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Halloween Party Games

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Games can be an important part of a successful Halloween party. This is a page about Halloween party games.


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Halloween fun for kids of all ages! Several years ago I collected about 25 simple, "easy-to-understand" Halloween riddles (available in joke books, online, etc.). I read 5 of them to my kiddos after dinner each Saturday during October. The first one to get the answer correct, got 5 "pumpkin" bucks. (Orange cardstock punched in pumpkin shapes with a "5" printed on each.) I added riddles to my list each year, and now have about 60 of them!

Right before Halloween, I get some really cool items and hold an "auction". The kids use their pumpkin bucks to make bids!

I've kept the sheets from the previous years to show which child got which riddles correct - it's so funny to see the progress of each, and it's really funny to see their excitement, especially when they think they KNOW the answers for sure, but come up with totally off-beat responses!

By Caseye from Plano, TX

Editor's Note: Do you have any easy Halloween riddles? Post them here!

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October 27, 2011

Pass The Bone Please: Two teams pass skeleton bones over under and around to the next player.

Body Bones: Two teams spread a bag of mixed skeleton bones on a table and make a body. Some bags have extra parts, 2 heads, etc. One team made the 3 Stooges.


Wrap The Mummy: Two teams, each picks a mummy and using toilet paper wraps the mummy.

Halloween Bingo: Go online to get free cards and use spiders and halloween erasers to mark cards.

By gonzales from Texas

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October 4, 2004

Guests sit in a circle on floor, lights are out except for the flashlight that the narrator reads by. Have each item to be passed around in a separate bowl. Guest will pick up the item, put it back in the bowl, then pass to the next person. While guests pass an item, narrator hold the flashlight underneath her chin to give her face scary look and says:

"Poor Joe! He should have stayed home on that Halloween night. But out he went in the dark, dark night. A goblin was watching Joe walk 'cross the land. He swooped down beside him and snatched off his hand. Poor Joe!" (Narrator passes cold stuffed glove to person next to her. (I fill a rubber glove with water and freeze it). It continues being passed around until it returns to the narrator. Narrator sets bowl down and continues story.)


"He shivered and shook and grew oh, so cold. He fell when he ran, 'cause he'd lost all his toes. Poor Joe!" (Narrator passes 10 small pieces of peeled carrots of different sizes.)

"A black cat crossed his path, giving Joe such a scare. He threw back his head and off came his hair. Poor Joe!" (Narrator passes around a wig.)

"Hobbling along, one hand on a cane, Joe tried hard to think, but oops!  no more brain. Poor Joe!" (Narrator passes around cold, cooked spaghetti.) ( I mold it in a small round dish so it sticks together.)

"Oh, oh, I can't think, but at least I can hear, if witches and goblins should now reappear. So Joe kept going laden with fear. But he shook as he walked, and off fell his ears! Poor Joe!" (Narrator passes around two dried apricot halves.)

"And there in the distance his house he could spy, but just for a secondfor out popped his eyes. Poor Joe!" (Narrator passes around two peeled grapes.)

"And he yelled and he screamed, and he screamed and he yelled, hoping that someone would be there to tell. So he took a deep breath, his patience was wrung, but no sound he uttered for out fell his tongue! Poor Joe!" (Narrator passes around a piece of liver.) (I use a Tupperware popsicle mold and pour in very stiff gelatin so that the set tongue is very solid.)

"Oh, what a shame! What a pity! What a fright! That Joe ventured out on that Halloween night. He lay there alonenothing left, not a part. And all you could hear was the beat of his heart. THUMP! Thump! Thump!" (Narrator turns off flashlight and slowly repeats the word 'thump' several times.

By Sue R.

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I am responsible for our Church Halloween party for children up to age 18 and I need ideas for games etc. We already have the food and snacks that we need. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

missbabygrlblue from Columbus, IN


October 17, 20080 found this helpful
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Have a "swamp" set up with a person behind and inside the decoration. Make "fishing poles" out of twigs and string, with a big plastic "S" shower curtain hook on the end.


When the drop their "line", someone in the back hooks on a spider, skeleton, witch, or any one of the cool things you can get at the local dollar store.

