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Feedback: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Santa's Reindeer, Merry "Twistmas" and Large Gift Boxes

Last year, we went to the edge of the woods, my husband wore a red sweat suit with a santa hat. He is disabled in a wheelchair so we decorated it up like a sleigh. We have two daughters (then 5 and 7). We three each had brown sweat suits on and reindeer antlers on our heads(bought at Wal-mart). We took red garland and draped it from my husbands wheelchair, to me sitting on my knees, then to my 7 year old on her knees, then to my 5 year old on her knees, and her nose was painted red like Rudolph. It turned out to be the cutest card yet. Our friends loved it. I was afraid they would think we were a little crazy. I set up the camera on the tripod and would have to run to get in position which made everyone laugh for a really good photo.


The year before that we took pairs of adult size jeans, stuffed them with filling, safety pinned rubber boots to the end of them, then posed my two girls infront of the Christmas tree laying down on their bellies. We just put the fake legs on top of theirs and pulled the feet over their shoulders to look like their legs were twisted over their shoulders. It was hilarious, and on the inside of the card we wrote Merry "Twistmas". You couldn't see their own legs and you wouldn't believe the people that asked us how they did that(like it was their real legs twisted over their shoulders!)

The year before that we wrapped large boxes in colorful wrap, cut a hole in the top just large enough for the girl's heads and cut out the bottom. They simply "put their boxes on" and we put a large bow on top of their heads, posed them in front of the tree and it was a cute and fun Christmas photo.


Lori in Mississippi

Nativity Scene

Last year we went to our local church and borrowed nativity scene costumes and dressed our family members as Joseph & Mary, three wise men, angels, shepards. We used a doll in a manger, the pictures were done in black and white and were done in a haybarn. We placed a real calf (donkey would be better) and barn cats around us. On the inside we did a quote about the saviour. The feedback was amazing.

Another year we took a normal photo but had billy bob teeth in and did a quote about smiling. A different year, we used green ink and made a handprint tree, using the baby's handprint as the top and the adults as the bottom (the prints have to face outwards and each person does the opposite hand for the sides of the tree except the person on top) we also printed our cat's under the tree, it was really nice.


Good luck, we may try a twisted version of your twisted idea this year (we have to incorporate 19 people!)

By Trudy & Connie (The crazy sisters)

Tu-Tu Good

Last year I dressed my two young daughters in pink tu-tus, white fur on the floor, lots of beads and with black and white film and took their picture. The card says, "Hope your holidays are Tu-Tu good!"

By Nancy Schaaf

Reindeer Games

We have 10 family members from 4 yrs to Grampa. Last year we all wore white t-shirts, dark pants and reindeer antlers. The four grandkids each held a different ball (basketball, football, soccer ball, and volleyball). Our 3 adult children in the back row each had a baseball bat over their shoulder. My husband and I wore ball gloves. The caption said "Care to join us in some reindeer games?"


By Katie

Little Santas

My sister had her two boys (4 years and 2 year) in their bathtub. They had santa hats on their heads and the tub was full of bubble bath. The boys had their faces with beard of bubbles. The pictures turned out beautiful. She sent them as a christmas photo card. She also bought colored soap crayons and had drawn christmas pictures on the shower wall. Like presents, etc. in green and red.

By AmyRogo

My Ideas

We have done a funny family photo for Christmas for at least the last 10 years, some ideas are: A Harley Christmas, A Christmas Story (dressed up as characters from the movie), Christmas Ornaments, A Winter Wonderland, Cruisin' thru Christmas, A Collage. It is a major family tradition to do the family photo. Everyone loves them and friends/family talk about them all year. All time favorites are the Harley Christmas and the Christmas Story. I like your ideas too!


By Kamla Winters


Last year I helped my four children (ages 4,6,8 and 10) make four snowmen very close together in the front yard. Rather than put snowman heads on them, my children's faces were at the top. It looked very cute with bright colored hats and scarves. I took their picture, but it wasn't the one I mailed out. What we did for that one was make one giant snowman and posed around that. Since we had just moved to a new town, our card said, "We've made some new friends, but still miss the old ones!" (Get it? We made the snowman... made a friend.)

By Lisa

My Ideas

One year I put night caps on my kids, lined them up in our big bed and told them to go to sleep. The caption for that photo was "The children were nestled all snug in their bed..."


Another year, they circled around a scrawny evergreen tree out in a field (A Charlie Brown tree) we put one ornament on the tree.

