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Growing Black-Eyed Susan

Growing Black-Eyed SusanThis page is about growing black-eyed Susan. A wildflower native to North America, Rudbeckias are wonderful for attracting backyard birds.


Growing Columbine

Growing ColumbineThis page is about growing columbine. These delicate garden flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds.


Growing Musk Mallow

Growing Musk MallowThis page is about growing musk mallow. These beautiful flowers that last for one day, are native to south asia.


Sanvitalia (Creeping Zinnia)

Growing Sanvitalia (Creeping Zinnia)This is a page about growing sanvitalia (creeping zinnia). Although not actually a zinnia, the flowers of this pretty creeping plant resemble zinnias, hence the name.


Streptocarpus flowers.

Growing Streptocarpus?This is a page about growing streptocarpus. Streptocarpus, also known as the Cape Primrose, is a member of the African violet family.


Keeping Cut Lilacs Fresh

Keeping Cut Lilacs Fresh?This page is about keeping cut lilacs fresh. These fragrant flowers can be a challenge to keep beautiful once cut from the bush.


Red and Yellow Marigolds

Growing MarigoldsThis is a page about growing marigolds. Not only are they a beautiful splash of color in your garden, marigolds are noted for their use to discourage certain garden pests.


Red Poppies

Growing PoppiesThis is a page about growing poppies. Poppies are prized in the garden for their beautiful colors and striking flowers.


Hydrangea Not Blooming

Hydrangea Not BloomingThis page is about hydrangea not blooming. Determining why your plant is not blooming can be a mystery.


Photo of a purple Hydrangea.

Changing the Color of HydrangeasThis is a page about changing the color of hydrangeas. It is fairly easy to change some hydrangeas from making pink flowers to producing beautiful blue flowers.


Orange Chrysanthemums

Growing Chrysanthemums...This page is about growing chrysanthemums. A popular fall garden flower, mums grow well in containers.


deadheading lilies.

Deadheading FlowersThis page is about deadheading flowers. Many kinds of flowering plants benefit from removing spent blooms.


Forcing Rosebuds to Open

Forcing Rosebuds to Open?This page is about forcing rosebuds to open. Sometimes you want your cut roses to be fully in flower.


Growing Bougainvillea

Growing BougainvilleaThis page is about growing bougainvillea. This beautiful, flowering vine is native to South America.


Growing Hibiscus

Growing Hibiscus PlantsAdd a touch of the tropics to your garden by planting hibiscus plants in varying colors. This is a page about growing hibiscus plants.



Growing Peonies

Growing PeoniesThis page is about growing peonies. These hardy perennials come in a variety of colors and produce beautiful flowers year after year.


Magnolia in Bloom in front of a red barn. (Danielsville, PA)

Magnolia in Bloom (Danielsville, PA)This barn is on my daughter's property. We visited her last week and the Magnolia in front of the barn was starting to bloom.


Closeup of Salmon Queen Geranium

Growing GeraniumsThis is a page about growing geraniums. Geraniums are an easy to grow flower with pretty flowers ranging from white, to pink, to the rich reds.


Snow melting away from crocuses

Crocuses in the Snow (Manchester, WA)It looked as if spring was here, then all of a sudden it snowed!These are the crocuses in the front yard after it snowed last night. Only after a few hours the sun melted the snow and the flowers perked right back up.


Gerbera Daisy

Growing Gerbera DaisiesThis is a page about growing gerbera daisies. Gerbera daisies are a beautiful perennial garden plant in warm areas and also work well as a potted plant, to grow indoors or bring in from the cold.


Purple Morning Glory

Growing Morning GloryThis page is about growing morning glory. Morning glory is the name applied to many species of flowering plants that are suitable for different garden applications.



Morning Glory Growing SlowlyThis page is about morning glory growing slowly. Morning glory is generally a very fast growing plant.


Blue balloon flowers.

Growing Balloon Flowers (Chinese Bellflower)This is a page about growing balloon flowers (Chinese bellflower). These beautiful flowers are a delight even before they bloom with their balloon shaped unopened flower.


Family Making Flower Beds

Making a Flower BedThis is a page about making a flower bed. Setting up a beautiful successful flower bed is the result of prior planning.


African Daisy Photo

Growing African DaisiesThis is a page about growing african daisies. African daisies are a beautiful addition to any flower bed. Use these helpful tips to grow african daises in your yard.


A tree flowering in late winter in Moorpark, CA.

Garden: Spring in FebruaryHere are pictures of what is happening in Moorpark in February, some even in January. Crazy plants have no idea what time of year it is.


CLoseup of Large White Blossom

Garden: White Blossom (Shore Acres State Park,...During our last visit to Shore Acres State park, I found a flower in which I absolutely could not ignore. Its white reminded me of innocence and marriage while its hints of yellow, in my opinion, hinted at the beauty within innocence and marriage.


