May 14, 2006

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Caraway seeds on a wood table.

Growing: CarawayCaraway are grown not so much for their medicinal herbal properties as they are for their culinary uses in flavoring in dishes, candies and liqueurs. It has bright green leaves similar to a carrot top and 18 to 30 inch stems that appear rather weedy looking.



Breed Information: TonkineseThe Tonkinese is the result of crossing the Siamese with the Burmese. This medium-sized cat is medium-bodied in every way. It is neither long and svelte like the Siamese, nor rounded and cobby like the Burmese, but somewhere in between.


Installing New SinksReplacing a sink in your home is a fairly quick and easy job. Look for a new sink roughly the same size as you are replacing...


Baby Concentration (Baby Shower Game)For this game you need to create twenty pairs of images that relate to the subject of motherhood. This is easily done using a Xerox machine. These pieces of paper or cardboard are laid face down on the floor. Guests take turns turning over two cards at a time and then placing them face down again.


dog chewing on back leg

Why Does My Dog Chew Himself?Excessive chewing can be a sign of skin allergies, or a reaction to insect bites. Keeping your dog on a monthly flea and tick medication like Frontline can help reduce bite problems! If your dog has other allergies (seasonal or food), the paws may be the first place they start to itch.


white Persian cat

Breed Information: PersianThe Persian is perhaps the best-known and most easily recognized of the cat breeds today. In appearance, it is a medium-sized cat with a short, compact body, deep chest, muscular shoulders, short, strong legs, and a short powerful neck.


Play Dough Babies (Baby Shower Game)Give each guest a lump of playdough. Ask them each to make a little baby. The baby that the mom-to-be thinks is the cutest wins a prize.


Who Has The Poopy Diaper? (Baby Shower Game)This one works best at a sit down dinner. Squirt a dash of mustard or put a chocolate bar (unwrapped) inside a napkin. Fold the rest of the napkins (also pinned to look like diapers and placing them on each guest's seat.


closeup of gray cat with yellow eyes

Breed Information: KoratThe Korat is an ancient domestic breed form Thailand. It has a trim, muscular build, large, high-set ears, and a heart-shaped head featuring round over-sized eyes. The Korat has a glossy, short blue coat that feels like satin to the touch.


White and gray cat.

Breed Information: RagamuffinFrom a distance this breed appears large and expressive. They have medium-long fur that is soft like a rabbits and begs to be stroked. This is a large breed with males weighing 15 to 20 pounds or more.


Guess The Baby Food (Baby Shower Game)Buy ten different types of baby food and peel the labels of the jars. Mark each jar from 1 to 10 with a marker. Allow guests to examine and smell the contents of the jar. Tasting the baby food is cheating. Then each guest writes down what type of baby food they think is in each jar.


Orange and white Manx.

Breed Information: ManxThe Manx is famous for its lack of tail. This medium-sized cat is sturdy and rounded with short front legs and long back legs. Its head is large and broad and the coat is either short, or semi-long and thick. They are striking in appearance, yet ordinary.


Mosaic Picture Frame

Mosaic Picture FrameColorful pieces of tile elevate a standard picture frame to something extraordinary.


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Leave No Trace HikingHiking is great way to get outside and enjoy nature. Day hiking costs practically nothing and it is easy to get started. All you need is some comfortable shoes, adequate clothing, and some water and you can go out and explore your surroundings.


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What Size Pot Does My Weeping Willow Need?I have a weeping willow tree that is about 1 foot tall right now and I want to know how long I can leave it in a pot and what size pot it needs. It currently is in a 1 gallon nursery pot. i would appreciate advice.


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Mother's Day JokeIn lieu of the holiday, I thought I'd share a Mother's Day joke. Did YOUR mother say any of these? (I know mine did!) Happy Mother's Day everyone!


Baby Bingo

Baby Bingo (Baby Shower Game)It is probably the easiest to just buy pre-made Baby Bingo cards online. There are tons of sites that sell these prefabricated games and many sites, such as allow you to buy different variations of this.


Name That Baby Tune! (Baby Shower Game)Make up a CD with songs with where the singer sings a phrase with the word Baby such as "Baby Come Back!" or "Hit Me One More Time." Try to choose songs where the lyrics aren't a dead give away for the title. Have the guests guess what the title of each song is in turn...


Lavender Soap and Other UsesWhen we think of lavender, we think of the pretty, light purple flowers that blow gently in the breeze, producing a lovely, heady scent. The lavender's scent has been used for many years in bouquets, sachets, and potpourri. Did you know that lavender has many other uses?


$10 Dinners: Chicken Stir Fry - cooking stir fry

Looking For A Quick And Affordable Meal...You are tired after spending the day working. But, the age old question is, "What's for dinner?" Do you have an option for dinner tonight? Here is a quick dinner that you can make that is satisfying and easy to do.


Chihuahua with pink collar

Different Collars for Different DogsUnless your dog never leaves the house and never ever has a chance to escape, your dog needs a collar. Not only a collar, but one with ID tags and proof of rabies vaccination.


Dog on the beach.

Vet PhobiaDoes your pet panic when you reach the veterinarian's office? Maybe she shakes. Maybe she complains loudly. Maybe she runs for the door at every opportunity. You may just have a vet-phobic pet on your hands!


What's In The Baby Bag? (Baby Shower Game)Find ten to fifteen baby items and place them in a paper bag. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil. Blindfold each guest and let them feel what items are in the bag. The guest that correctly identifies and remembers all of the items in the bag wins.



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Lipstick Stain on Leather?How do I remove red lipstick from leather?


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Cat Scratching Furniture?Our cat is scratching our furniture. Any suggestions?


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Recipe for Crab Enchiladas?I am looking for a recipe for Crab Enchiladas.


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Chihuahua Clothing Patterns?I have a small Chihuahua and I need patterns to make coats, clothes, maybe some booties. He's cold all the time. Are there some websites that have free ones? I've checked some. Any help would be great.


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Fixing a Creaking Bed Frame?I bought a wooden bed frame last year, and it's creaking. What can I do to stop it from creaking? Is it because the bed needs to be taken apart and screwed together again?


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Crayon Stains on Carpet?I would like any ideas on how to get crayon out of my carpet? I have about a 3 foot mark on my carpet. Any suggestions would be great.


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Decorating a Beach Theme Dance?This year I am in charge of decorating the Grade 8's dance. We chose a beach theme, but my partner in crime and I are having a few obstacles with trying to have the gym looking good. Since this is basically a graduation dance, we would like to make it really fun and would like the setting to look quite impressive.


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Where Do You Get Senior Discounts?I was surprised to learn of some business's that give senior citizens discounts. Quite often, all you need to do is ask. I only know of a couple though, does anyone want to share with me where they usually get senior citizens discounts?


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Organizing My Kitchen?I have a new kitchen and one corner cabinet has 2 lazy susan shelves and I have a small pantry. Can you tell me what organization scheme works the best here? I also have a cook top and under that more cabinets.


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