Another year they all dressed like old fashioned Christmas carolers. We took the photo outside with them holding music and candles, singing "Oh" of course.

All these were done in black and white or sepia toned. (12/03/2004)

By Kathy

"The Night Before Christmas"

A few years ago when our son was 7 we did this photo. Our son sat in the middle of our bed with a Santa hat on, holding a fairly large book of "The Night Before Christmas" so you could see what he was reading. He was reading to my husband and I laying on either side of him, but we were "sound asleep." That was easy to do with the tripod.

When he was little we did a black and white photo at a tree farm with him peeking out from behind a tree with his Santa hat on. This would be cute to stack family members behind a tree. For this year I still hope to get a hold of a small Santa costume for our son so we can sit on his lap. Thanks for the fun ideas!

By Shelley

Meowy Christmas

If you like cats, dress everyone up in cat suits and paint their faces. You could have 'Meowy Christmas' across the bottom on a sign.

By Cathy

Our Photo Ideas

Here are some I've done over the years:

I stuffed some red pants and put them into some black boots. I stood this up inside the fireplace and dressed my son in red pajamas, had him stand beside the fireplace with his hands on his face like the "Home Alone" kid. This won 2nd place in a local Chirstmas photo contest.

My husband wore his Santa suit in the background with my son and our cat in the forefront. My son was eating a cookie and our cat was drinking milk from a mug with a sign reading, "Dear Santa, these cookies & milk are just for you!" This won third place.

My son held mistletoe over his head while his twin sisters kissed him on each cheek simultaneously. This won honorable mention.

I bought the wooden letters "J" "O" "Y" painted them white and had each child hold one to spell "JOY". I took each child's picture individually so they would show up better and printed them on the computer on to cardstock in black and white. I attached this to red paper then put this on white cardstock and then wrapped red gingham ribbon around the bottom and put "Heavenly Joy" on the front as well. Then I put the bible verse Luke 2:10 on the inside.

Hope some of these might help.

By Debra from Alabama

Beach Snowman

We took our 3 year old to the beach and made a sand snowman with carrot nose and the works. The ocean was behind us. It was very cute.

By karen

"Sorry, Santa, I tried to be good."

Last year my husband dressed up as Santa and "discovered" our 2 year old sprawled out on the floor under the tray of "eaten" cookies and milk cup that was on it's side empty. Made a very cute picture. We put a caption on the bottom that said: "Sorry, Santa, I tried to be good."

By Kristi from Texas

Christmas Tree

We did a Human Pyramid (Christmas tree) with all of us in green and the youngest at the top in yellow.

By Tricia

"Warm Wishes"

Last year we had the kids sitting around the campfire all bundled up. The card said "Warm Wishes". It was beautiful.

By Mersbiz

"We hope you get everything you ask for."

Last year I recieved a beautiful card from a friend it had he husband dressed as the grinch. My friend and her oldest daughter dressed in red outfits with white boas. Her daughter (6 years) was at the top of a ladder holding a list that was long and she was holding a feather pen. You could see the list of gifts on the paper and the card read "we hope you get everything you ask for". It turned out really cute and everyone loved it. I can't wait to see what she does this year.

By Granny

New Year's Idea

We all dressed up in white shirts and I cut out the numbers 2005 in red felt and tacked one number on each of our shirts. Standing as "2005" we all held party horns and threw confetti in the air. It was a great photo to keep up "all year" as it was not a traditional holiday photo!

By Lisa-Illinois

Fall Leaves

I'm really into black and white photos and last year I had my three children, ages 10, 6 and 4 lay down in the leaves with their heads touching each in a different direction - looking straight up into the camera. I only did head shot with leaves around them - it was a great, fun shot! Everyone loved it! The leaves are colorful in the North East this time of year, but something about the black and white made the picture really stand out!

By Dixon

Play On Words

I do this everything year, but since I don't have children it's more of an adult play-on-words thing. We've dressed up with white ghost sheets on and held presents. The caption: "The Ghosts of Christmas Presents"

We've stuck tongues on metal poles (AKA Christmas Story) and used: "We double-dog dare you to have a good Christmas."

I've made fake police mug shots from the North Pole Police Department: "It would be a crime for you to have a bad Christmas."

