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Fall/Halloween Candy Bouquet

Fall/Halloween Candy BouquetThis candy bouquet is a good choice to make as a fall festival sale item for your organization or as a centerpiece or bit of home decor. This page contains the instructions and photos needed to make your own fall/Halloween candy bouquet.


Fabric Covered Foam Pumpkin - finished pumpkin sitting next to a white pumpkin with painted triangle pattern

Making a Fabric Covered Foam PumpkinUse fabric strips or a piece of fabric to cover a foam pumpkin to create a delightful bit of fall decor. Use varying colors to make an arrangement. This project is adaptable to Halloween or fall, in general.


Halloween Hand Puppet - a witch and a vampire paper hand puppet

Making Halloween Hand PuppetsUse colored paper to make these, fun to play with, Halloween hand puppets. They are a great addition to a party or family gathering on All Hallows' Eve. This page includes instructions for making a vampire and a witch. Use your creativity to fashion other characters.


Boo Banner

Making a Handprint Boo BannerIncorporate paper cutouts of your child's handprint into this cute "boo" banner. It only requires, construction paper, scissors, and your choice of string or ribbon to hang it.


DIY Puffy Stickers from Hot Glue - ghost, Jack 'o Lantern,  and candy corn puffy stickers

DIY Puffy Stickers from Hot GlueHot glue has so many craft applications. Learn how to make cute puffy hot glue stickers for Halloween or any occasion.


Yarn Bombed Pumpkin -  continue down the sides

Making Crochet Chain Wrapped PumpkinsMaking crochet chains is fairly easy. Get the kids to start making them in your choice of yarn colors. The more advanced crochet crafter can work up the stem and leaves. Then hot glue the chains to a faux pumpkin for a fun fall decoration.


How to Make Hot Glue Spiders - spider sitting on maker's hand

How to Make Hot Glue SpidersHere's how to have fun making simple, inexpensive spider decor for Halloween. You just need your hot glue gun and some acrylic paint.


Milk Lid Pumpkin Magnets  - two finished pumpkin magnets

Making Milk Lid Pumpkin MagnetsSimply paint some milk or juice carton lids orange and create these cute pumpkin magnets with pipe cleaner stems and vines. You will find photos and instructions for making milk lid pumpkin magnets on this page.


Cute Little Crochet Circle Pumpkin - finished pumpkin in a bed of faux fall leaves

How to Make a Simple Crochet Circle PumpkinCrochet circles are sewn together to make this simple, cute pumpkin. You can make it in varying sizes. The instructions and photos necessary to a work up this crochet circle pumpkin follow.


Dollar Tree Tiny Scrubber Pumpkins - finished pumpkins

Making Tiny Pot Scrubber PumpkinsSmall copper pot scrubbers, faux fall leaves, and pieces of a cinnamon stick can be made into cute little pumpkins for use as inexpensive autumn decorations. The instructions and photos necessary can be found on this page.


Mini Sock Pumpkins - blue and white sock pumpkins

How to Make Mini Sock PumpkinsThese mini sock pumpkins are a great way to use those lone socks that you may have around the house. You can add embellishments if you want or keep them simple.


Pumpkin Decor - two finished cup pumpkins lit with LED candles

Pumpkin Decor Using Plastic CupsGrab some clear plastic cups and battery operated votives to make these easy glowing jack-o-lanterns. They are inexpensive to make and a perfect last minute decoration.


Floating Ink Ghost Race - playing floating ghosts

Making a Floating Ink Ghost RaceThese floating ink ghosts are a fun science experiment and a game all at the same time. This is a fun and easy activity for a Halloween party or in your classroom.


Succulent Pumpkin Planter - having added soil begin to plant cuttings

DIY Foam Pumpkin Succulent PlanterThose foam pumpkins that you see at the craft stores can be turned into adorable succulent planters. These are easy to make and would be perfect centerpieces for a holiday party.


Decorated Paper Pumpkins - two decorated paper pumpkins

Making Decorated Paper PumpkinsThese quick and easy pumpkins are a great way to use up cardboard packaging. Customize them with funny faces or other Halloween embellishments.