Closeup of asters.

Growing AstersThis is a page about growing asters. Asters are hardy perennials that bloom in late summer and fall. They come in a variety of colors, ranging from blue to pink, and in various heights. These pretty daisy like flowers make a welcome addition to many sunny flower gardens.


Closeup of Bright Orange Flower Petals

Orange PetalsI love flowers. They always bring color and cheer into my life! In fact, I never really liked the color orange until I started taking pictures of beautiful blossoms that easily changed my mind.


Dark pink and red sweet William.

Growing Sweet WilliamThis is a page about growing sweet William. Sweet William is easy to grow, requires little maintenance, and reseeds. These pretty biennials add color and a sweet fragrance to your flower garden.



Large Pink and White Blossoms With Ferns

Scenery: Pink Coastal BlossomsHiking the trails above Sunset Beach is always a relaxing and peaceful event. On this particular journey, my husband and I decided to cut across a broad picnic area that they have cleared out above the beach among some trails.


Purple Passiflora

Garden: Blooming PassifloraEarlier in the year, a tree fell on our house and my garden. I tried my best to save what I could from my flowerbed. I was so excited to see these live and thrive, and now bloom.


Blue Tarragon Flower

Garden: Tarragon At SunsetMy husband, the gardener, is always giving me such gorgeous things to photograph! Here is one of my favorite flowers, the Tarragon. It's growing in a pot on my porch and gets watered daily. The flowers are quick to bloom and fade away.


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Choosing Flowers for Flower Boxes?I am looking for some new ideas for my flower boxes for next spring. I have been using begonias.


Lots of Purple Chocolate Soldiers With Green Variegated Leaves

Garden: Chocolate Soldiers in AugustThese plants are called Chocolate Soldiers. A few were given to me by my friend Marshall. I knew him for many years. He was a large, kind and gentle man, the kind people say would give you the shirt of his back if need be.


Pink and White Starfighter Lily with butterfly

Garden: Starfighter LilyThis is the first year for these lilies and I am amazed at their beauty, size and delightful scent. The butterflies are very attracted to them and are always hovering around.


Closeup of Large Pink Peony in Bloom

Garden: PeonyThis peony was in my garden prior to my moving to the city to be closer to my children after my late husband passed away. I miss my garden there terribly.


green flowers

Garden: True Green RoseA friend had this tiny sprig in a pot and I asked him what it was.He said, "A green rose. You want it, take it!" I took it and when it was 9 inches high I got to see my first real green rose bloom.


Fifty year old Rose hedge

Garden: Rose HedgeThis rose hedge was planted over 50 years ago. This year it is especially beautiful.


White Ruffled Clematis

Garden: Name That Flower!Not many of you will find this flower in your garden. It is white, and about 3 inches wide. It is on a vine, and does not bud for long. It turns into something else.


Hand and Flower

Garden: A Child in the GardenMy beautiful 10 1/2 year old daughter was admiring flowers in the garden. Her graceful little hand adds beauty to the fragile blossoms and buds of the flowers she is looking at. This is one of my favorite pictures, and I wanted to share it with you!


White Lily

Garden: Lily GardenI look forward every year for these beautiful Asiatic Lilies to bloom. I have had the Pink Pixie for several years but planted the Asiatic White Lily last year. The lilies are planted around two full size geese decoys.


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Using Coffee Grounds on Flowers?Can I use fresh coffee grounds on my flowers?


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Bearded Iris Stopped Blooming?I have 100 bearded iris that have bloomed profusely for six years, even our heavy California clay soil didn't bother them. But the past couple years they get foliage, but no flowers or flower buds.


Climbing Hydrangea

Garden: Climbing HydrangeaThis is a climbing Hydrangea. They take forever to bloom but my patience has been rewarded this year. Next year it will probably have more blooms yet. They are know to take up to 7 years to bloom. Mine is 6 years old and grows up a hickory tree.



Photo of a Voodoo Lily Bloom

Garden: Voodoo Lily Bloom (Folkston, GA)The voodoo lily is a very unique flower. It is a corm, not a bulb. To bloom it requires very little care. Like the ones in the wild, it needs spring floods and mulch with light fertilizer.


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Lilies Are Not Blooming?I have about 15 lilies. For 2 years in a row they did not bloom. This year 1 did bloom but it was just 2 little bunches. I also have 2 small dwarf lilies that are blooming fine. Can someone tell me what can I do to correct the problem.


Garden: Mixed FlowersHere's a variety of mixed flowers to give off a variety of color.


