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H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

Anyone use the H2O mop?

By Colleen from Dayton, OH


H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

I almost purchased it a store, but noticed that the terry cloth pad cover on the bottom was wrinkling up because of the poor fit. Having experienced something like this years ago with a dry mop, I decided against it. The dry mop's terry pad would bunch up in 2 or 3 places and develop horizontal stripes of dirt while the rest of the terry pad would remain much cleaner. So it wasn't cleaning very effectively. (11/19/2008)


By cookwie

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

Love it, love it, love it. I had no problem with the terry cloth covers. The toggle tighteners work very well. It was superior in removing dried paint splatters off a hardwood floor. It did a very good job steaming out cat throw up stains off my carpet (plus I knew it was completely sanitized and smell free). It gets into the nooks and crannys around the sink and toilet with great ease. And the washable terry cloth covers are good and tough. I would highly recommend this product. (11/19/2008)

By hedera

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

Just an addition to some comments. My H2O cord is very long. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and most certainly not a product you would have to stoop over to use. The on and off switch is large and on the underside of the handle. It takes approximately 27 seconds from plugging it in to using it, full steam ahead.

I can clean well over 350 sq. feet of ceramic, laminate, and vinyl flooring, and still have water in the reservoir. I am not sure how anyone would use it to clean a shower? Good Luck. (11/19/2008)

By hedera

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

I bought one from eBay. I like how you use about a cup to 2 cups of water instead of a bucket of water, but it does not dry straight away like the advert, that's false advertising. Plus when they do a test with wiping a paper towel over the floor after mopping with an ordinary mop, the paper towel was dirty. Then they do the same test using the steam mop, and the paper towel came out clean. This is false advertising too, because I tried it and the paper towel was dirty with both mops. Mine came with 2 micro cloths and they both have 2 holes in them. (11/24/2008)

By jas69

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

Well, I'm pleased with the H2O mop. I do my house (1300 sq ft ) in 15 mins, including going over with a dry cloth. But the untold story is the unique use I found for it. It kills the weeds in my garden. I took off the micro fiber pad and just steamed the patch of weeds. Next day they all were dead. (11/29/2008)


By Shira M

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

Just thought I would put in my two cents on the H2O Mop. I ordered it three weeks ago and received it within one week after being told it would take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. I was anxious to try it, and as of today, I have used it 4 times. All it does is throw the water around on my floor. I've followed the directions precisely, and really don't see any difference in my floors (they are all tile) than when I used a mop and bucket of water!

Today after trying yet another time I decided I was going to send it back, after all they do have the 30 day money back guarantee. First, when I told them I wanted an RA number to send it back, I was asked if I would like a 20% discount to keep it. I said no. I was then given the number and instructions that I would have to send it through a trackable venue (FedEx or UPS), and pay the shipping myself. Now there is another issue. I purchased this mop by the TV infomercial. They stated shipping was $14.95. I was told shipping was $14.95 when I called to order it. I broke my payments into 3 $33 payments. My first payment was approximately $47.

When I got the bill with the mop it states shipping is $34.78! When I questioned it, I was told the $14.95 was shipping for the hand held steam cleaner that I got as a "free gift". (By the's a piece of junk that doesn't work worth a darn either). And the shipping on the mop itself was $19.95. Now that is NOT what I was told, nor what the TV commercial said! False advertising?

In addition, you do not get your shipping back. You only get the cost of the mop returned. At any rate, since it will cost me approximately $45 to ship the darn thing back, I've decided to hold onto it, pay the balance and decorate it with Christmas ornaments and set it in my front window! Lol!

Seriously though, I read through some of the "testimonials" on their website, and thought I'd try the vinegar and water solution. It actually made the mop work a little better! Still not anything like they show on TV, but it did get some of the dirt off my tiles. It did not take the stain out of my carpet however. And as for drying at the same time....nada. I still have to wait a half hour for my floors to dry after I use it.

So, just my opinion of the thing. Certainly not worth the $99 they ask for it. So just make sure before you purchase that you know all the details. Especially if you decide not to keep it. The company doesn't even have an 800 number to call. So on top of shipping you pay for a long distance call to Reno, NV as well!

Happy Mopping! Laney (11/29/2008)

By Laney47

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

I actually really like it. We ordered ours off the TV. My husband wanted it and I thought he was crazy. I don't know that it can magically remove stains from carpets or anything, but it works better than any mop and bucket I've ever tried. It doesn't dry instantly, but come on now it dries pretty darn quick. Most of all I like that I don't have that Swiffer sticky stuff on my floor that I had after using my Swiffer wet jet. It's a good product. (12/01/2008)

By Mom of 2

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

I love it! As the mom of two little ones and 1800 square feet of tile and laminate wood floors downstairs, I hated to mop and every cleaning product I tried left residue on my laminate. I am not one to buy infomercial products, fortunately, my friend purchased the H2O mop! I borrowed it once and ordered my own! It doesn't leave any residue, dries VERY quickly and I am able to clean a large area easily and quickly. The only part I have to scrub separately once in a while is the grout. I have not tried it on my carpet yet.

