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Name Ideas for a Handmade Lollipop Business?I need some name suggestions for a business selling lollipops.


A man holding two bags of trash.

Starting a Valet Trash Service?If you are thinking of starting up a valet trash service you will need to step up a business plan. There are several aspects of this type of service that will will require agreements with the housing complex management and the residents.


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Starting an In-Home Senior Care Business?I want to start an in home senior non-medical care service. Do I need a license?


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Staging Business Name Ideas?I'm trying to start a staging business and I am looking for a catchy name. My name is Layana Charise T.


A couple next to an "Open" sign on a business.

Choosing the Right Name for Your BusinessChoosing the best name for your small business is an important step in the process of beginning this new adventure. The right name can help with advertising, as well as, product and service recognition.


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Business Name for Bed & Breakfast With Great Food?I am from deep east Texas and have been making Southern style cooking all my life. I am of American Indian and Greek decent. I am looking for a unique name for my food. I want to own a Bed & Breakfast so I can cook different styles depending on the clients staying with me. So I need a good name!


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Daycare Business Name Ideas?What's a good in home childcare name?


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Name Ideas for a Discount General Store?What's a good name for a discount store? I will be selling school supplies, house supplies, clothing, and food.


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Food Products Business Name Ideas?Padmasri is our brand name and and we are launching a food product division like masala products like MTR's powdered spices. Please suggest a fancy name starting with our brand name, Padmasri.


Neatly stored tools on a garage wall.

Garage Wall Storage Business Name Ideas?When you have a great idea to offer organizing garage solutions, you want to chose a brand name that is catchy and easy to remember.


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Homemade Soap and Bath Salts Business Name Ideas?I was looking for some good names for a soap and bath salts business.


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Name Ideas for a String/Line Art Home Decor Business?I am starting a new business selling string or line art home decor. I'm totally stumped for a name. Any suggestions?


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Name Ideas for a Positive Parenting Business?Need help naming my Positive Parenting business, but need a good name that is not taken. The focus will be on redirecting children's behavior.


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Name for a Shop Selling Bath and Kitchen Fixtures and Accessories?I am planning to set up a shop of sanitary ware (sinks, toilet bowls, etc.), tiles, and will hopefully add modular kitchens. How do I name it?


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Catchy Line for a Teaser Advertisement for a Preschool?We are launching a new preschool - Kinder World. Its motto is - Together we nurture. We need a catchy line for a teaser ad campaign before the main launch.



A collection of eye makeup.

Name Ideas for a Beauty and Cosmetics Business?Finding the right name for your makeup business will help make it successful. This page has ideas to help you name your new business.


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Name for a Handmade Baby Accessories Shop?I create baby products like pacifier holders, bibs, and necklaces. Everything is handmade. I need to give a name to my brandso I can be easily recognisable.


A woman cleaning a countertop.

Advertising Your Cleaning Company?Writing your own ad copy will help you honestly present your available services and can save you money. This is a page about advertising your cleaning company.


Weeding Pulling
Business Name Ideas - woman in field wearing a sun hat and carrying a plastic bag

Weeding Pulling Business Name Ideas?I work with a landscaping company that does it all except weed pulling from the flower gardens. I want to expand into weed pulling in flower gardens on the side. I need an awesome name!


Name for a Repackaged Farm Produce and Homemade Yogurt Shopt - plastic bag of beans

Name for a Repackaged Farm Produce and Homemade Yogurt Shop?I am repackaging different types of first grade local farm food stuff at affordable market prices in a store for easy shopping and also making home made yogurt for sale. I'm looking for a suitable catchy name for my business please.


A furniture store with lots of furniture.

Name Ideas for a Furniture StoreYou want your name choice to be easy to remember and describe your furniture service. This is a page about name ideas for a furniture store.


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Cleaning Rate for an Empty House?I just cleaned a house and told them $250. Was that too much? It was a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, living room, dining room, office, and a wash room. It didn't have furniture, but I did clean all of the windows, swept, and mopped it. I started at 10:30 and didn't get done till 6. So was 250 a fair price?


Businessman is shopping online to choose a home property to buy about internet of thing concept, investment business background.

Name Ideas for Real Estate Virtual Assistant Business?There are many ways for real estate agents to use virtual assistants instead of hiring an assistant to come to the office. This is a page about name ideas for a real estate virtual assistant business.