Pipe Cleaner Pumpkin Craft - individual pipe cleaner pumpkin

Pipe Cleaner Pumpkin CraftAn easy, fall craft for all ages that uses pipe cleaners. It is soft, fuzzy and very cute.


My Mr.& Mrs. Ghost Couple - couple on a patio table with a white pumpkin

Making a Ghost Couple from Recycled BottlesTry this cute ghost couple craft project. You will need to spray paint a couple of recycled glass bottles and then add painted faces and other embellishments as you desire, including paper hair and a bow for Ms. Ghost.


Jack o'Lantern Foam Pumpkin Faces - laughing foam pumpkin face

Making Jack o'lantern Foam Pumpkin FacesThis is a simple Halloween craft project that the kids can do as well. You will need some precut foam pumpkins and a Sharpie. Then just jump in and make some Jack o' lantern foam pumpkin faces.


Hanging Paper Pumpkins - two hanging paper pumpkins

How to Make Hanging Paper PumpkinsThese fun to make paper pumpkins start with strips of orange construction paper. They are perfect for hanging on the wall, from the ceiling, or wherever you need a bright seasonal decoration.


Front of costume.

How to Make Frog Prince Costume for ToddlerIf you are looking for a sweet costume for your child to wear on Halloween or anytime for play, consider this frog prince outfit. This page contains a supplies list and detailed instructions for making one at home.


Spiderweb Necklace - tie around your neck

Making a Hot Glue Spiderweb NecklaceA creative necklace for a Halloween costume or a special outfit, can be fashioned with hot glue and a few supplies. This is a page about making a hot glue spiderweb necklace.


little girl dresses as a firefighter

Making a Firefighter CostumeLots of kids want to dress as a firefighter for Halloween. You don't need to spend a lot on a nice costume or less on a not so nice one. This page contains thrifty tips for making a great costume with clothing items that can be worn later.


Cardboard Halloween Pumpkin and Ghost - lighted box decorations

Making a Cardboard Halloween Pumpkin and GhostSkip the mess of carving a pumpkin and reuse some of your empty tissue or multipack food boxes to create these cute lighted decorations for the holiday. This is a page about making a cardboard Halloween pumpkin and ghost.


Kid to Toddler Shark Halloween Costume

Converting a Halloween Costume to a Different SizeYou can save money by altering last year's costume to fit another child. This page contains instructions for converting a Halloween costume to a different size.


Mummy Candy Bowl - finished bowl

Making a Mummy Candy BowlThe secret to this cute, not very scary, mummy candy bowl is the reusable cake carrier buried underneath those wraps. This is a page about making a mummy candy bowl.


Fun Halloween Bathroom Decor - mummies and ghost

Making Halloween Bathroom DecorDon't forget the bathroom when decorating for Halloween. Your guests will have a laugh after seeing this cute seasonal touch. This is a page about making Halloween bathroom decor.


Tin Can Lanterns - check hole size by putting a light inside - increase  a hole size as needed

Making Halloween Punched Tin Can LanternsRecycling food cans into decorative lanterns is a fun project that can be tailored to any season or occasion. This is a page about making Halloween punched tin can lanterns.


Halloween Explosion Card - partially open card

Making a Halloween Explosion CardThis fun to make card is even more fun to receive as it seemingly explodes with images as you open it. The kids can help with this project. This is a page about making a Halloween explosion card.


Foam Pumpkin

Decorating Foam PumpkinsFoam pumpkins can be purchased inexpensively to use in making your fall and Halloween decorations. They can also be used to make cute faux cactus decor. Decorating the pumpkins themselves is easy and fun. This is a page about decorating foam pumpkins.


Gauze ghost on orange surrounded by spiders.

Halloween Ghost CraftsGhost motifs are a common part of Halloween decorations. There are numerous projects available for making or incorporating ghosts into your craft. This page contains several Halloween ghost craft ideas.



Halloween "Trick or Treat" Card - two variations of the card

Making a Halloween "Trick or Treat" CardAlthough Halloween is generally seen as a holiday characterized by candy, costumes, and parties, making and giving handmade cards is a fun addition to the day. This is a page about making a Halloween "trick or treat" card.