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How Do I Find Wild Flowers to Plant in My Garden?I just moved to my own senior's place in March and have a small garden spot. The trouble is, I cannot afford to buy flowers. So how can I find some good wild ones that will transplant well to a small garden bed and to some window boxes?


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When Can I Cut Back My Mums?When can I cut back my mums?


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Replanting Lily Bulbs?I have dug up a large group of lily bulbs; do I need to replant them or can I dry them out through out the winter months and then replant?


Why Does My Sunflower Have Multiple Flower Heads?I have a multiple flowering sunflower (30 flowers and more to come) which is 15 feet tall. I read your explanation for why this would occur, but it is growing near my house and no pesticides have been used. Any other explanation and is this rare?


Stems on Giant Sunflowers Always Break Before Blooming?I love sunflowers and love to grow them, but right before they bloom the stem breaks and they are left hanging or drop to the ground. I don't get the chance to enjoy their lovely blooms, what could it be?


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Do Morning Glory Blooms Open Multiple Times?How many times does a morning glory flower bloom? I have one that has just one flower on it, and it opened just once. The next afternoon it fell off. Then I had one open yesterday morning, and now today it's not open. Am I doing something wrong, or does each flower only open once?


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Something is Eating My Impatiens?For years, I've planted orange impatiens around the perimeter of my landscaping. It's very shady on my lot and, at first, I had no trouble growing this annual. Now, it seems the pests are having a field day. . Any suggestions?


Yellow day lilies.

Garden: Day LiliesOne of my faves!


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Why Are My Sunflowers Closed?My husband brought home sunflowers and planted them in the front lawn


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Can I Use Coffee Grounds in My Flower Garden?Can you use coffee grounds in the flower garden?


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Hollyhocks Coming Up Everywhere?My hollyhocks are everywhere. Is there a way to kill them? Stop them from spreading?


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Using Peat Moss in a Flower Garden?Why would I add peat to my flower garden?


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Begonias Not Blooming?I planted my hanging begonia bulb in February. It's growing beautifully, but has no sign of blooming. It bloomed beautifully last summer. It gets light from the north east.


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Rolly Polly Bugs Eating Flowers?I am having a problem with rolly polly bugs eating my flowers. How can I get rid of them without harming my flowers?


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Lilac Flowers Are Lacking Color?My lilac bush's leaves are nice and green but the flower is lacking in color and fullness? Can you help?


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Why Don't My Sweet Peas Bloom?I planted sweet peas last year. They are growing great. I have had no flowers for 2 years. What am I doing wrong?


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Flowers That Don't Attract Bees?Does anyone know what type of flowers I can plant around the front of my house that won't attract bees?


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Starting Sunflowers from Seeds?When do we plant those huge sunflower seeds, in Tucson, AZ?


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Will Marigolds Re-seed?Do marigolds die in winter?


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Black Eyed Susans Are Wilting?I just planted some black eyed susans and they are wilting. I think they will soon die. I have them in rich soil, in the sun and have been watering them. What else can I do?


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Propagating Black Eyed Susan?How can I grow Black Eyed Susans in my yard, from my dad's flowering plants in his yard? Do the flowers make seeds?


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Thinning Sunflowers?I have grown some sun flowers. The first one was huge. Now it's hanging down towards the ground. When and how do I cut it so the others will grow better?


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Growing Flowers in Egypt?What are the flowers that can grow in Egypt for my garden?


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Flowers Seeds Never Sprouted?I planted flower seeds 2 months ago and I don't see anything.


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Pennsylvania Flowers That Bloom in July?What flowers bloom in July in central Pennsylvania?


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Red Hot Poker Plants Not Blooming?My poker plants (Kniphofia or Red Hot Poker) haven't bloomed in 3 years except for one plant in 2007. They were in pots until last winter when I planted them in full sun and well drained soil. The foliage is healthy and the plants are getting bigger.


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Petunias Stopped Blooming?My hanging baskets of petunias stopped blooming. Why did this happen? Thanks for your help.


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Getting Cymbidium Orchids to Bloom?How do I get my cymbidium orchids to re-bloom?


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Planting Marigolds for a Science Fair Project?I like marigolds and I'm planting one for my science fair project. I don't know what to do though! Can someone please give me some helpful hints?


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Growing Primroses in Indirect Light?Will primroses grow well in pots in indirect light? We live in Louisiana.


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Planting Sunflowers?What month do you plant sunflowers?


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Hydrangea Not Growing?My Hydrangea gets plenty of leaves but it hasn't grown since I planted it. It is the same size as it was since I took them out of the planting pots. And no blooms last summer! Any advice?


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Japanese Colored Dandelion Flowers?Does anyone know where I can get the Japanese Colored Dandelion flowers or seeds?


