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Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

What should I give to my boyfriend as a gift?



Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months now. He is 16, I am 15. We love each other very much, but I have no idea what to get him for Christmas. I know what I'm getting him for his birthday which is 2 weeks after Christmas. But I have no idea what to get him for Christmas. He plays football, but he already has everything.


He already owns so many clothes it's unbelievable. And he doesn't wear jewelry. He doesn't play music, he's not a HUGE fan of music like some guys are. I don't want to get him a gift card because I want it to be more personal than that. He has every electronic device ever created. I have no ideas whatsoever.
Any ideas, please help! (12/03/2008)

By Brittany

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm super stuck on what to get my boyfriend.
we've been best friends for a little bit over a year now, and this Saturday (Dec,6th) will be our four months anniversary, we haven't been together very long, but i know that i love him! Some ideas I've gathered from this post have really helped me,
I think what I'm going to do,

1)everything I love about you, from a-z
2) make him a fleece tie blanket, he has one, but i want to make him something special, and possibly a fleece tie pillow, they aren't very hard to make.


3)the cookie tin idea, with his favorite cookies and on the tin cover it with pictures(:
4) some band shirts or something along those lines, because he has TONS!


By Sarah

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I really don't know what to give him this Christmas. Me and my boyfriend are in almost 4 years now and he's my best friend for a long time then, so I really don't know what to give him because its our 1st Christmas together so i want it to be sweet!

- i had gave him a shirt
- i almost give him a scrapbook.
- a bottle that have a notes in it.
- an earring
- a 22 letters.. ( for our monthsary)
-a box that full of things that is memorable to us
-a collage pictures of us
-so many things that i had gave him.

Please, please help me what to do! This coming January will be our 4th anniversary. (12/07/2008)


By mhaanne

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm 15 almost 16 and my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years now and he doesn't have a specific interest.. he's not a musician and he doesn't play on any sports teams but he does LOVE the water and boating and everything.

In the past I've made him a scrap book (he loved that) sunglasses that he picked out, picture frames with our pictures in them, a dog tag with our names on it, cologne, a fossil wallet, a bear, I made him cookies, brownies and cupcakes, and bought a few designer shirts like Tommy Bahama etc. However he seemed to like the more creative ideas the most like the scrapbook and everything.

good luck guys! :) (12/07/2008)

By christina

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

If you have a boyfriend going away to college, or long trip. Get him a cute little build-a-bear. And record your voice saying like, "I miss you" or "Hey, It's your girlfriend [name] just want to make sure you don't forget me!" haha it would be cute. Also maybe dress it it something that would remind him of what you wear. Hope that helps some one.


:] -Mikeala (12/07/2008)

By Mikeala

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Last year for Christmas I got my boyfriend a Northface jacket that he's been wanting for a long time, since I live in San Francisco, CA you could wear it all year long! This year I'm planning on getting this customized puzzle for him with our picture on it from I also plan on making him a fleece blanket (big enough for 2) and 2 fleece pillows to match it! I'm also planning to making folding stars and put it into a heart shaped bottle and write "Each Star Is Filled With A Little More Love Than The Next" (12/07/2008)

By Wendy

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

thanks for all of the awesome gift ideas! they will definitely come in handy:) my boyfriend and i have been together for almost a year and a half so this will be our 2nd Christmas/ Hanukkah (he's Jewish) together. here are some of my own gifts that ive given over the past year and a half:


-a really nice lacross sweater (which was over budget but he absolutely loved it so it was worth it)
-baked heart shaped cookies (which was a little more sweet than usual in our case because they had to be kosher and made right which he loved that i put the effort into)
-a wallet (you can also put a picture of the two of you in it)
-a little lingerie (this was for his birthday)

Hope this helps as much as everyone else helped me! merry Christmas! (12/07/2008)

By xmas lover

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My bf is in to computers and such, and Christmas day is our three months anniversary!I had no idea what to get him, I'm definitely not rich, but I want to and they had this notebook. I could have his name engraved, I think he'll love it! (12/08/2008)


By Janie

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months.
I always am doing crazy cute and original things for him.