One year I dressed up in a fancy apron and Santa hat, and held a big spoon over a bowl. "Not a creature was stirring?" (11/17/2005)

By Amy in NC

Little Cooks

I had a really hard time last year with my 6 month old and my 2 year old. Since they wouldn't be still for a picture. I decided to let them do something they liked, eat. We set them up with bowls and spoons and lots of powdered sugar and let them make "cookies". They took the best pictures, he fed spoons full of sugar to his sister and we had a ball. They were both wearing aprons and chef's hats hers with a big red bow. I put out lots of premade cookies and cookie cutters. It really was very easy.

By Kristin-Texas

"Merry Christmas" Cookies

One year my daughter and I made Christmas cookies that spelled out Merry Christmas 2003 and had them set out on the table, while we were dressed in aprons, flour etc. At first you would just think we were baking Christmas cookies, but then you would notice the cookies actually spelled something. Last year I took my daughter's cheerleading photo, and said Bringing you Holiday 'Cheer'. Trying to think of something again this year myself, so thanks for all the help (11/21/2005)

By Laura

"Our chimney has moved."

We used the bathtub and bubble theme one year, with the caption "May all your Christmases be white."

Another time I dressed the two kids up as elves working on the naughty and nice lists. I put them at a table with the sign "Santa's Workshop" behind it. The caption read "Have yoursElves a merry little Christmas" in a playful font.

The year we moved we had the kids (ages 6 and 4) stand in front of the fireplace each holding a sign that they wrote. The little one's said "Atenshen Santa" and the older one's said "Our chimny has moved." (What made this so cute is that I told them what to write, but they did the spelling on their own!) Inside the card I put our new address, so the holiday card was also our change of address notification. Everyone loved it.

The year we got the best feedback, however, was when we had professional portraits taken at the beach. There happened to be one photo of the two kids looking down at a starfish in the dunes. I printed the following Christina Rosetti poem on vellum and put it on top of the photo with a ribbon holding the two things together at the top. The poem: Love came down at all lovely, love divine. Love came down at and angels gave the sign.

Hope these ideas help!

By Sharon from PA

And may all you Christmases be bright.

You know how someone is always blinking if your photos? One year, all five of us blinked on purpose and titled the card: "And may all you Christmases be bright."

By Kel

Got Eggnog

One year we received a card from a family of 5 in a portrait setting and they all had milk mustaches (including the baby!) and the card said "Got Eggnog?" I thought it was really cute.

By Sheree

Merry KissMoose

Last year we dressed our four year old in red with a moose antler headband. We had her hug herself and and make a kissy face. The caption said merry KissMoose. One year we had her peek through the middle of a wreath and once we let her go crazy with a big pile of ribbons and bows.

By Lisa from Missouri

Sledding on the Beach

I too did the kids in the tub and it was awesome! Last year we went to the beach (since we live so close) and put the kids (7 and 4) on the sled in front of a dune as if they were sledding down the hill. My son (7) wore a white t-shirt and tan shorts and my daughter (4) wore a beautiful white sleeveless dress. The pictures turned out awesome and we got lots of wonderful feedback. Now I feel like I have to come up with something better year after year!

By Charlene from FL

"Hope your holidays stack up like ours did."

I got a card from a family with four children last year. It had them all laying on the ground on top of each other and the card read "Hope your holidays stack up like ours did." It was too cute!

By Amie

Giving a Gift

Last year we didn't really have a plan for a photo, and it turned out to be the best. We gave my 2 year old nephew a gift and told him to hold it out as if he were trying to give it to the camera. He of course, wanted nothing to do with that idea, so the photo ended up being a picture of all of us laughing around him (trying to direct him) and him holding a gift somewhat facing the camera (with an extremely innocent and confused face on). There was no caption, hopefully everyone just realized that we were trying to give them a gift. It was extremely natural and in black and white.

By Kate

"I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

I am a retired newspaper photographer and for the past six years have done various Christmas card photos for the neighbors. One year, I used a storm window, sprayed it with fake snow and Ice, and had the two boys hold a candle and look out into the cold with out-of-focus christmas lights in the background.

Another was the mother dressed as Santa going down a backyard barb-a-que fireplace with the kids sleeping with milk in front of a fire. Both photos were merged in photoshop.

Last year we sent out a photo of myself, my wife and 27 year-old daughter with Santa hats, a live camel with Santa hat and a camel driver in front of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Another of the neighbor's was "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus", two kids looking suprised as real mommy was kissing Daddy in a Santa suit in front of the tree.