A man painting a wooden board with a paintbrush.

Wooden Sign Painting Business Names?Finding the perfect name for your business that is easy to remember and explains your services, can be a challenge. This is a page about choosing wooden sign painting business names.


A pan of homemade granola.

Homemade Granola Brand Name Ideas?Granola is a healthy alternative to store-bought cereals and is popular to manufacture and sell in small batches. This page contains homemade granola brand name ideas.


A pair of gloved hands cleaning a table with a spray bottle and a rag.

Multiple Service Cleaning Business Name IdeasWhen starting your own business you want to choose a business name that will help your business grow, by being easy to remember and a good description of the services you provide. This is a page about multiple service cleaning business name ideas.


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Name Ideas for a Line of Organic Skin Care Products?I am starting my own skin care line. I need some help with the name as it is challenging coming up with something not only original, but not overused. My products are organic, natural, and have no additives or preservatives. The scents are citrus, sage, and lavender. I have a face scrub that is actually edible, so completely safe.


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Name for Fashion and Homeware Business?I know similar posts have been done before, but I really hope someone can help me. I'm starting a new fashion and homeware business and need some help with a name. The target audience will be sophisticated cosmopolitan women between 30 to 45 years of age. I am looking for a sophisticated and elegant name with some edge.


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Bereavement Doula Business Name Ideas?I am a certified bereavement doula. I need help with a business name, one especially for the death bereavement side. I help families and patients transition through the end of life process.


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Recognizing the Contributions of Volunteers?I volunteer for a non profit organization and I was named committee chair to contact people and bring volunteers to a special event that the organization was holding. I worked hard, as did the volunteers that I had recruited. The event was very successful. We received no recognition for our hard work. Should I say something?



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Montessori School Slogan Ideas?My Montessori school name is Kids' Planet. Please help with some slogans for my school.


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Name for On-line Homecooked Food Business?I'm a mother of 5. I would like help with an idea for my on-line business. I'm selling cakes, homecooked food, etc. I need a name that I can put on my calling card like The Chef Mom, a tittle, because I love everything about food. Can you help me please?


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Name Ideas for a Homemaker and Companion Service?I'm starting a homemaker and companion service. I am in need of a name.


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Name Ideas for Business Selling Products Made from Indian Textiles?I am starting my own business of selling textile home furnishing products like cushion covers, pillow covers, table linens, aprons, tote bags, quilts, bed sheets, bed runners etc. I will use different hand loom surface textile techniques of India on my products. The business will be in Delhi.


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Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I want to start a business selling jewelry at an affordable price. Please help me to name my business to include affordable or something synonymous.


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Name Ideas for an Imported Furniture Store?We are starting a new furniture store in South Africa, selling imported Bali furniture. Any cute and catchy name ideas, please?


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Finding Rental Space for a Montessori School?I am a Montessori trained teacher. I want to open a pre-school, but I have no idea as to how can I find rental space.


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Name Ideas for an After School Program?I'm looking for a short and unique name for my after school program.


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Kids' Accessories Store Name Ideas?I am starting a business selling home made hairbands/clips and some organizers for girls.


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Name Ideas for an Innovative Music School?I would welcome any name ideas for a unique music school for high school age groups. The music school aims to build language and social skills through music education. Our target group is students from both local and international communities with ambition of becoming successful in their further studies and careers.


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Wall and Floor Coverings Business Name Ideas?I have to start my new showroom, which will offer plywood and veneers or wallpaper, and wooden flooring. It will display all products. This will be a fully retail showroom.


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Skincare Products Business Name Ideas?I am an upcoming skincare business woman and I haven't came up with a name yet. My name is Yasmine Alexis and I want my name to somewhat have a part in my product name.


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Dance School Name Ideas?What is a great name for a dancing school?


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Name Ideas for a Custom Decal and Design Business?I can't for the life of me think of a creative company name. I do custom decals and designs.


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Name Ideas for a Decorative Glass Business Showroom?We are a 25 year old glass business in Bangalore. We are planning to open a showroom to display design glass and decorative glass for interiors. Please suggest a very apt name with which we can promote our showroom and which will go with our business name.



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Name Ideas for a Men's Clothing Line?I'm starting a new business of a clothing line for men's casuals. Can some one suggest a catchy name for it? It would be great help if it starts with R.