I used to help out with my daughters Fall Carnival, and we let kids guess how many "eyeballs" there were in a jar (make of ping pong balls with magic marker to help make them real) and with slightly tinted red water inside. That was fun.

You could make a "wheel of misfortune" that the kids could spin. Set the outside for the older, going inward to the little ones. For the older, movie coupons, gift cards or coupons for rides to the mall. For the middle, something age appropriate like coloring books and crayons, picture books. For the little ones, who doesn't love teddies! You can get them new at the dollar stores, or used for as little as .50 at the thrift shops.

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October 21, 2008

I really need some advice for a Halloween party. My Mom is throwing one for a bunch of mentally handicapped adults. She asked me for some ideas for games they could play. Unfortunately, all that I'm able to find are games for children. Not sure that these games are appropriate for the type of people that will be attending the party. If any of you have any ideas to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Elsee from Lakeside, OR


October 21, 20080 found this helpful

How about Bingo or she could make a bean bag toss game where you use sidewalk chalk to make colored squares on the ground & each color is a different prize. You could use poster board & markers if the chalk doesn't sound good. I also think everyone loves the go fishing game where someone is standing behind a curtain & the fisherman throws his/her line over the curtain. When there is a jerk on the line they pull it back over & there is a prize bag attached to the clothes pin. Whatever ya'll do it will be fun. Happy Halloween!

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October 21, 20080 found this helpful

I think the dressup game that is described in this newsletter above would be a good one.

A fun game that I have played with kids, but that I think other ages might enjoy is non-elimination musical chairs. You set up the chairs, circle around. Everyone sits when the music stops -- but everyone has to sit down -- no one is eliminated. As you gradually remove the chairs, people have to sit on each other's laps. It made for a hilarious time as the kids sat on each other's knees, balancing, and yelling things like "here -- sit here -- on my knee{" and trying not to topple over. We worked up to about 10 kids per chair. I am sure this would be a goofy game for teens,too, so I don't see why anyone wouldn't have a fun time with it.

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October 21, 20080 found this helpful

Another thought. How about pumpkin carving or pumpkin decorating? Could be done individually or in pairs. You could give prizes for the funniest, scariest, etc. If you didn't want to get involved with the messiness of carving, you could paint them with craft paints, and maybe have something like yarn or raffia to be glued on for hair.

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October 21, 20080 found this helpful

Clothes Pin in the jar; velcro ball to a target on the floor or wall; remember agility could be a problem to consider. Musical chairs in a bigger group circle--allow room for walkers, braces, assistants helping; singing simple children's songs that were the norm for us growing up in the 50s. My little grandchildren love that group of music. Make do with make-shift instruments such as kettles, cooking spoons, egg cartons (tapping on) marbles rolling in a pie pan, etc.
Games such as bobbing for apples, etc could be a scare/torture thing to AVOID. Even the macabe oiled spaghetti, peeled eyeballs, NOT good. I like the bingo using LARGE cards like at retirement homes, toss across games.
My special needs brother could keep up with the rest of us, so we seldom revamped games, except to slow down a bit.

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October 22, 20080 found this helpful

Wow, great ideas guys, thanks and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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October 25, 20080 found this helpful

#1. She could have a clear jar or bowl of different colored M&M's candies (having already counted the number of each color), have a contest to see if they can guess which color you have the most of.

#2. Make a pretend bowling alley, could use decorated 2 liter Pepsi bottles, and roll a ball into them. Knocking down pins makes everyone a winner, whether they get a prize or not, a sense of accomplishment & praise.

Best of luck on your Halloween party!! Sounds like fun.

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By Angel (Guest Post)
October 25, 20080 found this helpful

Quite likely, the games for children, such a musical chairs etc would be fun. Races, like diapering a doll the fastest, or team games where there is no loser, if you can think of one. Balloon dodgeball could be fun. You might just keep in mind that depending on a person's personality, they may not want to participate in some games. You can encourage it, but refrain from forcing. Some people are more comfortable just watching the play. They can be asked for every game, in case there is one they want to do as they get more comfortable.
My daughter is significantly delayed in her development, but loves to feel that she is part of the play that is happening. She will stand and watch and laugh at the goings on.