By Lynn from Wisconsin

"Have a cotton pickin' Christmas."

I have a friend who has done my two favorites:

Their last name is Byrd. She took a picture of her 4 girls with phones at the ears. Caption: "Four calling Byrds"

She took pictures of her girls in a cotton field with caption: "Have a cotton pickin' Christmas."

By Terrie from Georgia

Card Costumes

It sounds like you have done just about everything imaginable. So, how about being your own Christmas Card? Use cardboard for each person, have them decorate the "card", sign it then take the picture. Depending on how many there are in your family, you should come up with several different cards, as we all know, noone likes to get the same card as everyone else!

By Stacey Liddle

Gift Boxes

This year I did a take on the gift wrapped children idea. I wrapped a huge box and box lid and put my two kids (2 and 5) in the box with the lid leaning on the box. They each had a "Christmas-y" outfit on and a santa hat. The caption read, "Oh looky, looky! What do I see? Our favorite blessings under the tree."

By Mom me poo

"Twas the Fright before Christmas"

The year our family of five went to DisneyWorld, I used the photo from the Jurassic Park roller coaster ride, We all looked scared to death plummeting down the hill. I caption it "Twas the Fright before Christmas". Everyone loved it.

By angie

By Candle Light

Last year I took a beautiful picture of my 3 kids. Their ages are 19, 12 and 10 so they didn't want anything too "little kid" like. So I put them in dark clothes and gathered up all the candles I owned, tall and short. I turned the lights out, lined up all the candles on a coffee table with the tall ones on the sides and short ones in front. I then put the kids behind at various heights and told them to lean in toward the light and hold very still. Using a tripod I took the picture without a flash. It was a tight shot - only faces and candles filled the frame. Their faces glowed and the candles served as a sort of frame around them. Numerous friends and relatives commented how beautiful and some even had the picture still on their refrigerator months later!

By Nancy

Brady Bunch

This year I took pictures of all 6 of us individually in front of a white sheet, with no flash. The pictures were closeups, all of us had different expressions and looking in different directions. Then I made a kind of index print on the computer with 3-4 of each of us. It had a brady bunch feel. I liked it in sepia. I interspersed it with Christmas messages in some of the squares. Everyone loved it and it stands out from the usual photo card!

By Susan

"Rub a Dub Dub, Ho Ho From the Tub"

One year we put the kids in the bathtub with Santa hat's on and made bubble beards on their faces. The caption we used was "Rub a Dub Dub, Ho Ho From the Tub"

By Joan

"Merry Christmas" In The Sand

One year, a friend of mine took her family to the beach. They wrote "Merry Christmas" in the sand and the family sat behind it. The photographer took the picture facing them and the words. It was really nice looking. They all wore white shirts and jeans and it was all in black and white, but Christmas colored outfits would be nice, too. It is great for all ages.

By Julie

"Fa La La La La"

I bought a red sweatshirts for my neice and nephews. Walmart sells white felt that is sticky on one side and I cut the words "FA", "LA", "LA", "LA", "LA", "LA" out and stuck them on the sweatshirts. We put "FA" on the oldest (tallest) and "LA" on each of the other kids. The kids sat on bales of hay stacked up so "FA" was at the top and all the "LA's" followed. it was too cute! When the pictures were done, you can peel the letters off and have plain sweatshirts again.

By Robin

Decorating the Tree

One year, I couldn't get my christmas tree lights untangled, so before I bought new ones, I let my 3 year old get tangled up in them in front of the Christmas tree.

By Karla

Editor's Note: Most Christmas lights are made with lead and have warnings about keeing children away from the cords. Be sure that you have lead free lights before trying this tip.

Happy MistleTOES!

I received a card with a photo of the kids feet on the front of the card (they were laying in bed and showed the bottom of their feet) and on the inside were the kids sitting up with santa hats on their heads. The caption read, Happy MistleTOES!

By Karla

"Pizza On Earth"

Have everyone stand circling halfway around an extra large pizza. Write Pizza On Earth on the bottom of the card.

I've had my baby in a decorated gift box in a Santa Suit in front of the fireplace--very cute. I've also had my baby lay on a blue sheet with cottonball clouds. I laid some handmade glittery wings down on this sheet, peeled him down to his diaper, and laid him on top of the "wings" to be a little angel--very cute.