So far I have gotten him:

a) burberry tie

b) 3 j crew boxers

c) 3 j crew screen tees

d) lacoste box set cologne w/ a lacoste bear

e) water softener shower head and filter

f)gift cards

g) stoking with his favorite candies and little gag gifts and toys, mini grey goose bottle (his favorite)

Be creative, and think outside the box
great ideas come from what you know he does like (12/08/2008)

By Anna

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I have never done one of these before but I was stuck once too. This year I was really struggling for a present for my boyfriend of a year and a half that didn't cost too much money. This might be a little too much for some of you girls but for some of us older ones this might be nice. It takes a whole evening so make sure you have some time.
It is a stocking with 10 items in it all wrapped up with just a number 1-10 on it.

- 1. A silverware set (plastic or even from his own kitchen). This is going to be used for him to eat the surprise dinner that you made him. Perfect for the girls who don't cook a lot. It shows the guy that you are really working hard.

- 2. A T-shirt of his liking. Tell him that he is not properly dressed for the evening and that he needs to go put on number 2.

- 3. A necklace, watch or bracelet. When he come back from changing, tell him that his attire is not complete and to unwrap number 3.

- 4. A CD of his favorite band or mixed CD. You need some music to dine to.

- 5. A bottle opener with his initials or something funny. If your guy like beer or the old Coke bottles, you will need to open them with something before dinner.

- 6. His favorite candy or dessert. After you are done eating dinner ask him to open up his 6th present so that you two can enjoy some dessert or use the candy to top off an already made dessert.

- 7. Cherry Tic-Tacs. The meal might be a little garlicy if you have my boyfriends taste and he loves the taste of Cherry. Find your loved one favorite flavor and see if it is in a Tic-Tac. (they make tons!)

- 8. A movie. The night isn't over so why not watch a favorite movie of his or you both. (perhaps the first one you all saw together)

- 9. A coupon book.

- 10. This one might depend on the relationship of the couple. You can either have him take out a sticker and put it on your lips or somewhere else for the perfect end to a holiday night.

This night will show him how much you thought about him and HIS likes that he wont care how much money you spent on him. You can make this a cheap or extravagant. It is just nice to give an evening of spending time together. (12/09/2008)

By Emily

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I've seen a lot of good ideas but many of them I've already done. Ive been with my boyfriend for six years and like to something make things for him but now I am completely stuck on gift ideas.Hes 22, very into computers and video games, likes soccer, works full time, not into expensive brand clothes and is picky. He already has a lot of things he wants or can just get it himself. Any suggestions? (12/10/2008)

By Melissa.

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

For me and my boyfriend's two year anniversary, I made him this little flip booklet of 200 memories that we had together. Some were sad, some funny, some dirty. It was a great mix, and it was in no particular order. He loved it, and it reminded him of some amazing times that he had totally forgotten about. Something like that would be great, and it doesn't have to be all that cheesy unless you want it to be.

I also made him his own little dictionary, of words that reminded me of him. I would put the word, the part of speech, the definition, and a playful sentence underneath. The sentence always included his name. For example, I would put Adorable (adj.) extremely cute. [His Name] has an adorable dimple.
This also doesn't have to be cheesy, you can mix it up and you can have a lotttt of fun with it. He loved it, and some of the more sexual references had him laughing out loud. (12/10/2008)

By Paige =]

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend, Justin, and I have been dating for nearly three months now, but we knew each other for three years before that and were very close friends, so our relationship is a bit more advanced. He's a complete musician - his parents are the guitar player and lead singer for the Katherine Aelias Band, if you've ever heard of it - and he himself is in a band with a close friend of us. So, this year for christmas, I got him:

1.) A silver guitar pick on a silver chain. Engraved on the front is "JS & RM", our initials, and engraved on the back is "9/20/08", the day we started dating, and "I love you". He can wear it around anywhere, under his shirt if he's going somewhere formal, and the pick is actually usable and produces a bit more of a classical sound, which he can use for any of his guitars.

Since he's going to Costa Rica for a month and won't be back until partway through January, I made him:

2.) A 365 days chest. I went out and bought a wooden chest and a large butterfly stamp, which I used on both the front and back. On the top, I wrote, "I love you because..." Inside is 365 pieces of folded and taped paper, each one containing a different reason why I love him, and instructions on how to use it. Basically, whenever he misses me or wonders why I love him, he can read one of the pieces of paper.

