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Firefighter Themed Wedding Ideas

A firefighter theme is a great idea for a wedding, if one of the members of the wedding party is a firefighter, or you are having the wedding at a fire station. This is a guide about firefighter themed wedding ideas.


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March 28, 2008

My son is getting married next year. Both the bride and groom are firefighters and we are having a firefighter wedding. I am looking for firefighter charms to add to the wedding favors with ribbon. I have looked on the internet and I keep getting the expensive charms. I want something I can purchase in bulk because there is approximately 200 people invited to the wedding.


Denise from Middletown, PA

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Look among scrapbooking suppliers. I also just looked on Ebay, and they have some if you put "firefighter charms" in the search box. Often you can contact sellers and find out if they offer bulk pricing.

Also, if you Google "brass charms" you will get more of the suppiers of the kind of charm I think you are looking for. (Assuming you are not looking for sterling...)

Here is just one of many: http://www.acha  home.php?cat=279

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Oriental Trading Company sells by bulk. We have gotten stuff for sunday school there. Try it.

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Have you considered contacting the fire hall or halls where they work? Perhaps they have a catalogue where such things could be ordered or have some ideas for you.

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April 1, 20080 found this helpful

Thank you to everyone who have responded so quickly to my search for firefighter charms. I have found them and plan to order them for my son's wedding. Thank you very much!!

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April 3, 20080 found this helpful

Where did you find them? I'm getting married next Jan. and it's a FF theme. Thanks

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November 10, 20080 found this helpful

I am interested in a website to purchase bulk firefighting charms for my daughters wedding. The only thing I am finding are the real ones. I need them for adding to knife, book, ets. Thanks

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December 29, 20080 found this helpful

Please be sure to visit our website for your Firefighter wedding needs. We offer charms, personalized ribbons (with the fire fighter symbol or fire truck emblems), invitations, rsvp cards, thank you cards, guest books, pen sets, cake serving sets, guest card box, and much more:

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June 18, 20060 found this helpful

We are planning our wedding on February 20, 2007 at the fire hall. We are looking to do a fire theme based wedding and are trying to find things to do with the fire department for the wedding. If you could help us and give us some ideas that would be appreciated!

Sabrina from Westville, NS

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July 14, 20060 found this helpful
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Hi There and congratulation's on your up-coming Wedding! I have designed two Fire Fighter themed weddings, the one just recently was in the colors of Black, Red and White, it had a very clean and classic look, but any color will work. I used white table clothes as the base color for the tables then I added black runners going down the middle of each set of tables followed by Red Rose petals and votive candles, then for the centerpieces I placed a Toy Fire Truck or Stuffed Dalmatian Dog with Roses and Rose petals tucked under and around them and then added more candles. THIS WAS SUCH A HIT! and everyone LOVE IT! the best part about using the toys is that the couple donated them to the Fire Department! So this Christmas they have given a gift of love to many children.

Wishing you a Wonderful Wedding Day and a Lifetime of Love...

Sharon Rose

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August 16, 20060 found this helpful
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I am having a fall/fire themed wedding next month. We found these roses that are yellow with red tips look like flames that we are putting on our cake. Cut the cake using a axe instead of knife. Also, for the dollar dance, use a fire boot for the money. These are just a couple of ideas. Have a great wedding.

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August 3, 20060 found this helpful

Try this link for ideas!

http://www.askg  fightertheme.htm

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August 3, 20060 found this helpful

stumbled onto these websites...

http://gardenan  /Firefighter.htm

http://gardenan  ghterWedding.htm

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another post on here... http://www.thri  f130639.tip.html

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September 1, 20060 found this helpful

You can always ask if you can use the boots (or some of them) to use as centerpieces. Also, use little fire trucks as favours. By all means have some kind of bell every time you and your new husband kiss. Instead of throwing a bouquet, throw a boot with confettie in it. Or you could use this as if you were going to throw water on a special guest.

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September 27, 20060 found this helpful

Hey my name is Sharon and me and my fiance are getting married at the fire department on June 2007, we both met each other there and are both on the fire dept. u have really good ideas if u have any more please post them.

thank u!

