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National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

I joined a health coverage company called National Benefits Advisory Association today.

Is this a good choice? Do they pay the bills? Are they a company I can depend on? I am a


single woman and am concerned with whether I made the right choice.

Barbara from Kingwood, TX


By Jerry

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

This company called me several times with their $99 offer. I did a lot of research on

them and most of the things I read were not good. There are several complaints filed

with the Better Business Bureau and I have not seen anything good. They are not a member

of the Better Business Bureau, but you can still look them up. From everything I have

read you may as well forget about the enrollment fee you paid because they do not have a

good track record of refunding money. My suggestion to you is that anytime someone calls

you trying to sell you something, especially something like health coverage, you

research them. Get their web site, address, phone number, and any other information they

will provide. Tell them that you will do some research on them and call back if you are

interested. Look the company up on the Better Business Bureau web site. Also Google the company, you will be surprised what you can find by

Googling. I hope things work out for you. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it

probably is. (08/27/2007)

By K. McClellan

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

To add to my previous posting you may want to file a complaint with the BBB. You can do

this at their website You can also file a complaint with the

Attorney General of the State of Texas. This company is out of Fort Worth and most of

their information is listed on the BBB website when you search them under NBAA. Filing a

complaint with the Attorney General will let them know that there's is a company that is

doing business that is not honest, but will not personally get you anything. After the


Attorney General receives a certain number of complaints they will investigate them and

they could be shut down, fined, or possibly have a class action law suit filed against

them. This may help you a some point, but will also help protect others in the future

and keep them from taking other peoples money. (08/27/2007)

By K. McClellan

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

Always check with the Better Business Bureau before giving personal financial

information (checking or credit card info) to any discount health plan. Also contact

your state insurance department to find out if the company that you are thinking of

doing business with is licensed or not.

Have you ever looked at their web sites and wondered where they are or why they don't

list a physical address? If all they have as a contact point is an 800 number, do not do

business with them. Some of these companies change their 800 numbers more often than

some people change their underwear.

These companies like to use insurance buzz words, but you don't find out that "they

pay nothing" until you read the fine print on the paperwork they may or may not send

Its always best to do business with a local company that has passed muster with your

State insurance department. If you live in New York state, why would you want to do

business with a company in Florida or Texas? Some states that require licensure or

registration are Illinois, Florida, South Dakota, Montana, and Nevada. Their may be

more, so give your State Insurance Department a call first.
Be a savvy shopper and don't give your hard earned money to the the first telephone

solicitor who tries to sweet talk his way into your pocketbook. (09/19/2007)

By Steve

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

I received a call from them too, and fell for their line on health care. I called them

back right away and tried to cancel and they said they would call me back. They did but

would not give me a cancellation # for my Discover card told me they already billed it

to my card, and then they hung up on me. I canceled my discover card right after that.

Nothing was billed on my card. They lied. (02/18/2008)

By Cindy

National Benefit Advisory Association Reviews

National Benefit Advisory Association is a discount medical plan organization with

appropriate licenses as required. It offers discount medical plans and limited benefit

hospital insurance plans. All of the required disclosures and disclaimers are posted on

the website at and in the membership guides. It appears that the

negative comments posted on this website are not factual, based on ignorance and/or

subject to libel. (05/13/2008)

By Bob

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

Wow! I'm shocked from all this. I am an employee with the NBAA, and it seems that you

all think that the company is bogus. I know there are several offices, but I've never

had any problems with my customers. I have noticed, that a lot of what is being said

here is very fictitious, and I can say that, because I do work there. But, I can also

say, that I'm very sorry if you did have a bad experience with some people that work

there. We are pressured very hard to get applications passed through, so, yes, I can

definitely see where you would be a little turned off by someone that, themselves, are

being pressured. All in all though, I truly believe that the company I work for is here

to help people, though, it seems all some people care to do is complain about it.

First off, if you have a problem, then get to the bottom of the problem. If someone

hangs up on you when you are trying to get a refund, then you call them back. You don't

sit there crying because you got hung up on. Second of all, the underwriters are

TransAmerica, so even if you couldn't get a hold of the NBAA people, you could always


get a hold of them. Try doing some background work before bashing what you "think" is

going on. (07/21/2008)

By Eliza

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

My name's Tammy and after signing myself and my two daughters up with NBAA it has

helped us tremendously. Compared to all the other bulletins I gave a credit card not a

bank draft. The girl that I talked to has very nice checked my doctors, my medications

and thoroughly went through everything with me. I am very happy with NBAA. (09/29/2008)

By Tammy

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

I just talked with some one from NBCoverage, name is a bit different, but the same

numbers and address. Well, there is no way they can offer this after shopping around

with many other companies. I asked them directly if it was a discount program and he

said "NO, this is full coverage insurance". There simply is no way they can do this.