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Finding Grants to Open a Daycare?I'm in the process of starting my own daycare and I was looking for some kind of grant. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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Photo Processing Business Name Ideas?Can someone give me a name for my new business of photo post processing or photo editing. It would be nice to have it related to Photoshop words or my name, Chethna K.


Close up of a child's hand painted.

Name and Slogan Ideas for an Evening Childcare Business?When you plan to be available for evening childcare, find a name and phrase to help people who need that service to find you. This is a page about name and slogan ideas for an evening childcare business.


Woman looking at a lamp in a store.

Home Furnishing Business Name Ideas?Your business name should impart your sense of style and how you would like patrons to remember your home furnishing business. This is a page about home furnishing business name ideas.


Group of friends playing pool and drinking beer.

Activities Ideas for a Beer and Wine Pool Hall?This page contains activities ideas for a beer and wine pool hall. Offering activities such as a trivia night, karaoke, darts, and shuffleboard can bring in patrons throughout the week.


Woman working in a print shop.

Name and Slogan for Printing Business?When starting a new business venture, you want to make sure your name and slogan are appealing and explain your services. This is a page about name and slogan for printing business.


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Photo Editing Business Name Ideas?I'm a photo editor. I want to be run a new business and I want a new business name that will impress our clients. Can you please suggest some names?


Person in an apron holding a bucket of cleaning supplies.

House Cleaning Vs Housekeeping Rates?House cleaning typically involves deep cleaning, bathrooms, kitchen, as well as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc. The cleaner is there with their supplies for a fixed amount of time whereas the housekeeper is more of a light duty cleaner with organizing thrown in. This is a page about house cleaning vs housekeeping rates.


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Business Name Ideas for a Speciality Flooring Company?I'm planning to open a store selling fiber cement planks and wooden planks, 3d planks, and charcoal planks, etc. for indoor and outdoor as well as for commercial use like in hotels, gyms, resorts, etc. It will be a store which signifies stylish floors, walls, and ceilings.


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Ice Cream Shop Name Ideas?My husband and I are opening an ice cream shop where we custom make the ice cream in front of customers using liquid nitrogen. We are also offering allergy conscious options like gluten free, vegan, and sugar free varieties. We have been struggling with a name.


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Name Ideas for a Laundry Delivery Service?I am starting a laundry delivery service and want to use something with southern in it, or something about the South.


Graphic designer at work with color samples.

Art and Design Business Name Ideas?Choose a business name that is easy to remember and best describes the services you provide. This is a page about art and design business name ideas.


Closeup gouge for wood on carpenter workbench.

Name Ideas for Hand Crafted Wood Home Decor Business?You want your business to be a success; one of the important components of getting it started is choosing a good name that identifies its focus and is memorable. This is a page about name ideas for a hand crafted wood home decor business.


Carpet shampooer on light carpet.

Slogan for a Carpet Cleaning Business?This page contains slogan ideas for a carpet cleaning business. If you are in need of a catchy slogan for your carpet cleaning business, here are some ideas to get you started.


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Name Ideas for a Business Selling Organizing Containers?I'm looking for cool/catchy names for a business selling containers and boxes, basically organizing equipment. The store will be online until it is successful to open a shop.


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Key Cutting Kiosk Business Name Ideas?I have developed a automatic robot key cutting machine in a kiosk and need a name a little on the edge that people will recognise it by. I tried many, but most have been taken. I would be so happy to go a bit edgy or different. Ideas would be much appreciated.


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Preschool Logo Ideas?I'm looking for motto ideas to go with Itty Bitty Preschool.


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Concept Ideas for Batik Art Gallery?I want a concept for a batik art gallery museum.


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Tagline for Childcare Food Program Sponsor?Can you suggest a tagline for a childcare food program sponsor, Smarter Solutions for Smarter Childcare Centers?


Man in a wheelchair delighted with his accomplishment.

Developmentally Disabled Adult Residence Name Ideas?Any type of business needs a name that defines its purpose and encourages interested parties to explore further. This is a page about coming up with developmentally disabled adult residence name ideas.


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Working as an Ordained Minister?How do I start that type of business and what should I name it?



Name Ideas for a Huckleberry Business?The key to marketing your own business is picking a memorable and descriptive name. This is a page about name ideas for a huckleberry business.