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October 18, 2009

My daughter (10) is having a Halloween party this year, but she doesn't want the games to be bad. It's a sleepover and I don't know what to do. Help, please.

By Gemma from Adelaide, SA


October 3, 20050 found this helpful

I'm throwing a Halloween party and I have everything but need ideas for games. I know you can play a game like hide and go seek but I want something different, exciting and something I've never done before!

Thank you,
Jenna Catcott

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October 18, 20090 found this helpful

What about an indoor scavenger hunt, divide the girls up into 2 or 3 groups depending on how many guests you have now give them a different list of things to collect from and give them plastic jack a lanterns to collect them in.

You could give each 1 a spider ring and they will lose it to the person who catches them scratching their nose and the 1 with the most spiders gets a special prize.

Dont let the children know ahead of time asked the parents of the guest to give you a photo of their child when they were very young in a Halloween costume and mount them on a board and the 1 who gets the most correct gets a prize.

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October 22, 20090 found this helpful

I don't know if you are familiar with American tunes but here are some Halloween songs.

I Wish I Was an Orange Jack-O-Lantern
(To the tune of "Oscar Meyer Wiener" jingle)

I wish I were an orange Jack-o-lantern,
That is what I'd really like to be.
For if I were an orange Jack-o-lantern
Then all the kids would point and look at me.

I just became an orange Jack-o-lantern
And now I am as happy as can be.
'Cause now I am an orange Jack-o-lantern,
Everyone looks and laughs at me.

I hate being an orange Jack-o-lantern,
Oh, why'd I ever want a thing like this.
'Cause now I'm not an orange Jack-o-lantern,
I'm just an orange smashed-up mess!

On the Front Porch
(To the tune of "Deck The Halls")

On the front porch there's goblins and ghosts,
Fa la la la la, la la la la

Demanding treats from their hosts,
Fa la la la la, la la la la

Costumed in their scary masks,
Fa la la la la, la la la la

With their goodie bags they ask,
Fa la la la la, la la la la

Pumpkin Bells
(To the tune of "Jingle Bells")

Dashing through the streets
In our costumes bright and gay
To each house we go
Laughing all the way

Halloween is here,
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to trick-or-treat
And sing pumpkin carols tonight!

Oh Pumpkin bells, Pumpkin bells
Ringing loud and clear
Oh what fun great pumpkin brings
When Halloween is here.

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July 24, 2017

Make this cute recycled soda bottle bowling game for a Halloween party or just for the kids to play and have fun. Paint the bottles to make a ghouls, bats, spiders, Dracula, or ghosts. This is a page about Halloween plastic bottle bowling game.

Halloween Bowling Game

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November 30, 2016

This is a page about spider web game. This easy to set up Halloween kids' party game can have the rules tailored for different age groups.

Spider Web Game

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September 20, 2017

Have some spooky fun at your church this Halloween. These game ideas for a church Halloween party are sure to be a hit.

Three kids wearing cute costumes.

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February 15, 2017

This is a page about classic horror movie trivia game. Plan a Halloween party that will keep everyone entertained with fun games.

A creepy old abandoned house.

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October 18, 2009

I'm having a 13th birthday party with boys and girls. It's going to be a Halloween party theme in my front yard and its going to be a costume party. I have no ideas what games to play.

Don't Worry Bout It from Memphis


Halloween Party Games

You can tape off an area of the floor and toss gummy worms, plastic spiders, little pumpkins, gummy bears or other small items on the floor and have them hop on one foot and not step on any. Keep adding more as they finish and start a new line. Change up and have them do it backwards, sideways, etc. They all line up and want to do it over and over again. (10/11/2006)

By slc/ms

Halloween Party Games

Well I remember when I was a teenager that one of the games we played was choosing a folded piece of paper out of a plastic pumpkin that gave directions to finding another piece of paper with some silly thing we'd have to do. (ex.) drink a cup of apple cider with using your hands. (10/12/2006)


