjoys life and me, most of the time.

What would be the ultimate surprise that I could include all of our friends? Some things I've thought of are: house party at our place or a close friends, dinner and a night out on the town, Disney World for the weekend (we live close and go often), or maybe a cruise for the two of us and let the kids stay with family.

I'm losing my mind! Help!

By Daddy Dave, biatch! from North FL


RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Ask one of her co workers to pass the question around a couple of the nurses. Maybe just having the kids at family and the two of you just staying home. My request? Just me myself and I alone for respite time for 24 hours. No phone, no demands, no nothing. Those days made me feel much better about what I could do the next day. Remember, all these reminders of the impending birthday make women ask themselves what have I accomplished and what more do I want to do. Much more than a surprise and a birthday cakes with all the candles. (10/16/2010)

By T&T Grandma

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Please whatever you decide to do do not add to her work load. By having a party at your house it would add stress to her during and after. The worry during and the clean up after. I vote for a mini-vacation. Take the kids to the sitter and take her somewhere where she can't work. No laundry, no cooking, etc., etc. Time with you is always best. (10/20/2010)

By lostinthe

RE: 30th Birthday Party Ideas

This might be a fun treat for her: Take her to a restaurant to eat, and then to a motel, just her and you. I'm sure she would love to be able to spend time with just you, and she wouldn't have anything to clean up afterward. (10/23/2010)

By Tanya

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