By Sandy from WI

"No More Wading for Christmas"

Last year we did computer work and had me, my husband and 3 kids with our pants rolled up. I found a beach picture I liked and we took our picture. My aunt blacked out the background so it looked like we were standing in the ocean with our pants rolled up. Then we typed on there "NO MORE WADING FOR CHRISTMAS". We also all wore santa hats.

By Leanne from TN

"We're on the naughty list, how about you?"

One year for photos, me and my husband were wrapped in tangled lights with my kids standing next to us with the end of the lights. On the inside of the card we put "We're on the naughty list, how about you?" Everybody loved it.

By Anonymous

"We hope your Christmas is as beautiful as our marriage."

Last year our friends, a married couple, simply cross dressed in a formal dress and tux, and stood in front of the Christmas tree. The guy even wore makeup. The inside said "We hope your Christmas is as beautiful as our marriage." It was amazing.

By Ballzy

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

My first year being a mommy and I forgot to take my child to get her christmas pictures done. I was upset then my mom helped me decide to get picture's of her in front of the tree but it didn't work because a three month old can't sit up. So I got out her bouncy seat and laid her down in it and proped presents all behind her, it came out great. (09/30/2006)

By Jennifer from Michigan

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Put everyone in Santa hats laying in the pool....snap a picture and have the heading read...from our piece of heaven to yours. (10/04/2006)

By Kim

From our end to yours

We have some very creative friends. Last year one sent a picture of their 2-year-old daughter wearing goggle with messed up wet hair. The caption was, "Wishing you a great OUTLOOK for 2006." Another was a 15-month-old little boy standing at the bath tub with a bare rear end. The greeting read, "Merry Christmas from our end to yours." (10/06/2006)

By Meg

Angelic and Peaceful

When my daughter was 10 months old, I bought angel wings on sale after Halloween. I dressed her in a white onesie and put a black sheet on the couch. Then I put the angel wings on her and the dog (West Highland Terrier) and set them on the couch... cute!

Another year I dressed my 1.5 year old daughter in a lion costume and made a little lamb costume out of felt and cotton balls for the dog. The caption on that read 'There shall be peace, led by all the children'. Both pictures were in black and white and on a black background. (10/18/2006)

By Beth, MN

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

My husband, kids and i wore matching chirstmas pajamas. He sat in a big white rocking chair holding a book as if to read , the kids were at his feet with a plate of milk and cookies, I stood beside the chair with my hand on his shoulder. Everyone looked at him. The back ground was white with red poinsettas sitting around. It was very memorable...(quote)(/quote) (11/01/2006)

By Deborah Johnson

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Last year, I put my three boys in their Christmas outfits and lined them up in front of the fireplace, each holding a Little Tikes hoe. The caption was "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

The year my youngest son was a newborn, my father made a manger and we put him in it and puit straw in the backyard all around it. I dressed up my two older sons as wisemen and had them adoring the baby with a gold star hanging in the back. (11/07/2006)

By Alissa

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Last year I had 2 of my children sit on a bench in front of the fire place w/ the 2 dogs, and the other 2 children behind the bench - each holding a letter Ho Ho - it was very cute. I need a new idea for this year! (11/08/2006)

By Karen

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

i don't have kids, but my brother does and so last christmas I took pictures of his 3 kids ages 4,3, and 1 wk. The outside of the card had the two boys aged 4 & 3 standing in a big wrapped box with just their faces sticking over the edge propped up on their hands and santa hats on. The caption read guess "what we got for christmas?" the inside had a picture of their new sister lying on a white blanket with white tissue paper with just a clothe diaper on, asleep. and it said "a new baby sister forever to keep" and then it had her birth information on it. so it served as a birth announcement and a christmas card since she was born so close to christmas. (11/08/2006)

By auntie sam

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

2 years ago, I dressed my daughter in her christmas nightgown and a santa hat and had her drink a little cream (i.e. Got Milk?) and had a plate of half eaten cookies on a plate and 1 in her hand. The caption was "Dear Santa, I can explain. Daddy did it."
We still get comments on that card. (11/10/2006)

By Jennifer

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

One year, we took a picture of my daughter(in a fancy dress) with her hand over the mouth of a standing knight figure. The caption read "silent Knight". It was really cute. (11/12/2006)

By Jeannie

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

I did the bath idea last year but I did it in black and white and colored in the hat red. Everyone loved it. (11/13/2006)

By gavcolMom

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

I superimposed a Santa hat on the ultra sound photo of our daughter a few years ago. (11/14/2006)