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January 17, 20080 found this helpful

Hey I am also having a fire dept. wedding in April of 08' and I could also use some help of where to find things because I have less than 4 months and all we have is the station of course and his dress blues. Also my dress. Please help. You can send me e-mail idea's at christiansmom_02 AT with topic as wedding.

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September 30, 20030 found this helpful

My fiance' and I are going to TRY to get married next year after fire season is over. Anybody married to a fire fighter knows what Im talking about! We are eloping but would like to have a fun firefighter themed reception. Does anyone know where to get little fireman hats to use as wedding favors that we could fill with candy or almonds- Thanks!
- Melissa and Malcolm

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October 7, 20030 found this helpful
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Go to this site. They have 99 cent mini fireman hats!

http://www.birt  /$_99_favors.htm" rel="nofollow" target="new">http://www.birt  /$_99_favors.htm

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June 17, 20050 found this helpful
Best Answer


I Hope I can still help!

I purchase most of the things I need for ANY EVENT from the Oriental Trading Company. You can order by credit card on the phone. Customer Service is Excellent.

Go to view on-line catalog.

Call 1-800-228-2269 to place your order and get hard copy order books

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January 26, 20050 found this helpful

HI! I have so many ideas my self about the hats idea. My idea was to take the hats and paste black and white pictures on the front of our history. Its great to sit at a table and be able to see how a couple came to be. Hope it helps!! Best wishes and good luck!

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June 24, 20050 found this helpful

My daugher is marrying a fireman, so she decided to use an old timey cherry red pedal fire truck. The flower girl will be in it, since she is not using a ring bearer and her twin will be walking in front of her throwing out rose pedals. It is like brand new! It is like 3 feet long. It has an old bell you ring on top with the wooden ladders on the sides. We are going to decorate the sides with white ribbon and have a cute sign hanging from the back. Then it will be taken to the reception and placed by the grooms table which will have a firetruck cake and a cake in the shape of a hose. Also on the table will have a runner with dalmation material. On the table also will be a red 7" fire hydrant and a pair of youth size fireman boots, which will be used for the dollar dance (fill the boot). Oh and when the preacher says now you can kiss the bride, sirens will be going off. No telling what else she is going to come up with.

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March 11, 20060 found this helpful

The reception hall we were getting married in burnt down so I am looking for a firehat favors

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February 19, 20070 found this helpful

Hi Chris my wedding is in May and I was searching the net endlessly to find wedding favors that were firefighter related because the two of us are both firefighters.. I couldnt find any tiny plastic hats to put say candy in but i did find chocolate candy molds that are little fire hats so I purchased tiny metal buckets that I will spray paint red and make some hats hearts and tiny chocolate fire trucks and put them into the buckets instead.We also took clip art and made labels for them with our own printer

to stick on the buckets and we purchaced ribbon we had made with our names and wedding date on them that I will tie to the handle.. I have a ton of ideas if you need any more. best wishes to you Julie.

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March 20, 20070 found this helpful

I'm also getting married to a fireman and I'm getting a lot of my stuff of of eBay Type in fire then click worldwide the go back up to the top put the cursor next to fire and click enter again you can then type in fire wedding firefighter wedding and so on.

There are things like fire truck soaps, invitations, ring pillows and my favorite wedding cake toppers. There is also a website for these

and the list goes on

We also have a pull along fire truck for the ring bearer to bring down the aisle good luck

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June 2, 20070 found this helpful

you guys gave me great ideas for our reception, my father and my fiancee as well as half the wedding party and guests are in or retired from the fire service..we will be placing an item from each of their careers on the grooms cake table, which will appropriately be shaped and decorated as a fire truck! you guys are awesome, thank you!

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October 3, 2004

I need some help, I'm trying to plan my wedding, we are going with the firefighter theme. I am having problems with my invitations. I want to do my own, and I can't find a site to help me with this or anything that has to deal with firefighters. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thank you,


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March 12, 20050 found this helpful
Best Answer

Try looking at for pics to use on your invitations. Also, go to and put in Firefighter Weddings. There will be tons of stuff on that!!