Halloween Seasonal Frame - finished frame with a black bat also glued on the upper corner opposite the spider

Making a Halloween Seasonal FrameThis is a page about making Halloween seasonal frames. These easy to make photo frames are a great kids craft. You can add a magnet to use them on the fridge and customize them any way you want.


A finished Halloween card with a decorative pumpkin silhouette.

How to Make a Silhouette Pumpkin Halloween CardThis is a page about silhouette pumpkin halloween card. These awesome cards are made out of items you likely have laying around the house. You can also scrapbooking papers in place of the ribbon.


A dalmation puppy costume for a baby, with a onesie, a tutu and a headband with ears.

Making a Puppy Halloween Costume for a BabyThis is a page about making a puppy Halloween costume for a baby. Need a last minute baby Halloween costume? Here is an easy way to turn a simple onsie into an adorable puppy Halloween costume.


Scrap Wood Halloween Decorations - goofy pumpkin like faces

Making Scrap Wood Halloween DecorationsThis is a page about scrap wood Halloween decorations. With a little creativity and some paint, you can turn scrap wood into all kinds of Halloween decorations. These pumpkins are great porch decorations.


Bottle Cap Pumpkin Stamping  - vines added

Bottle Cap Pumpkin StampingThis is a page about bottle cap pumpkin stamping. A bottle camp is used as a simple stamp to make these cute pumpkins. This is a great kids craft too!


Spooky Candles - lit candles on red surface

Making Spooky TP Tube CandlesThis is a page about spooky candles. All you need are some TP tubes, hot glue, paint, and battery operated votives to make these spooky candles. They are easy to make and a perfect addition to your Halloween decorations.


Halloween Ghost - ghost on top of shelf

Making Cheesecloth GhostsThis is a page about making cheesecloth ghosts. Cheesecloth is the perfect material to make spooky ghosts out of. Here are a few different ways to make cheesecloth ghosts, to add to your Halloween decorations.


A black cape with the colored The Flash logo in the center.

How to Make a Flash Superhero CapeMake this superhero cap for your child. It is simple to get on and off so your child can easily wear it for school events. This is a page about how to make a Flash superhero cape for halloween.


Halloween Mummy Jar Decoration - finished mummy jar

How to Make a Halloween Mummy Jar DecorationRecycled jars, gauze, glue, and google eyes are all you need to make these cute mummy decorations. Put battery operated candles inside or add candy for a spooky treat. This is a page about how to make a Halloween mummy jar decoration.


"Up" Old Man Halloween Costume - young boy in PVC pipe walker

Making an "Up" Old Man Halloween CostumeCarl, an elderly balloon salesman, plans a long awaited trip to the jungles of South America by attaching numerous balloons to his house. This grumpy old man's real adventure is the relationship he forms with a young stowaway, Russell. Reconnect with this delightful story by making an "Up" old man Halloween costume for your or your child.


How to Make Halloween Manikins - mask in front of a live plant, with added cape

How to Make Halloween ManikinsCreate unique Halloween mannikins using masks, old clothing, or last year's costumes. They will add a seasonal flair to your yard or garden. This is a page about how to make Halloween manikins.


Halloween Frankenstein Soda Bottle Craft - tape mouth in place

Making a Halloween Frankenstein Soda BottleTransform a green soda bottle into a cute Frankenstein's monster Halloween decoration. This is a page about making a Halloween Frankenstein soda bottle.


Decorative Halloween Stones - finished stones, note eyes and mouth on mummy

Making Decorative Halloween StonesDecorative stones are quite popular these days. Have you found any on your walks? Create these durable seasonal decorations easily with found stones and some craft paint. This is a page about making decorative Halloween stones.


A pumpkin garland for Halloween

How to Make a Paper Pumpkin GarlandCut orange cardstock into cute pumpkin shapes and then add the faces to use in making a fun garland for Halloween. This is a page about how to make a paper pumpkin garland.



Front view of costume.

Letter to Grandma CostumeIf you are looking for a unique Halloween costume for a child in your family take a look at this special idea and make it your own. This is a page about making a letter to grandma costume.