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Name for a Room Refreshing and Decorating Business?For years I have helped others come up with a fresh look for a room or rooms in their home and/or business. I just did it because I enjoyed it and it was helpful. There was never a charge involved. Now I would like to start a business doing the same thing.


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Name Ideas for a Handyman Business?My sister and I are starting a small business and we need a name! We plan to do small handyman type renovations, examples are laying flooring, small paint jobs, etc. We want something fun and catchy.


Preschool classroom.

Montessori Preschool Name Ideas?You want the name to be easy to remember and a positive expression of your theme, when choosing one for your preschool. This page is about Montessori preschool name ideas.


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Name Ideas for a Hair Care Butter?I named my essential care products business The Butterfly Effect. I'm making a hair butter and I'm having a hard time naming it. I'm using unique butters like cupacu and carrier oils like broccoli seed and I want to incorporate the fact that the ingredients are healthy and good for the hair.


Couple speaking with property manger about renting a house

Property Management Business Name Ideas?When you are starting a new business, you want your name to reflect the work you do and be easy to remember. This is a page about property management business name ideas.


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Bath Product Business Name Ideas?I started with just cannabis infused bath bombs, and am now expanding to all bath products and edibles as well.


Woman holding a bucket full of cleaning supplies.

What License Do I Need to Be a House Cleaner?Depending on your local and state government, you may need more than a business license to clean houses. This is a page about what license do i need to be a house cleaner?


Close up of rhinestone embellished jeans.

Name Ideas for Jeans Embellishment Business?This is a page about name ideas for a jeans embellishment business. Finding a creative name for a home based business is important for attracting customers.


An outdoor wedding with seating a large white canopy.

Name Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Seating and Decorations Business?When planning a wedding or reception, many couples look for rental agencies to provide chairs and decorations for the special event. This page contains name ideas for an outdoor wedding seating and decorations business.


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Personalised Keepsakes Business Name Ideas?Any ideas what I could name a business that does 3d castings and hand prints on jewellery? Also want to incorporate all ages, memory blankets, etc.


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Funny and Creative Whatsapp Group Name Ideas?I work as a visualizer for an advertisement company. Now we have created a new whatsapp group for our creative department so I need a funny name for our group.


Used clothes on a rack being resold

Starting a Small Recycling Business?This is a page about starting a small recycling business.If you are looking for a small business to start up, consider a recycling one. You can be as broad or narrowly defined as you like with respect to the types of items you recycle.


Realtor shaking hands with male client at desk while female client watches and smiles

Real Estate Transaction Firm Name Ideas?When looking for the perfect name for a real estate business, be sure you are attracting the right customers. This page contains real estate transaction firm name ideas.


Man vacuuming car in driveway of home

Slogan Ideas for a Mobile Car Detailing Business?It can be tricky to settle on the best tag line to help advertise your business and it's services. This page contains slogan ideas for a mobile car detailing business.


Business Name Ideas for Baby Decor Shop - logo

Business Name Ideas for Baby Decor Shop?I am on my way to opening a store that specializes in decorating; anything for the newborn. Any suggestions?


Dog shaped cookies on a cookie sheet

Dog Bakery Business Name Ideas?A bakery for dog treats and biscuits is a great niche market in many communities. Pick a name that will be memorable for your customers. This page contains dog bakery business name ideas.


Mens suits on a rack

Name Ideas for Men's Clothing Shop?Choosing the best name to capture the interest of prospective customers is a crucial part of starting a successful business. This is a page about name ideas for a men's clothing shop.


Name for Illustrated Driftwood Arts and Crafts Business

Name for Illustrated Driftwood Arts and Crafts Business?What would you call your business if you were selling the following things? They are driftwood pieces, they have a poem or phrase on it with 'deep' themes. The illustrations are burned on the wood and then coloured. It is a team effort. They are 3D and multisided.


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Name Ideas for Homemade Skin Care Products Business?I want to open a Facebook page for selling my natural homemade soaps, scrubs, toners, etc. I want to sell these products at a price that middle class girls or college and university girls can buy and use it. I live in Bangladesh, so my preferred customers are girls from here.


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Name Ideas for a Web and Graphic Design Company?I want to start a web design business. Besides that there will be additional services like graphic design and printing. Any suggestions?


Real Estate Agent Looking at Home with Couple

Real Estate Investing Business Name Ideas?Specialized real estate companies such as those that focus on investment clients will want their business name to convey professionalism and perhaps follow- on service. This is a page about real estate investing business name ideas.