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October 5, 20040 found this helpful

Here are a few websites that may have what you are searching for :

http://www.colo  hterWeddings.htm

http://www.askg  /firefighter.htm


http://home.att  cal/budget2.html


http://www.tren  antkeychain.html

http://www.find  fts/Firefighter/

Hope some of these sites help you find or plan your dream wedding !

Congratulations Sincerely,


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January 22, 20050 found this helpful

It's funny that you asked. I'm working on the same thing. Although I sell firefighter items on ebay. You might want to check there. Just do a search on ebay for firefighter weddings at

Anyways. I want to make firefighter invitations to sell for people like you, because they can't be found or at least at a good price.

I own a floral/bridal shop. I can order the quality blank invitations, but have not had the time to make the graphic designs for the invitations. Perhaps I will very soon????

On ebay, I have firefighter cake knive sets, cake toppers, pillows, baskets, money bags, handkerchiefs, guest books & pens, garters, ect... All I need is the invitations. Plans are in the works. I am also thinking about making firefighter candy wrappers, but I don't know. We'll see.

If you need something you can check out ebay.

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April 9, 20060 found this helpful

i found really cute ff/police invites at my fiancee is a ff and i'm a police officer. this site has awesome theme wedding stuff. check it out.

stay safe

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September 15, 20060 found this helpful

I am trying to find a website that will let me design my invitations myself but I haven't been able to find one and our wedding is next year and I want to get the invitations ready before hand. We haven't picked out a theme yet so I want to design my own without spending money so we can save our money.

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February 15, 20080 found this helpful

I am looking to find a firefighter wedding invitations with nick and tawonna on them could you help me please? Thanks

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April 21, 20080 found this helpful

Im looking for wedding invations that are Fire fighter ones..

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July 13, 20080 found this helpful

I found some really cute Fire Fighter themed invitations and items at

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August 19, 2009

My daughter is getting married in November 2009 and is have a firefighter themed wedding. Does anyone have any ideas for decorations? She is on a tight budget, so we will be making a lot of the decorations. I need cake, invitations, table center pieces any and all ideas. Thanks.

By kebcrouch from TX

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August 23, 20090 found this helpful
Best Answer

Perhaps you could just concentrate on the the red family and use a lot of brass things? Prepare your approximate TOTAL expense list well in advance of final decisions. Remember that the groom's family usually pay all expenses for the Honeymoon and rings. All else is traditionally the Bride's family's expense. You can change this any way you like.

Traditionally there are Biblical wedding vows, but you can write your own legally, just remember that it a vow that you will hold each other to. Talk it out first, and don't vow what you will not or cannot keep, and let each other know this. You are becoming one if saying them in a church before God. If not, you may be taking a chance as to the outcome. Marriage should be a most serious event and most definite commitment, right? That's my humble opinion.

In picking your location, think rooftops, ladders, brick building, chapels, bridges, scenic parks, museums, old church, gazebo in a town square. Try to have alternative location for shelter in case of rain. Assign duty to help you locate, decide, secure any permission/ rental.

Choose late afternoon after 7:00PM on a Friday when most are likely to be able to attend and help. Line up your pastor or Justice of Peace ahead of time, don't forget to account for the fee charged. Include all small gifts in your expenses, for children, Bridesmaid(s), Best man(men), and musician/ Pastor. Ask other fathers to usher. Allow Bridesmaids and family members to wear their own clothing, but in your favorite shade of colors for Bridesmaids/ ties for the groomsmen.(good place to cut back.) Assign duty to double check well in advance that all have fitting clothing that meets with your "approval", since it is your wedding, but if they are helping, don't be too hard on them.

Remember to consider borrowed flags, banners, and memorabilia from others collections for the guests to look at, giving full credit to them, but not too big of a display since it's about you two not a collection.

Make a few large posters of your times together, favorite date, and a couple of blown-up photos of your fiance' in his fireman's uniform in gold-colored or black frames for the walls, (later for use in own den or hallway?)