Slice of Pizza Costume

How to Make a Felt Slice of Pizza CostumeHave your child dress as their favorite type of pizza for Halloween or other occasions. Make a felt pizza slice base costume and then decorate with paint and felt toppings. This is a page about how to make a felt slice of pizza costume.


Golden Girl Beneath My Skin Costume - final view of makeup

Golden Girl Beneath My Skin CostumeThis unique Halloween costume is easy to apply and sure to be a conversation starter at any party. This is a page about making a "golden girl beneath my skin" costume.


Tissue Paper Ghosts Decor

How to Make Easy Tissue Paper GhostsThis is a good craft to work on with your kids. Using white tissue paper stuffed with recycled newspaper you can make as many of these fun ghosts as you like. This is a page about how to make easy tissue paper ghosts.


Fruit Monsters - apple and pear monsters

Fruit MonstersHere is a cute craft for all ages. After these little guys scare you, you can eat them! Even better, if you don't eat them, they'll wither and look all the scarier. ;)


Tissue Paper Covered Jack-o-Lantern Treat Cup

Tissue Paper Covered Jack-o-Lantern Treat CupThis is an easy to do craft for children or adults who appreciate a reminder of the Halloween season. These cute little cups are so easy to make and can sit around anywhere. You can fill them with candy and other edible foods. Enjoy one during the Halloween season and make one up for a friend.


Shark Costume - front view of costume showing teeth and white felt belly

Shark CostumeIt could be cold while trick or treating or going to the pumpkin patch. With this shark costume, you're essentially using any gray sweater your child owns and some felt - very inexpensive and perhaps even using items you may already own at home! Preferably use a sweater that your child is about to outgrow.


Witch Way To Go Wreath

'Witch Way To Go' Halloween WreathThis little witch flew right into your door and landed smack in the middle of an adorable wreath. Make a 'Witch Way to Go' Halloween wreath to add some spooky fun to your Halloween decorations this year.


Painted Halloween Jars - scarecrow and pumpkin lights

How to Make Painted Halloween JarsMake your own custom Jack-O-Lantern jars. Here is information about how to make painted Halloween jars.


Halloween Scarf Wreath

Halloween Scarf WreathUse an old scarf to make this spooky Halloween wreath. Here is how to make a halloween scarf wreath to hang on your door.


Feathered Halloween Wreath

Black Feathered Halloween WreathMake your home extra spooky with Halloween decorations this year. Make this black feathered Halloween wreath to go on your door to greet trick-or-treaters.


Halloween Wreath and Bow

Halloween Wreath and BowAdd a little spook to your Halloween decorating with a seasonal wreath. Here are instructions on how to make a Halloween wreath and bow.


Halloween decorated plate.

Halloween Plate CraftA clear glass plate, seasonal napkins, foam brush, Mod Podge, and scissors are all you need to set your children to creating unique decoupaged plates for Halloween. This is a page about making a Halloween plate craft for kids.


Tootsie Roll spider.

Spider Tootsie Roll PopsSpider treats are always a hit for Halloween. Make some spider Tootsie Roll Pops for your favorite little monsters this Halloween.


Haunted House Frames

Haunted House Picture FramesUse plastic canvas to create these cute Halloween themed photo frames. This is a page about haunted house picture frames.


Paper plate tambourine.

Paper Plate Pumpkin TambourineYour young crafters will enjoy making this pumpkin tambourine from painted paper plates. This is a page about paper plate pumpkin tambourine.


Flamingo costume.

Homemade Bird Costumes for KidsCreate a cute, original bird costume for your child to wear for Halloween or a school function. This is a page about homemade bird costumes for kids.


Girl wearing a hermit crab costume.

How to Make a Hermit Crab CostumeIf you are looking for a cute, unique costume this may be just the one. This is a page about how to make a hermit crab costume.


Simple Beach Centerpiece - wide shallow dish with shell collection

Beach Themed CenterpiecesWhether for a party or to enhance your decor, a beach themed centerpiece is fun to make and can incorporate collected shells and other items. This is a page about beach themed centerpieces.


Halloween colored button bracelet.