The pick is pretty pricey, but well worth it, and the chest took me about ten hours, in all, to complete. If you have the time, it's really a great gift.

Also, just to make sure it wasn't all mush and to ensure that I got something he actually wanted, I asked him for a list. After a bit of hesitation he told me a few things that he wanted for his magician stuff (he's into card tricks and such), and had him choose the one he wanted most (I'm going to do one per holiday). He chose:

3.) Flash powder. I ordered two containers of red flash powder for him, which I told him I would give him when he gets back from Costa Rica - something for him to look forward to and a reason for him to remember to come back to me.

I don't know if any of this helped, but I hope it did! (12/12/2008)

By xx_Raven

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Omg this is SO MUCH HELP! Thanks so much this first sentences help so much because my boyfriend is a guitar player as well! I still have to read the rest wow. Thanks so much, and it weird because me and my boyfriend started dating the same exact day! CONGRATS! (12/12/2008)

By Montana

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I've only been seeing this guy for a couple far as I know we're not 'dating'. He lives a few hours away from me, but he gave me my Christmas gift early--beautiful jewelry! Now I'm stuck on what to get him because we're not 'boyfriend/girlfriend' but he got me something that you wouldn't just get your buddy. Please help!! (12/13/2008)

By kerrims

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend have been good friends for like a year and we just started dating in October. I know hes been talking to his dad and his older brother about what hes getting me and I saw something in his truck so I'm pretty sure his gift is pretty legit and I don't want to get him something lame. He loves baseball so I'm getting a baseball and writing things that mean a lot to us on it and he also loves argile socks so I'm getting those too. I think I might also get him tickets to the first UT baseball game and take him to lunch that day. (12/14/2008)


Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Use a cute picture of you and put it in a frame (my boyfriend nearly cried when it broke because he loved it so much). I made him a calendar on my mac using pictures of me and him (he doesn't like taking pictures though so most of them were of me). (12/14/2008)

By Chandler S.

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

OMGOSH! you are all so amazing! These ideas are awesome. I'm so happy found this site! Thank you so much! Love you all gillies! xoxo (12/14/2008)

By Haney

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I was struggling with what to get my boyfriend for Christmas he gave me a budget of £30 which really isn't much at all and told me it had to be special and something he could keep. When I started thinking I thought of loads of things that were out of my budget. What I did was think about his interests he's a musician and a big gamer. I also thought about things we have done together and whether I could get him anything to remind him of it.

Think about what his hobbies are and base it around that. If he's a gamer you could buy him games he wants maybe a new console if you can afford it. If he likes sports get him tickets to a game or a shirt for his favorite team. If he's a musician what instrument does he play? You could get him something for that, for example guitar picks, straps, pick holders if he plays guitar or a cool band tee. If he cooks get him a cookbook or a funny aprons. If he is an artist you could get him some paints or paintbrushes. If he's into film you could get him some DVD maybe even some films you have watched at the cinema together that he doesn't own or some you know that he wants.

You could do a stocking of loads of different things his favorite chocolates, t-shirts, cologne things that are useful. If you haven't been going out for long cologne is a good idea because it will run out quickly and he won't see it as a commitment. Also you can get jewelery however this is a personal gift so make sure you know what your boyfriend likes so you don't get it wrong.

If you don't have much money you could also make him something. Maybe do a drawing if you are good at art or if you are good at writing write him a poem or a really nice letter. If you cook cook him something. Think about what your talent is and see if you can make something for him with it. You could also take him to a concert or to see a comedian he likes or even out for a meal or to the movies.

What I got for my boyfriend for his birthday (we'd only been going out 4 months at the time):
1. 2 CD's of a band we both love and we left it playing for ages on one of the first days he came to my house
2. A game he wanted at the time

What I've got him for Christmas:
1. Guitar picks,
2. Pick Holder,
3. Shortbread biscuits,
4.Wall-E plush as we went to see it at the cinema and loved the film we have watched it about seven times since and when I saw it in the Disney store it made me think of him :)

Also might be getting him some dog tags possibly engraved with the date we got together.