Consider red sparkling champagne punch/and plain Hawaiian punch for children in a separate area (assign teen the duty to set up,serve,and clean up), with spiced apple rings floating (make your own or assign someone duty for night before with red food coloring, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, soaked 24 hour ahead in fridge?) Rent or borrow your punch bowls, assign duties to make rings/ freeze and bring them and ice cubes below.

Old fashioned ice cubes with pitted cherries in each cube can float in punch while being served. Remember to borrow ladles, two per large punch bowl, and to have every borrowed item marked well with owner's name/phone number. Assign duty to check on this before wedding, marking any missing names.

Make ribbons to place over each guests' hearts of red/black/brass on corner or top of trimmed name tags in the Dalmatian dot-trimmed motif around the edges of each card.(If you have an artist college friend assign duty/get them started with making them- from cutting 4"x5" plain unlined white index cards with a drawn frame line on outside of each. Have the artist to use straight pins to attach to each person, or staple. Let each guest print their own names at the entry table (draped similarly to your main wedding cake table and arbor?) Assign duty to do this/ with substitute waiting if they can't. Have simple journal book for guest list, assigning duty from a teen for manning this and responsible for keeping it safe until you get it prior to Honeymoon/or reception.

Your confetti can be gold/red/black in small red toule bags and a tiny USA flag, sticking out of each. Assign duty and substitute to do these well in advance. Get your approval after first one before proceeding/ purchasing all supplies.

If you have children as a ring-bearer on tiny camp pillow with satin cover(assigned to be made), and a flower-petal girl with white woven basket/handle) assign duty to make this), who both walk ahead of you down whatever is your aisle, and then stand on either side of you both during the ceremony. IF they are related to either of you, otherwise, they are to sit down once they have given you the rings, and tossed the petal in front of you as you walk. ( or have given you the bouquet to later toss into the crowd prior to the reception afterward, if any, or prior to the leaving to the honeymoon (always a secret destination!) ), remember to take photos of the children and add them to your wedding dress shadowbox as a charming touch, along with a tiny bible if you have one and are of the faith.

Use gold Christmas lights (borrowed) beneath billows and a few yards of red toule, tied with golden and red ribbons with streamers at 16 to 18 " intervals, around the tables (Duct tape each cord to the floor prevent tripping) If you can afford it, decorate the arbor below the same way.

I'd use sparkling white table cloths(never paper) with perhaps a square ivory overlay at intervals or vice-versa, not just all ivory, or all rectangles. If you can, borrow from someone or several someones. They do not have to perfectly match because they will be on different tables, right? If you have separate tables, you can have all large rounds or squares, not overlays.

Many separate table centerpieces should be easy enough for you to find in 'centerpiece crafts' online. Focus on real flowers but only a few for each table. Perhaps the bargain Roses delivered to the wedding early and before the start?

Ask for plenty of help (with plenty of standbys) and assign each one his or her duty, getting a commitment from each to either call you should they not be able to keep it, or do whatever, ahead of time, even if they think they might not keep it or make it. Make a contingency plan in case several don't show.

Make your to do, to buy, to make, and to do early, to do at last minute, to do day before and to do day of the wedding. Remember the flowers will not keep but one day, and take up lots of fridge space.

Add sugar to their water.

Make "Kabobs" from 1/2 inch slices of diagonal cut boiled, then grilled to brown, Kielbasa sausage, AND cherry tomatoes, and a thick slice of canned or fresh pineapple. Make mini-croissants with a tray of various cheeses in 1/4" x 1" chunks. and 1/2 pieces of 1/4" cucumber slices, along with 4" celery sticks and thin-cut peeled carrot sticks.

Make another tray of two colors of chocolate-dipped strawberries on toothpicks, and a lot of German Chocolate Cup; cakes with creamed icing sprinkled with red sprinkles and dots, another group of Marbleized cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles.

Focus on large strong plain paper plates, large plain paper napkins, planning 1 1/2 serving for each person with a large tray of pimento/cheese and egg-salad sandwiches for "seconds" kept covered in another back room , along with plenty of coffee /iced tea in large Urns borrowed from someone's church and, with real cream, and real sugar.