Making a Halloween Button BraceletMaking a button bracelet in Halloween colors is a good project for young and old. This is a page about making a Halloween button bracelet.


Egg Carton Pumpkin

Making an Egg Carton PumpkinThis is a page about making an egg carton pumpkin. An easy, inexpensive Halloween craft for kids that reuses cardboard cups of an egg carton.


child's ladybug costume

Making a Child's Lady Bug CostumeThis is a page about making a child's lady bug costume. Dress your little one in this cute lady bug costume for Halloween or other occasion.


Boy in deviled egg costume.

Making a Deviled Egg CostumeThis is a page about making a deviled egg costume. This is a cute costume that can be as easy to make as you like. It can be tailored for an adult or child.


Oven and baker costumes.

Making a 'Bun in the Oven' CostumeThis is a page about making a bun in the oven costume. This is a creative Halloween costume idea for a pregnant woman and her partner.


witch inside

Making a Garden Witch From TwigsThis is a page about making a garden witch from twigs. This cute Halloween witch is made from twigs you can collect from your garden or neighborhood.


Jack 'O Lantern and spider stick puppets

Making Cheese Spreader Stick PuppetsThis is a page about making cheese spreader stick puppets. Stick puppets are a popular child's craft. This one uses the little plastic sticks in cracker snacks rather than Popsicle sticks.


Black bat with wings spread.

Halloween Bat CraftsThis is a page about Halloween bat crafts. Make these spooky bats with your kids to decorate for Halloween.


Puffy Cotton Ball Ghost

Making a Puffy Cotton Ball GhostThis is a page about making a puffy cotton ball ghost. Here is a perfect spooky Halloween craft for young kids.


Halloween Candy Craft

Making a Halloween Candy CraftThis is a page about making a Halloween candy craft. A Halloween craft that also includes candy is certainly a treat rather than a trick.


Pumpkin Golf

Making a Pumpkin Golf GameThis is a page about making a pumpkin golf game. Start with a foam pumpkin and you too can make this fun variation on miniature golf.


finished pumpkin

Making a Ring Pumpkin Using Plastic CanvasThis is a page about making a ring pumpkin using plastic canvas. Yarn wrapped plastic canvas strips make up this decorative pumpkin.


Felt Kitty Tail and Paws

Making a Felt Kitty Tail and PawsThis is a page about making a felt kitty tail and paws. This is a nice Halloween costume project, but also one that can add more items to your child's dressup box.


Children dressed for a Christmas pageant.

Homemade Christmas Costume IdeasThis is a page about homemade Christmas costume ideas. Whether for a Christmas pageant, office party, or a family get together you may want to make a Christmas costume for the event.


Decorations sitting on patio wall.

Making a Milk Jug SkeletonThis is a page about making a milk jug skeleton. Recycled milk jugs are the start to making a Halloween skeleton decoration.


black paper bat

Making Toilet Paper Tube BatsThis is a page about toilet paper tube bats. Recycled toilet paper tubes work well to make these decorative bats.


three decorated pencils

Making Googly Eye PencilsThis is a page about making googly eye pencils. These inexpensive decorated pencils are a great Halloween craft the kids can help make and give as gifts to friends.


Halloween Windsock Witch

Recycled Witch WindsockThis is a page about recycled Halloween windsock. Here is a fun way to use empty gallon milk jugs to make Halloween decorations.


Halloween Party Favor

Halloween Party Favor IdeasThis is a page about Halloween party favor ideas. School or home Halloween parties call for festive favors.


Spooky Lacy Frames

Making Spooky Lacy FramesThis is a page about making spooky lacy frames. Halloween themed spiderweb lace mounted in a wall frame becomes a unique and eye catching seasonal decoration.


Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

Making a Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe GameThis is a page about making a pumpkin tic tac toe game. The mini pumpkins sold as fall decorations can also be used to play tic tac toe on your homemade game board.


foam pumpkin with child's name and handprints lit with tea light

Making a Keepsake Handprint PumpkinThis is a page about making a keepsake handprint pumpkin. This is a great jack-o-lantern idea to make with young children or for baby's 1st Halloween.