*I also tried the "Shark" steam mop. I returned it! It left water and streaks and smears everywhere and you have to constantly pump water into the chamber pushing the handle up and down. Much more work than the H2O. Also, the cleaning pad didn't come clean at all! (01/04/2009)


By Jenn

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

I hate the H2O mop. It does not work as advertised on the infomercial. It leaves my floor soaking wet, doesn't get into the corner at all, is heavy to push and seems to push hair and tiny pieces of dirt all around the floor-even when you sweep very well, it does not dissolve dirt like on TV. The cloth doesn't fit the mop and the attachment for carpet is a joke, it just leaves the carpet sopping wet.

It is much easier to use a mop and bucket. I went on vacation and didn't return this mop in time, so I'm stuck with it. I would like to try the other steam mops like the Shark. Save your money and don't purchase this. (01/04/2009)

By Jackie Ohio

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

I just bought this on TV and used it for the 1st time this weekend and I thought it was awesome! I did try it on a stain in the carpet and didn't have any luck removing it, but as far as the floors are concerned, I thought it worked great! (01/12/2009)

By Sandy

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

I ordered an H2O Flo steam mop from Luxentia company, and you would not believe how good it works on floors of any kind. (01/16/2009)

By JJ.

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

Love this! To keep your floors from becoming too wet, replace the terry cloth with a new one after using it for 10-15 minutes. That will help to make it dry quicker. Will also make your floor extra sanitary! This is my favorite cleaning tool. My house is loaded with wood floors and marble. This is the way to go. Conserve water/no chemicals! Woo hoo! (01/29/2009)

By Renee

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

My mother bought me this mop from Bed, Bath and Beyond and it works okay. The floor looks clean enough, but when you do the paper towel test, it still picks up dirt you can't see with the naked eye. So I don't see how the mop can get those germs (like they show on the commercial) by the toilet. I hesitate to say it's really clean. I also have a problem with the statement that there is "no smell".

I beg to differ. From the moment I turned it on the first time with the brand new pad (clean unused). The steam coming out and the floor afterward (actually the whole room) smelled like a smelly sweat sock or a locker room after all the athletes have come in from playing for hours. It just has a very unpleasant smell. And as I said this is from the start.

The water from my faucet is not the problem. No smell there. It has to be the machine or the pads. Also it is very tough to move around the floor for a while. They make it look like it floats over the floor. I haven't tried any carpet cleaning with it yet. It gets the spilled stuff off the floor and makes it look somewhat clean.

I am tempted to get one of those special black lights that shows the bacteria to see if that is also a false advertisement because if the smell is that bad, I can't see how it can be actually leaving my floor clean. (02/20/2009)

By Terri

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

H20 mop is junk, used ours a little over a year. It quit producing steam, called customer service, after almost 3 weeks received new body for 54.00 dollars, plugged it in produced steam for about 10-20- seconds then it quit working. Called customer service if that is what you call it, and after 20 mins on the phone I was told I should receive my parts in about 4-weeks. I told them to keep their parts. I would buy a new one at Target or elsewhere, also another brand. (02/23/2009)

By Francis G.

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

I've used the H2O mop for approx 10 months and loved it. Used on all my wood floors, left no streaks, and it didn't smear any dirt. Am surprised at some of the negative comments. I've never had any odors emitted from steam, water, or the machine. Although I do vacuum the surfaces to rid of pet hair and surface dust and crumbs prior to mopping. Only drawback - cord too short; upon unplugging to move into another plug, mop tipped over and the head connection cracked (plastic) and came apart from the handle portion. We are awaiting the replacement head and have been told it will be covered under the 1 yr warranty. Time will tell if H20 mop will make good on their warranty. (02/24/2009)

By denise

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

The H2O mop is an expensive piece of junk. I have used this thing for almost a year and it constantly leaves puddles of water if you leave the steam on. The only way it works is to turn the steam off every few seconds, or your floors (especially wood floors) have water streaks and take forever to dry unless you go back over it with a dry towel. Then, the handle broke off and I thought it was covered by warranty, but I had to pay as much to have the "free" replacement part shipped as the part was worth. I would not recommend this thing to anyone. It is a great idea and could work great but obviously it has issues. I am going to try the "Shark" mop which I heard from reviews works better and does not leave so much water behind. Hopefully the warranty is better too. (06/08/2009)

By cmott

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

They don't tell you your floors need to be sealed or you'll damage the floor. It looks very cheap. I was suppose to get a $50 Walmart card for trying out their discount service and it never came. We returned it per their paperwork for a full refund and they continued to charge our credit card for the full payment. Their option to check on status of returns goes dead when I called it. Of course their line for new orders is answered promptly and they tell you to fax your tracking number to them to investigate what happened. It's unfortunate these infomercials are even allowed on TV. (08/29/2009)

By ajame13

H2O Mop Reviews (As Seen on TV)

I actually think it works pretty good on hard floor surfaces, removing sticky and stubborn spots; however, I bought one for my carpet to have for quick clean up of small spills. It does not work that great on carpet. I happened to have some professional strength cleaner that I bought when Sears came and cleaned my carpets and along with the mop it looks pretty good, but water alone will not clean carpet. (09/30/2009)

By choppershopper

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