Christmas Card Photo Ideas

we dressed our 4 month old up as santa; when he was aleep we put a plate of cookies and glass of milk in front of him in the recliner. The caption was Waiting for Santa (11/17/2006)

By Aarons mom

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

We are having our dog, a beagle, wearing antlers, pulling our daughter, who is 6 months old, in her baby sleigh, dressed in a Santa dress. I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out! (11/18/2006)

By Diane

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Last year we painted our hallway wall with bathtub finger paints. . they wipe off easily. Then we covered my son in the paint and had him "finger paint the wall". Threw on a santa hat and added the caption " deck the hall" (11/20/2006)

By kerry

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Last year I tried for the perfect christmas card pic and was giving up as my 2 children were crying in there perfect holiday outfits, infront of the tree, so I put on the caption Ho,Ho,Oh who cares! (11/20/2006)


From our house to yours...

For a super easy christmas card photo my daughters and I spent the afternoon together making a gingerbread house. When it was finished we all sat behind it with a sign we had made that read "Merry Christmas from our house to yours". (11/22/2006)

By shades of grey

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Last year we took a picture of our kids with their mouths duck-taped shut in front of our christmas tree..Under the picture we put 'May your holiday's be pieceful"...on the inside we put ours will be. Everyone loved it (11/26/2006)

By jr

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

One year, we had the boys all dress up as mobsters and signed it from the McFaddin Mob. Sepia tones. Cute.

One year, we did the manger scene with everyone dressed up in the part.

I think the cutest one was when they were little and looking through the glass of a Christmas display & catching their expressions. My youngest at the time was about 2 & he was actually licking the glass (yuk!), abut was so cute.

By TammyMc

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

I have 4 daughters and being the ages of 8, 10, 14, and 16 they really didnt want to do a christmas card. when they finally agreed, we decided to put them on a friends boat that summer before christmas and they all had thier bathing suits on. they each had on a santa hat sitting on the boat with the sun and water in the backround. it was funny but also pretty!

Another time we put all of them outside holding the plastic candy canes. they all looked adorable!

Another is when my nephew was 2 he loved candy canes. there was a house next door that had a light up dandy cane so one night we took him over and told him to lick the candy cane and he did! they snapped the picture and it was so cute!

Someone i knew had everyone with duck tape on their mouths with the caption silent night (11/29/2006)

By Mary Kate

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

My husband and I dressed up in camoflogue, holding bows and arrows and a rifle. My son (2 yrs) sat on his camoflogue chair and our beagles were sitting beside him. We took this photo outside and had large bushes behind us. The caption read "Hunting for Santa". (11/29/2006)

By Red

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Last year I dressed our 3 dogs up as Mary, Joseph and baby jesus in a manger with the saying "Fleas Navidog". Before that we lined up 3 motorcycles with someone on each with Santa hats on and I stood over our minature horse - the saying was "Oh what fun it is to ride." We've also done a "dashing through the snow" with horses and cars via photoshop. (11/29/2006)

By Lani CA

Naughty or Nice

Have each person in your family stand in front of the christmas tree each with a homemade card reading "Naughty" or "Nice", each should wear black or white shirts for easier reading of card (11/30/2006)

By Donna C. Madisonville, LA

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

last year-our children ages- twin 1y/o, a 2 1/2y/o and 5y/o all lined up in front of the tree. I took the picture up close of their faces. Since our home is quite busy and loud, the caption read: Silent Night, Yeah Right! people loved it! (12/02/2006)

By kelly

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

This year I really wanted to take picutres of my two girls making snow angels. I was going to put the ladder close to them and take it from above, but so far this year we haven't had any snow!!

Last year I took their picture sitting in the door way of a a small cabin built by their grandpa about 43 years ago. They were both wearing jean jackets and santa hats and there was snow on the roof. (12/02/2006)

By K Hart

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

I got an idea from a magazine last year, so not, it's not original. We took close-up pictures of each of the three of us. My husband is such a goof-ball - he made funny faces, but my daughter and I posed as we normally look. We printed several black-and-white pictues of each of us and cut out just our heads. We took black paper, trifolded it, and on each section of the card, we glued just one of our pictures. When the card was fully opened, you could see all three of our pictures. "Happy, happy, joy, joy" (Ren and Stimpy) were the only words.