Cut back on large floral arrangements, engravings, monogramming, and expensive meats. Ask a church for recipes for groups as an alternative.

Simple Non-Fat Sour Cream for veggie sticks in a lovely container (never serve in original one!) with Paul Newman's Pineapple Salsa type recipe mixed in, in a large clear container, never original container.

Use heavy duty gold, red or white plastic utensils and clear heavy duty medium sized cups, along with borrowed ceramic coffee cups/saucers.Assign someone to go around to offer to fill empties and/or return cups/saucers to owners

once cleaned. This needs to be a younger responsible elder woman, the most experienced of taking care of things. Remind each one from whom your borrow that you will do your best to take care of them, but you cannot replace anything that gets broken by guests. Alternative is to get strong decorated paper/Styrofoam cups. (These hints usually are the best to keep things to a minimum cost without appearing to be too cheap.)

Avoid candelabras wherever possible for safety's sake. Perhaps you could rent a white arched arbor or make your own from four white painted wooden straight ladders, to have at the entrance, weaving red and gold ribbons through out for streamers? {perhaps you can borrow a couple of tall baker's racks for some of the drink servings and add gold/red/ white Christmas lights or rope around them? Assign duty to make this the day before the wedding to be reassembled on the morning of the wedding.

[I would strongly encourage you to avoid a stuffed animal motif and other things usually found at children's parties.)

If some other fireman's wife has some ceramic Dalmations or large black shiny ceramic boots by the arbor described below, you might add that to the food table as a focal point?

If you have a very creative and talented cake making

and decorating friend, inquire as to whether she/he

could make a huge (two foot tall or realistic sized) white Marzipon (trimmed in brass? 'Water-Hydrant' Wedding Cake with your best photo together in the largest 'connection' hole? remember to add ribbons to the large cake cutting knife, and consider if you can afford it, adding tiny red rose buds all around the base and around the photo, to be removed only as you cut to them when serving the cake.

You'll have to choose the best of your music taste and borrow the equipment, assigning duty to the owner to run the music for the Wedding, keeping it going/ smooth, just as you pre-plan and approve. (If a reception, the equipment needs to be there as well, or choose someone else for their equipment and help with music/ dancing, etc. in reception area- an assigned duty as well as responsibility for protecting it. Have an alternate plan if these two people are not reliable, such as older adults. Borrow music wherever possible, assign duty to choose best for your approval.

have two of the best of your photographer friends to take all of your photos for cheap! (Here's another place you can cut back, because as much as you love your wedding, no one will love it as much as you, so don't go overboard for photo pkgs. for everyone, just the basics for closest family and friends in simple frames or cards. Plan on framing your wedding dress (unless rented) in a DIY extra large shadow-box frame later for your wall!)

Remember that Wedding invitations don't have to be splashy unless you have big bucks and a big wedding. Sleek, simple and classic are best choices, more appreciated.

Remember to also assign someone duty to do something classy to the Honeymoon car, like 2 foot ribbon streamers from the antenna, door-knobs, ( avoid the shoe-polish writings all over the windows. The public will get the idea from the streamers! No tin cans tied on back. No garters, and no superstitions, right? ) God bless and help you. : )

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August 23, 20090 found this helpful

I teach and use a community helpers theme annually. Try your local dollar stores (Dollar Tree is the best) and school supply stores. You can find fireman hats, die cuts, posters, etc. Also you could go online for patterns and ideas--try looking under preschool fireman theme ideas. And I recently saw some cute fire hydrants in the pet section! :) Hope your wedding is wonderful. You should post some pics! Linda B.

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August 23, 20090 found this helpful

Dalmation (stuffed animal) dogs somewhere? Wedding cake could have spots on the icing or chocolate chips in it.

Scour the thrift store (or freecycle) for fire engine trucks as centerpieces. If you don't have enough for each table just use them on the main table.

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August 29, 20090 found this helpful

The fireman hats would be cute upside down for centerpieces filled with candy/mints or flowers? Some little plastic fire hydrants too. Have fun.

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