It is obvious from the post that canceling is the problem. I don't think this is worth

the risk when they beg for your CC# before anything else. (11/19/2008)

By Nina

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

I know that I'm just another negative poster on here, but I thought that I should relay

my story.
I signed up with NBAA in August because I needed health insurance. They told me that

they were an insurance company and they had a great discount plan. I soon found out

that their pharmacy discount plan is a joke, they give you the discount on "approved"

medicines, but if your medicine is not on the "approved" (see "Cheaper") list then you

wind up paying full price for it. No one told me this when I signed up and I did ask.

I was told that all brand name medications were covered. This was the reason that I

signed up with the company. When I asked a customer service representative what I was

supposed to do about the fact that apparently very few of my medicines were on the

"approved" list, she told me to "Change my meds." Not only that I found out that they

were not a health insurance company, as they claimed, but were a health discount company

that offered life insurance.

Another problem with this company is that when I signed up for the life insurance

part of it, I named my younger brother as my beneficiary. They signed him up for a

policy too and took both premiums out of my account.
I have now canceled my policy with them and they are still taking money out of my

On a slightly positive note, when I called the company I found out that the woman who

had sold me the policy was no longer working for the company. I called her directly and

she said that she left because she did not trust the company anymore. I think it really

says something about a company when even its own employees don't trust it. (12/02/2008)

By Anna

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

I did get my $189 back.

You can contact your state's insurance commission and report them.

Save the link to this website and any others that have complaints as ammo for your case

against them.

They are based in Texas so start with complaints to Texas Department of Licensing and


Note to Texas Consumers. Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and

Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711; telephone 1-800-803-9202 or (512) 463-

6599; website:

Please share your state's insurance commission link.


By Nobody

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

I have posted before. But look at the posting dated 5/13/08. It is hard to understand

insurance policies and companies that are associated by some means or the other and how

they work, but you need to have all your facts correct before you can be disgruntled

about any case whether it is insurance or web site directories. Most people on here

don't have a clue what they are talking about because they have not listened or taken

the time to understand how it works, unfortunately, or read the review past their own.

This particular plan is "not insurance", they are discount plans. There are many types

of plans, etc. Not everyone has the same one so can't compare apples to oranges, only

apples to apples. Transamerica though is an insurance company which has life insurance

policies you can purchase. NBAA is part of, but not Transamerica Insurance Company.

They (Transamerica) are the underwriter for the discount plans. You do get life

insurance under the discount plan for you as the main Insured, if you will.

Evidently the sales and marketing for this are giving out wrong info which they are not

directly associated with NBAA and I have reported this to get things right.

I get big discounts comparing to main hospitals for CT scans of about 7-$800 off and

have received $50 off each doctor's visit which is sent to you later. I have saved

roughly $1000, but there is legwork involved if you have the patience. If you follow

the procedures correctly and there is some leg work to get this because this is not

insurance where they do the filing for you to get the % off, (which is why you pay such

high costs to get these things done for you under a major medical plan) you can benefit.

You have to go to other facilities to have the tests done in order to receive the

discounts or work it out with the doctor. Some doctors are not part of this plan which

has now changed from PHCS to Galaxy network this year.

There are many types of prescription drug discounts whether it be name brand or

generic which have a different discount to each of them, 10% or 20% respectively. Not

all are discounted. Again it is a discount plan not insurance. Major medical comes at

a large price, like three times the price, so this is better than none if you can't get

any type of insurance. (01/06/2009)

By Dave

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

This company is as dishonest as they come. In Illinois they are known as scam artists. I

talked to someone in the Illinois Attorney General's office and they have had numerous

complaints. They told me to complain to my State Attorney General which I did. They are

waiting for other people to complain before they will do anything.

I finally got my whole refund back, because I canceled within 3 days, but they tried

to wiggle out of the refund time and time again. I was persistent and they finally gave

me a refund. Everyone needs to complain to their State Attorney General's office, then

maybe they won't have a chance to scam anyone else. Everything I have read on this site

is true.
Don't delay, no more people need to be hurt by this company. (01/07/2009)

By Janice

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

I think that you should look into the plan before you buy it. The hospitals and the

doctors don't go through NBAA they go through Galaxy Health Network all you have to do

is listen. If you read your booklet and packages it shows you how to get the most

discount out of the plan. The only reason you people canceled and are not satisfied is

because you are too inpatient to wait for your packets or you got scared because

insecure people thought bad about the company. Ya'll don't have anything else to do

except sit around and play on the internet all day and write about stuff that you have

no idea about! (02/11/2009)

By Jessica

National Benefits Advisory Association Reviews

They are legit, but they are not an insurance company. They are a discount medical

service. Their job is to help you get a discount on medical services if you don't have

ins. They don't pay the bills they negotiate a discount in advance of services.


By I can


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