Hope this helps :)

By arell

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend is just an average guy. Makes straight A's. He doesn't do any sports or clubs. He plays video games, but has everything he needs for that. so what I thought of. He drinks coffee everyday.
I'll buy him a white coffee mug and write different things i love about him on it. or black mug with silver marker! (keep in mind it'll probably go through the dishwasher)

Just think about what he likes and write what you love about him on it, or things you've done and been to together-- use a baseball, a blank cd, or case, soccer ball, steering wheel cover, etc. (12/15/2008)

By Jess

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Try engraving something with his name on it. A money clip, keyring or bottle opener works really nice. (12/15/2008)


Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

These scrapbook ideas and lovey-dovey gifts are good for some guys but it's a little too cutesy for my boyfriend and I.

We've been dating for two years. He's in a band and likes piercings and tattoos. I don't have enough money to buy him a tattoo this Christmas, so I think I'll draw him a tattoo idea and an IOU for the money.

I also bought him coffee beans and these bracelets that are made from recyclable materials.

Just think about things that you know about your boyfriend, to let him know you listen.

One year, this artist I was dating painted me a huge monster in yellow and purple paints, an octopus snow globe, and a crazy antique tea cup - since he knows I like yellow and purple, octopuses (octopi?), and tea.
He sells those same paintings for $200, but made one just for me.

Think about what he likes, even if they're just little things. Use your talents. (12/15/2008)

By Dana D.

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Okay, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months now. I'm 20 years old as is he. I was having such a hard time this year with a gift. All the ideas have helped so much. So I am going to be getting him a gigantic stocking and filling it with stuff like a t-shirt of his favorite sports team, a puzzle of a picture of us, fleece pj pants because he has been pointing them out ever since summer, a little stuffed frog with a note saying, "I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince charming", the first movie we saw, some of his favorite candies, a book of everything I love about him from A-Z, a new wallet (because he desperately needs one). Also, after we started dating we had to travel a lot to see each other because he goes to school in Illinois and I in Michigan, so all the train ticket stubs as a border of a picture of us. And a little bottle of grey goose, because it is his favorite (12/15/2008)

By Lisa

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Girls remember:
If your guys are anything like mine, no matter what, they are going to love what you get them, the gift isn't the most important part, it's the fact that you have found each other! Merry Christmas! Good luck ladies. (12/15/2008)

By Lisa

Cute Ideas

I'm not with him anymore, but here are some things I got my old boyfriend of almost a year of being together:

1. A fleece tie blanket I made of baby dinos all over it. (an inside joke between us, very thoughtful)

2. A necklace with the letter "T" for my name. He got me an "N" for his name. We both wore these everyday - very sweet idea

3. A decorated photo album with pictures of us doing different things together. Each page had its own theme. (Halloween, snow day, homecoming dance, etc.)

4. A nerf gun - he likes shooting games and being silly. He also wanted one for the longest time.

5. I have a polar bear that I've slept with every night since I was like 2 years old, which isn't sold anymore, and I came across one in a library that looked almost exactly like it, so I did everything I could to get it for him so we could sleep with the same thing. hehe

And I think for my current boyfriend, I'm going to get one of those digital picture frames to put photos of us together in it so he can set by his bed and watch it all night until he falls asleep :) (12/16/2008)

By tiffany

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Ok. So me and my boyfriend just started dating in December. And I have no idea what to get him. He plays the drums and kinda plays the guitar. He like piercings. He's kinda on the rockish side, but still likes some country stuff. So I need some help. And this site has gave me a lot of ideas. (12/16/2008)

By Mandy S

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend LOVES the office so this year for Christmas, I'm buying him the all the seasons. Instead of wrapping them together and giving it to him at one time, I'm individual wrapping them in different size boxes and maybe putting candies in each box to make them different weights. Then I'm going to put the small boxes into a bigger box so when he opens it, he'll won't know what they are. I know he's going to be really happy. Hope this hope. You can also do this with a whole variety of gifts. (12/16/2008)

By linh

Looking for help with my boyfriends xmas gift!

My boy and I have been together for a little over a month now..He's a few years older than me(im 16) and has almost anything I could think of getting him..
He loves things that mean a lot to him and are thoughtful. He goes away for schooling (for welding)and comes home every second weekend but he finishes that in January. At times he gets really lonely and home sick while out there. He loves to watch movies while he's away from home and war and sappy ones are his favorite.