Wooden Halloween Letters

Making Wooden Halloween LettersThis is a page about making wooden Halloween letters. Decorate wooden craft letters to spell out a fun or spooky Halloween word.


Faux Books for Halloween

Making Faux Books for HalloweenThis is a page about making faux books for Halloween. Add a hand-painted papier-mache book to your Halloween decorations. You could add a spooky title.


Halloween pennant decoration on fireplace mantel.

Making Halloween Mantel PennantsThis is a page about making Halloween mantel pennants. Decorate your fireplace mantel or a wall with a string of Halloween themed fabric pennants.


Beautiful young girl dressed as a princess

Making a Princess CostumeThis is a page about making a princess costume. A princess costume is very popular for Halloween and any other time your child wants to play dress-up.


Stacked Pumpkin Tree

Making a Stacked Pumpkin TreeThis is a page about making a stacked pumpkin tree. This eye catching pumpkin tree makes a great seasonal decoration that can be displayed from Halloween through Thanksgiving.


kids dressed as the characters

Making Popeye and Olive Oyl CostumesThis is a page about making Popeye and Olive Oyl costumes. These once very popular comic strip characters are still a fun choice for making Halloween costumes.


carved zucchini and yellow squash

Making Zucchini Halloween DecorationsThis is a page about making zucchini Halloween decorations. In addition to making carved pumpkins for Halloween, you can also create some fun decorations using zucchini squash.


Tomato Cage Ghosts

Making Tomato Cage GhostsThis is a page about making tomato cage ghosts. Tomato cages find an alternative life as Halloween ghosts in this fun decoration craft.


Section of egg carton and pipe cleaner spider.

Making Egg Carton SpidersThis is a page about making egg carton spiders. Reuse paper egg carton cups for the body of these cute spider decorations for Halloween.


Cute kitty Jack-O-Lantern.

Kitty Jack-o'-LanternMy 2 year old son picked out an adorably small pumpkin at the pumpkin patch this weekend. I prefer to freehand whatever I carve on my pumpkins and needed a simple idea that I could fit on a small pumpkin. I decided to make his pumpkin into a kitty, since he loves kitties!


finished bottle

Making a Jack-O'-Lantern Soda BottleThis is a page about making a jack-o'-lantern soda bottle. Decorate a large bottle of orange soda to serve at your Halloween party.


up close spiderweb

Making a Glitter Glue SpiderwebThis is a page about making a glitter glue spiderweb. A bottle of glitter glue and waxed paper are all you need for this simple Halloween craft.


Child dressed as a ghost holding a bag labelled Trick-Or-Treat!

Trick or Treat Bag IdeasThis page contains trick or treat bag ideas. Rather than buy a plastic bag at the store why not make really unique trick or treat bags this Halloween.


Recycled Halloween Treat Cup

Crochet Halloween Treat CupThis is a page about making a crochet Halloween treat cup. Crochet a cute sleeve for a plastic food container to use as a Halloween treat cup.


two pumpkin pots

Recycled Halloween Hanging BasketThis is a page about making a recycled Halloween hanging basket. By adding paint and decorations you can reuse your plastic summer hanging planters for festive fall decor.


Finished Halloween jean bag, complete with face and belt.

Making a Blue Jean Halloween BagThis is a page about making a blue jean Halloween bag. Using an old pair of child's jeans, you too can make this cute trick or treat bag.


Ghost Light Decoration

Making a Ghost LightThis is a page about making a ghost light. This cute little ghost light is easy to make and can be used to decorate year after year.


Lollipop Halloween Tags 1

Lollipop Halloween TagThese Halloween lollipop tags are perfect if you are looking for a cute party favor for a Halloween party or to bring to school to give to classmates. They are an easy and cheap Halloween gift.


Halloween paper wrapped tubes with candy

Trick or Treat TubesThis is a page about trick or treat tubes. Reuse paper towel rolls with scrapbook paper, ribbon and glue to create festive treat containers.


Finished treat bag.

Halloween Kraft Treat BagThis is a page about making a Halloween kraft treat bag. A fun, simple project to share Halloween goodies is a decorated paper bag.


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