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Plumeria Not Blooming?I have a Plumeria that did not bloom this year, 2008. It is planted in the ground, about 6 ft. tall and has branched into 2 branches. It has lots of leaves but no blooms.


Hydrangea Flowers Have No Color?My hydrangea has no color. The flowers are the same as leaves. Why? I have lovely blue flowers all spring then blah!


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Flowers to Grow in Nashville, TN?What flowers can I plant in Nashville that will last through the spring?


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Winterizing Roses?In winterizing roses, do they have to be confined by cones. I am tempted to try hilling alone and wish to use shredded leaves mixed with top soil. Does this make sense? Also, I would like to cut up cross sections of paper leaf bags to act as restraining devices for the leaf/soil mix. Any advice gratefully received.


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Mildew On Roses?How do you get rid of mildew on roses?


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When Will My Hydrangeas Bloom?When will my hydrangeas bloom?


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Flowers That Go With Hydrangeas?What kind of flowers can I plant in front of my Blue Endless Summer Hydrangea?


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Uses for Calla Lily Seed Pods?My calla lily blooms form green seed pods inside. I was wondering if these can be planted or if they have any other use?


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Will Sunflowers Still Bloom If Tops Were Eaten Off?The deer ate the tops off my sunflowers, will they still flower? They were not up but about 6 inches.


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Problems With Hibiscus Plants?I have recently potted two hibiscus plants in my balcony. The one with the pink flowers has not given a single bud in 3 weeks. Also the leaves of this plant have holes in them. What can I do to prevent the holes?


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Flowering Verbenas Tips?I absolutely love flowering verbenas. The problem is that, without fail, they all end up dying on me. Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong? It's driving me crazy and I hate wasting money on replacing them all the time.


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Do Marigolds Kill Other Flowers?If you put marigold flowers in a container with other flowers, will they kill the other flowers, or their blooms? I just planted some marigolds with purple daisies, and all the blooms wilted on the purple daisies. Is it from the aroma that the marigolds put off?


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Will Cutting Flowers Affect Next Year's Growth?If I use my tulips as cut flowers for a vase, will this affect the next year's flowering?


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Transferring Sunflower Seedlings Outdoors?My daughter and I have started sunflower seeds indoors. They are now about 5 in. or so and I was going to plant them outdoors. I have a few questions though. Itt is supposed to be raining on and off till next Thursday and I am not sure if the seedlings can handle that much rain.


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Getting Rid of Sun Flowers?Sun flowers are destroying my grass. How do you kill them?


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Are There Hydrangeas That Are Naturally Blue?A friend told me that no hydrangea is naturally blue. One has to be forced through one method or another to create that color. I find that hard to believe. My grandmother always said that one had to plant iron nails in the soil to create the color one wanted. I don't remember doing anything special to mine but it is a beautiful blue and has been for many years. Anyone know anything about this please? Thanks.


Prolonging the Life of Cut Hydrangea Blooms?Is there a special process needed to prolong the life of a hydrangea bloom as a cut flower? I cannot get them to stay attractive overnight?


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Will Calla Lilies Grow In The Blue Mountains?Will Calla Lilies grow in the blue mountains?


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Calla Lilies Not Blooming?No flowers on Calla Lilies, why?


My Brothers Beautiful RosesMy brothers beautiful roses in Texas.


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Can Orchids Be Started From Cuttings?Is it possible to start orchids from cuttings?


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White Flowers That Bloom In June?I am throwing a graduation for my granddaughter in June. The theme is black and white so I want to know what White flowers are in bloom in June. Can I plant seeds this late to bloom in June, which will be hot about 80. I will need a lot.


Advice For Growing Cornflowers?Can anyone give me tips on how to grow cornflowers? I try these every year, following the instructions on the seed packet, but if I'm lucky I get a plant that's about an inch tall. It drives me crazy because I see cornflowers growing wild and lush in ditches, beside railroad tracks, etc.


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Getting Rid Of Iris Flowers?How do I get rid of Iris flowers? I have dug them up and ripped them out and they keep coming back. I am new at this gardening stuff and need help.


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Planting Flowers in the Shape of Letters?My volunteer garden club at our library are building a berm. It will be the center peice of a very large open area. I wanted to put flowers that make the shapes of letters when bunched together. This is a 3 part question #1 What would be used as a support since the berm will be on a high slant? #2 What is used to make the framing for the letters? #3 What would be the best low work flowers/plants to use to make the lettering stand out? If anyone has photos of or links to web pages that have photos it would help me the best. Thanks!


A flowering succulent.

What is This Flower? (Autumn Joy Sedum)What is this? It is loaded with flies and butterflies constantly, and I mean loaded! Thanks.


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How Do You Affect The Growth Of Marigolds?How do you affect the growth of marigolds?


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