This was simple, fun to make, and VERY unique. Every card had a different mix of poses. They definitely were the talk of the family that holiday! (12/05/2006)

By Marti

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Just a cute way to incorporate our 9 yr old Jack Russell Terrier and our 9 month old son. (12/06/2006)

By Adina

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

We did a "Nutcracker" theme! Our two little girls (then 4 and 6 yrs) dressed in their ballet leotards and ballet shoes, and our son (then 2 yrs) held a wooden Nutcracker soldier in the middle of them posing. It was so cute! If you have two girls and a boy it is perfect. If you have all girls you could just have the girls each hold a Nutcracker soldier, or pose the Nutcracker somewhere in the photo. (12/12/2006)

By Christina

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Since everyone seems to have a good sense of humor can anyone come up with a caption for my picture? We took a zillion pictures and they all pretty much look like this! (12/12/2006)

By Mary

RE: Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

How about "Where's the Snow?" or Sandy Santas (12/13/2006)

By ThriftyFun

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

A friend of ours has twin 10 yr old boys and each year gets wilder & wilder. Last year they had both of them facing a snow bank backs to the camera with their pants around their ankles (boxers still on). "Happy Holidays" was written in the snow in yellow & the boys turned their heads to the camera &had the most devlish looks on their faces. It was Hilarious!!!!!!

By Becky

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Last year the kids ages 2 and 4) donned their aprons and chef's hats and stood in front of the tree with a bowl and a whisk each. The caption was "We Whisk you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" (09/30/2007)

By Ann

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Last year I put a fire in the fireplace and a small lit Christmas tree next to it. I then placed my 2 year old in front of the fireplace. He was in red overalls and completely wrapped up in colored christmas lights. He had both hands on his checks and his mouth wide open- with an expression like he had just been caught! The caption read: "Dear Santa: I can explain" (10/23/2007)

By Embree

Christmas Card Photo Ideas for young and old

We have a son that is 8 and a daughter that is 2 months. She would not sit for a picture. Therefore, we had our son holding our daughter infront of a window with a candle in it. They were both looking out the window because I was outside getting their attention. (But you could not see me). Our son was wearing a santa hat. The picture was in sepia. The caption was, "Yes Ella, there truly is a santa claus!" We got the best feedbacks from this. You only see the profiles of the kids. Therefore, it was easy to get their picture no matter of the age. (11/04/2007)

By Suzanne

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

We all climbed in an antique clawed tub (clothes on of course). The caption read "Rub a dub, dub, Three Breland's in a Tub!" Everyone loved it! (11/07/2007)

By Teresa


Since, our front yard has so many trees and LEAVES everywhere and we live in the south, we decided to go "sledding." My husband, 5 yr old son, 4 yr old daughter and myself sat on a sled in a pile of leaves and acted like we were going down a big hill really fast. We had our hands out and big expressions on our faces while wearing santa hats, gloves, big jackets & scarves. Our Caption said, "Who needs snow?" It turned out really cute! (11/09/2007)

By Southern Mom

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

We got an adorable card a couple of years ago from a friend. She had several pictures of her three young kids in their Christmas outfits in front of the tree, clearly not cooperating, except for the last one where she got everyone to look at the camera at the same time. The caption was: Christmas outfits for three kids: $150. Christmas presents for the family: $500. Tree and decorations: $100. Getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time: Priceless. (11/12/2007)

By Dr.Yades

Our gift from God

To show off our newborn daughter, I took an empty box and wrapped it like a gift with a bow showing on the side, but left the top of the box open. I placed a pillow in the box and printed out a large gift tag that read "Our gift from God." I placed her in the box and had big brother sit next to it. It was a hit! The Christmas tree was in the background. (11/13/2007)

By Kristen

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Last year my husband dressed in a Santa Suit and my girls 4 and 1 1/2 laid in my big bed "asleep", and my husband dressed as Santa was bending over them giving them a kiss on their foreheads. Just by chance my comforter was red satin, very Christmas like. We get tons of compliments on the card, It came out great! (11/13/2007)

By Lisa

Christmas Card Photo Ideas

We are the masters of the cute cards around here and it gets tough to do better each year, so after pulling my hair out in three or four failed photo shoots.I realized that as the kids get older, it gets harder to get them to all cooperate, so I took pictures from all year long of each of them (alone) and put them side by side like a film loop. Then we wrote a poem about so many smiles and memories and wished everyone a year full of memories as precious as ours. It has been our most successful one yet! (11/14/2007)

By Jheri

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