A chocolate lollipop with a white chocolate heart.

Name Ideas for Chocolate Lollipop Business?When choosing a business name you want to decide on one that will catch the attention of your prospective customers. This is a page about name ideas for a chocolate lollipop business.


A newly paved driveway.

Names Ideas for a Driveway Paving Business?Deciding on a catchy name for your business can help make it stand out from others providing the same service. This is a page about names for a driveway paving business.


Woman Cleaning Office

Name Ideas for an Office Cleaning BusinessChoosing the name for your cleaning service is an important step in setting up your new business. A name that clearly states the emphasis of the business, is eye catching, and easy to remember is often a good choice. This is a page about name ideas for an office cleaning business.


Man Delivering Food to a Woman at Home

Starting a Home Food Delivery Service?This is a page about starting a home food delivery service. There is a lot to be done if you want to cook for at home and sell it. From calculating profitable prices to meeting food safety standards. Here is some great advice if you are interested in starting a home based food delivery service.


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Online Home Decor Business Name Ideas?I am looking for a chic name for my online business. I lived on Bali island-Indonesia and started selling many home accessories products online, such as wood signs, statues, wall decor, baskets, lamps, lanterns, and many more items. It is mostly home decor items or handicrafts.


Coloring Eggs Christian Preschool

Name Ideas for a Christian Preschool Music Business?This page contains name ideas for a christian preschool music business. Here are some name ideas if you are starting a Christian-based music business for preschool aged children.


Two people cleaning a house

How to Determine a Cleaning Fee for a House That Has Been Closed Up for Years?This is a page about how to determine a cleaning fee for a house that has been closed up for years. It can be hard to figure out what to charge for unique cleaning jobs. When a house needs more work than normal, it can be helpful to seek out advice from other people that may have done similar cleaning jobs.


Man Cleaning a House

Name Ideas for Cleaning and Maintenance Business?Finding a business name that is easy to remember and offers a good explanation of who you are and defines your services, can be a real challenge. This is a page about name ideas for cleaning and maintenance business.


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Graphic Design and Web Development Business Name Ideas?My name is Jayashri. I have started a new graphic design and web development business based in India. I am thinking about a unique, futuristic, and Indian name for my business.


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Name Ideas for an Investigation Business for Senior Citizens?I am transitioning/re-branding my general private investigation business to focus on investigations and related services which protect the aging population from fraud, abuse, and neglect. Whew! Any ideas of some clever names that aren't too long and where people can tell what business it is from the name?


green tea smoothie

Name Ideas for a Smoothie Business?Be sure to make a smooth choice when you pick the name for your new business. Here are some name ideas for a smoothie business.


alphabet blocks

Name Ideas for a Child Cancer Patient Day Care Center?When choosing a name for a speciality day care center such as this one, a positive or uplifting name may be a good way to go. This is a page about name ideas for a child cancer patient day care center.


Photo of silver jewelry.

Name Ideas for an Online Jewelry Business?Setting up an online jewelry business can be very exciting. Choosing the best name for your shop is an important first step. This is a page about name ideas for an online jewelry business.


E-Commerce Business

Name Ideas for Hindi Ethnic Art E-Commerce Business?Finding the right name for your business is very important. Here are some name ideas for a Hindi ethnic art e-commerce business.


Colorful clothing hanging.

Name Ideas for a Unisex Clothing Line?Finding the right name is an important first step when opening any new business. Here are some name ideas for a unisex clothing line business.


A care attendant standing beside a man at an adult care facility.

Title Suggestions for Adult Care Facility Staff?The staff in your adult care facility need good titles that reflect the type of care they provide. Here are some title suggestions for adult care facility staff.


A man holding a business card.

Homemade Business CardsThere are websites where you can create your own business cards, but you can also use certain software products from Microsoft and other companies. This is a page about designing homemade business cards.


A mechanic's hands working on a car engine.

Name Ideas for a Motor Vehicle Repair Business?Finding a name that describes your business and makes it stand out from similar operations is helpful in attracting customers. This is a page about name ideas for a motor vehicle repair business.


A notebook with ideas for creating a business plan.

Snappy Business Name IdeasChoosing a snappy, attention getting name for your business is an important first step. This is a page about snappy business name ideas.


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