He's a very talented singer but is sort of shy about showing it. He also occasionally drinks but when he does so shooters are always involved. He loves spicy foods and I'm not much of a cook so I don't want to cook him anything. His favorite colour is red. He loves to work out and is pretty built,sports arn't really his thing but he did martial arts and plays basketball with friends. He does drive but wont have his own car until he comes home for good in January.

He's an easygoing and funny guy and says nothing could be too cheesy..but still I'm having trouble with ideas on what to get him.
I want it to be spe

cial,meaningful and thoughtful.
Does anyone have any suggestions that they're willing to give to me!?
All help would be greatly appreciated! :) (12/16/2008)

By snowangel16

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My friends tell me he got me a diamond necklace. I'm not sure of anything I could get him, that wouldn't be too expensive. Help (12/16/2008)

By kassidy

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

This has been so useful! I have been with my boyfriend a few weeks and we have decided that we want to get each other little gifts, but I was stuck as to what to get him. I took a look on here, and after I had read some of the feedback comments, I decided I'd like to get him a key ring or pendant with a message engraved on it. I searched round the internet for ages without much luck. I eventually found a site called and chose a key ring in the shape of a steering wheel, which is nice because he is learning to drive at the moment. I am getting 'Happy Christmas Oli, Love Anna X. 07.12.08' which is the date we started dating. I'm really pleased because I think it's a cute little gift, not too expensive, but personal and special. I hope this helps, and remember, he'll love whatever you decide on. (12/16/2008)

By Anna

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

my boyfriend liked these ideas: (12/16/2008)

By Chris

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hey I'm in a hurry trying to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend. we've been together for a year and a half 3 days before Christmas. He's getting ready to go off to college in a couple of months and he was thinking about playing basketball at UT so I got him tickets for their opening game and i took him to dinner. Last year for his birthday I got a really nice black picture frame and put pictures of us in it and ticket stubs from movies, sporting events etc. in it. He loved it.

Last Valentine's day I got a small dictionary and went through and highlighted all the words that reminded me of him and wrote why around the edge of the pages, he has it next to his bed. (12/16/2008)

By taylor

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

Hey girls,
This Christmas i bought my boyfriend guitar hero. if you look around online you'll find a good price. Its a lot more fun then many people think it is. He also loves Bob Marley so i got him a zip up that's decked out in bob Marley pictures.

You can also think about investing in Wii, theres a game to go along for everyone (I suggest Mario Cart)

Hope this helps.

Good Luck! (12/16/2008)

By Kelsey G.

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend LOVES the office so this year for Christmas, I'm buying him the all the seasons. Instead of wrapping them together and giving it to him at one time, I'm individual wrapping them in different size boxes and maybe putting candies in each box to make them different weights. Then I'm going to put the small boxes into a bigger box so when he opens it, he'll won't know what they are. I know he's going to be really happy. Hope this hope. You can also do this with a whole variety of gifts. (12/16/2008)

By linh

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been going out for just 2 weeks. Christmas is here and I know the minimal about him. I love him forever, and I know he loves me.
My ex and I are really good friends but when we were going out I bought him just a simple necklace. That may not be the best thing but it works! He loved it (12/16/2008)

By ononymos

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I got my bf a mp3 player but he already knew i was getting it for him. (12/16/2008)

By aleece

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I always try to get him something nice that he really wants or needs, and I get him silly gifts, too. He really loves everything, even the stupid joke gifts. (12/17/2008)

By Kasey

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

OK this is a great gift which I got for my boyfriend because we said we wouldn't spend a lot. I got a cute little box and had little decorative papers and wrote on each one what i love about him and why I love him. Then got a framed picture of us and wrapped it up in a basket. (12/17/2008)

By Bella

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

A great idea for a Christmas present for your boyfriend especially if you have been going out long, is to make him a Christmas stocking and fill it with things he likes such as cologne, CDs, cookies, treats, a few coupons stuff like that. My boyfriend just turned 18 and got his car so he really likes the coupon I gave him for a free car wash. Also give him some gifts as a joke such as a nickname you have for him give him a toy of it.
:D (12/18/2008)

By amyleebear


My boyfriend jack told me that he likes warcraft and would love it for Christmas but my best friend told me that when you buy somebody warcraft they never leave their computer...and Jack being the biggest computer nerd ever (but I still love him :D ) i think it might happen. Does anybody have any ideas on what to get him? I don't have much money so it cant be too expensive...if anybody has any ideas because I'm completely confused.