Halloween Party Games

I think that you should do the bobbing for apples. It is an old game, but it is really fun. (10/27/2006)

By Sharon

Halloween Party Games

"bobbing for marshmallows"

Fill a big bowl with flour and then stick 4-6 marshmallows in [depending on how big the bowl is]. Then people stick their faces in and bob for the marshmallows.
It's hard and really fun, but messy.
Play it outside just so your house doesn't get too messy. (10/07/2007)

By Camisado

Halloween Party Games

Something I used to do around 6th grade was a donut eating contest. You tie a donut to a string and put your hands behind your back and try to eat it. It's really fun and the kids have a blast. (10/20/2007)

By Alicia

Halloween Party Games

I also liked to do a hula-hoop contest with a little twist. You would put different kinds of gummies on the floor and then give the kids a hula-hoop and then they would have to hula-hoop while they are trying to not hit the candy creatures. (10/30/2007)

By Kati

Halloween Party Games

I think a great idea is a scavenger hunt outdoors. You could make two teams and have each time look for an item on the list. You could have ten items on the list and each team goes around looking for the hidden items. Hope this info helped. (10/01/2008)

By Mlfred

Halloween Party Games

I run a youth club, and tonight is our Halloween party. Another game is bobbing for creepy crawlies, use jelly baff stuff added to kids baths to make it gooey, put jelly baff or normal jelly mushed in big bowl and add jelly spiders worms and so on, then the kids have to get the jellies out. They absolutely love this game, but very messy. (10/24/2008)

By shinbin

Halloween Party Games

I usually have a Halloween Party and have to think up games for adults. One year we all put our names in a hat and drew out for two teams (size of team does not matter) and each team had to get on a broom and they raced up a hill, around the house, and back to the beginning. If someone fell off they had to start again. Needless to say, neither team made it all the way up the hill without losing someone, but they laughed and had a lot of fun doing it.

Another year I nailed a 2x4 (approx. 18 inches long) to a 4' ladder and pounded a nail on the end of the 2x4. Each person got an apple with a string tied to the stem which they had to tie around their waist and then swing the apple up to stick on the nail. We have some very funny pictures of their "hip swinging" antics. (10/25/2008)

By Jan

Halloween Party Games

(sent in by email)
I think to add a bit more fun to Halloween you could play mummify. Mummify was created by me and what you have to do is have two teams and wrap one team member (from each team) up in toilet roll and then unroll them again and whichever team loses gets a cold mixture of mushy peas, diced carrots, custard and cold spaghetti chucked at them by the winning team.


Editor's Note: Although the mummy part sounds fun, it's a cold time of year for the food throw. You might think of something better for the losing team. (10/26/2008)

By ThriftyFun

Halloween Party Games

I think that the game where you fill a box with packing peanuts or ripped up tissue paper and hide prizes inside is kind of fun. Candy is usually best for older grades. They think prizes are cheesy. (10/30/2008)

By Halloween dude

Halloween Party Games

I've been having my kiddos guess the answers to Halloween riddles for several years (during or right after dinner), but this year I added something new: for each correct answer, I gave the child who guessed it one "pumpkin buck" (a printed sheet with a pumpkin on it and the words "ONE PUMPKIN BUCK"). During our last Halloween-themed dinner this week, I conducted an auction for them. I held up one item at a time, and each child could bid on that item or wait in the hope something better was still in my bag. I had 12 items ranging from packs of gum, individual candy bars, to a small game and and a DVD. They loved this and begged me to do it again next year. (By the way, I collected almost 60 riddles.) Great fun. (10/31/2008)

By Casey

Halloween Party Games

If your kids don't like school very much, do pin the tail on the principal. If the party is outside then tape a picture of your principal on a tree then try putting the tail on her/him. Another game is bobbing for apples, or guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. But, you have to remember this: add prizes to it, kids won't want to play the games if there are not any prizes. One last thing you can do: you give the kids a raffle ticket, and then at almost the end of the party pick three raffles out. The first one you call will get a small prize, then the second will get a bigger prize, then the last one you call will get a huge prize. (09/07/2009)

By stephanie conlin

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October 6, 2006
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