Thanks so much ! and Merry Christmas! (12/18/2008)

By Jacks Girl

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend always like things I make. You could make him something or make a photo book of you two. Plus I think it's neat that your name is bharati and my name is dharati. (12/18/2008)

By dharati

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

This year for my boyfriend I made him a fleece blanket. It's not too expensive and you can pick any fabric he'll like.

I included his favorite DVD, a few packages of popcorn, and all his favorite candy.

On the back of the photo collage I wrote something along the lines of "Don't forget you have to share, how about a movie night?"

I like the idea of him thinking of me every time he's under my blanket :]

Hope this helps someone. (12/18/2008)

By Katie

What to get my LOVE

I don't know what to get my boyfriend this year. I have known him for 2 years and our anniversary is in April 09. I'm thinking of getting him cologne, a jacket from the raiders his favorite team. I want to make him a blanket made of silk. Make him a dessert for a movie watching and cover up with that blanket I made him. Can anyone tell me if this is a good idea? (12/19/2008)

By Michy

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I've known my boyfriend since March, but we got together in December, and have had both our birthdays in that time, and now its xmas, he isn't sporty, or into video games, he loves clothes, but I got him some for his birthday, he also loves coffee, and mentioned wanting a coffee maker, I was thinking of getting that, I don't want anything to lovey on our 1st Christmas. I'm 17 and his 19.
These ideas have been really helpful, especially as Valentines day is round the corner! :) (12/19/2008)

By Louisa

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months and we literally spend every moment together. He is a bit spoiled and has everything I could think of giving him, plus it was his birthday about a month ago and can't re-use those ideas. I got him an engraved key ring that he has attached to his keys, a polo sweater, a picture frame with a cute quote in it, and his favorite candies. For Christmas I have bought him a north face sweatshirt so far, I plan on making him a blanket and also making him a stocking and stuffing it with movies, candy, cologne, etc. He always spends ALOT of money on me so I want to get him something else that is special/really nice. (12/19/2008)

By anonymous

Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

hmm. So I finally came to a conclusion on what to get my boyfriend for xmas.. maybe this could help you!

1.)I made him a candy box filled with all kinds of meaningful candies,wrapped them in candy wrapping of his favorite color(red),attached blank name/gift tags and on each one wrote the candy name and why I choose it(in RED pen). For ex: Sweettarts because he's super sweet and caring. Laffy Taffy because he's humorous and knows how to make me laugh..etc.
You can get really creative with it. Then I wrapped it in nice xmas wrapping paper and tied it with RED ribbon and a big red bow.

2.)I bought him 2 pairs of boxers from American Eagle. One has Red and green peppers all over them and in glow in the dark lettering it says hot and spicy. I also attached a note to these saying why i chose them..he loves spicy foods and I think he's super hot..also because some of the peppers on them were RED. The other pair were all red with white lettering saying:Naughty"..and the meaning for those is self explanatory.

3.) I bought him 2 shirts from one of his fave stores. one says "I believe in music" because he loves to sing and dance and is pretty talented at both and the other is white and has some designs on it and one happens to be the superman symbol so i posted a note saying"you're my superman".

4.) a movie pack,inc. popcorn,a popcorn tub,the movie p.s i love you because he said he liked sappy movies and neither of us seen it yet(i also attached a note saying"ps: I love you babe!,pjs pants and i think I might make a tie knot fleece blanket.
and of course a cute card.

some other great ideas(more so for long term relationships):
-a personalized CD with songs that either you both love,some love songs or ones that remind you or him.
-a scrapbook or collage of pictures and old ticket stubs etc.
a personalized teddy bear
an engraved gold bracelet
iron on photos for a shirt,blanket or pillow case..etc.
a bottle/container sort of thing w. 365 hersheys kisses and reasons why you love him,
coupon book,

Hope this helped at least a little. (12/19/2008)

By snowangel16

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Christmas Gift Ideas for an Adult Boyfriend
Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend
Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend
Thanksgiving Ideas!
Halloween Ideas!
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