July 7, 2010

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Mock Beef StroganoffBrown hamburger and drain off fat. Add chopped onion and drained mushrooms. Cook until onions are tender. Add rest of ingredients except sour cream. Mix well.


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Basic Spaghetti SauceThis basic sauce makes 6 cups and can be frozen to use anytime. Plus you can add your favorite touches. Like mushrooms, garlic, black olives, carrot, zucchini, browned ground beef, sausage, or turkey, etc.


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Creamy Fruit SaladStir all together. Use the pudding last. Leave in refrigerator for a few minutes before serving.


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Vegetable PizzaPlace rolls on cookie sheet to make crust. Bake until done. Mix sour cream and cream cheese and dressing mix. Put over cooled crust. Put raw vegetables onto dressing mix and then shredded cheese.


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Lemon Cream ChickenThis chicken and cream sauce is wonderful served over a bed of basmati rice that has been cooked in chicken broth with a splash of lemon juice added. Also very good over buttered egg noodles.


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Summer SaladLight and refreshing, Goes with many different entrees. Dice all vegetables into smaller pieces, add cilantro, and basil.


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Cappuccino MixIt's easy to make and a lot cheaper than store-bought. I love this stuff. To me it is not a cold weather drink only, I love to wind down at the end of the day with a cup and either a good movie or book.


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Fish Fillets Au GratinCombine ingredients except fish. Place fish in greased baking dish. Pour mixture over fish. Cover with foil and seal securely. Bake at 400 degrees F for 30-35 minutes. Serves 4.



Scenery: Seaside Heights N.J. BoardwalkThis is a picture of my granddaughter having fun on the rides at the Seaside Heights N.J. Boardwalk.


woman sleeping

Nine Tips to a Great Night's SleepGet yourself tuckered out. If your body is tired, you will be tired. So instead of cracking open the back door when you get home so your beagle can get some fresh air, grab a leash for your pooch and get out for a walk. Getting your blood flowing will jump-start your energy when you are feeling sleepy and prep you to be dog-tired when nighttime rolls around.


Garbage Bag Dispenser

A Garbage Bag DispenserI hate the way that rolls of trash bags get unrolled, so I found a great solution. I cut a small square hole in the top of the container with my jig saw, making a slot for the trash bags to "pop up" like they do on the baby wipe box.


Bird flapping its wings.

Pay Attention To Your Bird's Body LanguageFlapping wings: clipped birds hanging onto the side of their cage and flapping their wings is an exercise for your bird and can indicate that he might need a little more activity or wants some of your attention.


fish tic tac toe game

Fisher Of Men Tic Tac ToeThis is a craft and a toy! I designed this one for sea-themed VBS, but it would be great for pool parties, or beach themed events.


Baking Soda and Lemon

Removing Oil Stains From CarpetMy husband was good at tracking mud and oil into our carpet, until I finally made him clean it up. The stains were a nightmare. Not so much the mud, but the oil that he tracked in along with the mud sent me through the roof.


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Touch Up Paint With Liquid PaperWhen we washed off a white wicket shelf that is in the bathroom (wicker doesn't mind water every once in a while), some of the paint chipped off revealing another color underneath.


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What Can You Do With Leftover Herbs?I love fresh herbs, garden grown and store bought, but I DO NOT like having to waste what isn't used. So this is what I do after cleaning and separating what is necessary for the recipe.


Scenery: Osternicas (Slovenia)These are osternicas which you can only find in parts of Slovenia. Osternicas are made with dried spruce trees and the grass is hung on it and dried in the wind to make hay.


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Peeling CucumbersHave a lot of cucumbers to peel or just don't like the peelings? Grab up your potato peeler. It works great especially for those that have problems with their hands.


Garden Pond

Garden: Small Pond and WaterfallMy hubby created this beautiful pond for me to enjoy. It is situated right outside of our doorway so we enjoy it all day long. In the evening it is illuminated with colorful lights and it's so cool to see the fish cruising around in the dark.


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Keep Spare Pair of Sunglasses in CarNow that summer's here, keep an extra pair of sunglasses in your car or truck. That way you will have a pair if it gets too hot or you forget yours.


Angus (Dog)Angus is a 2 year old mixed breed dog. Angus was found wandering around a high crime area of a town. He was much smaller when he was found.


Narrow parallel clouds.

Clouds (Panama City Beach, FL)I took this photo from the front door of my home in Panama City Beach, Florida. If anyone knows what would cause a cloud formation like this, I would love to know, as the weather on this day was normal.


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Use Knife Block as ClapperI really enjoy sewing, but lack the finances to buy some things I would like to have. For quite some time, I have wished that I could afford to buy a clapper, like I have seen on some sewing shows.


My Frugal Life: Hunting Down A BargainMy frugal life has been going on ever since I was a young child. I began to save scrap paper to write and draw on. My family knew never to throw out any paper that was unused or blank on one side.



Unusual FlowerThis flower was so different from any other flower I've seen. It's on the small side, and I thought it was beautiful. No idea what it's called, though!


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Use Bait Fish As FertilizerIf you want to grow corn or tomatoes and a lot of them, go to the bait shop. Place 3 little fish about 2 inches below the plant. Cover them, plant your plant, sit back, and watch it grow. You will have more corn and tomatoes than you can use.


Old Sweatshirt

Make Quilt From Old SweatshirtsSweatshirts can be recycled to make good quilts. They are warm enough that just a backing rather than adding batting may be sufficiently warm if a lightweight quilt is desired. I often alternate sweatshirt materials with jean material.


Store Utensils In Jars at BuffetWe needed a thrifty cute way to hold plastic silverware on a buffet line for a 50th wedding anniversary party. This party was a casual summer time lunch buffet with sandwiches, pickles, olives, chips, and dips,etc.


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Cleaning with Rubbing AlcoholI bought a large mirror at the Goodwill several months ago. No matter what I tried to clean it with, it still had streaks and spots that would not come off. Several family members tried to clean it for me, but nothing worked.


Nest with Christmas lights.

Baby BirdsEvery year, we have a new family of baby robins nested atop our front door, this year was a new surprise! We are not sure what type these sweet little baby birds are, anyone? We were thinking English Sparrows?


Esme' (Torti Sealpoint Himalayan)Esme' is a 4 1/2 year old Torti Sealpoint Himalayan that I got at a local animal shelter. She was literally within minutes of being euthanized. She is a ferocious hunter. No bug can survive in my home.


Sammie (Shih Tzu Mix)

Sammie (Shih Tzu Mix)Sammie is 1 1/2 year old Shih Tzu Mix. I got her in September 2009 from people who no longer wanted her and were gonna throw her on side of the road if no one took her. She loves to run!


Product Review: Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry SheetsThis product combines laundry detergent, fabric softener, and a dryer sheet into a single sheet which you place into the washer with your clothes and then transfer to the dryer.



What is This Plant?What is this plant? I planted it in my garden because I thought it was a dahlia, but I don't think this is one.


Go Diego Go Centerpieces?I would love to make Diego centerpieces for my son's 2nd birthday party which is the "Go Diego Go" theme. I am thinking of using foam cut outs of Diego and sticking them into a foam disk with a wooden dowel, but I am not sure if it needs to be weighted or secured to the table.


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Organizing a Living Room?I need help in organizing my living room. How can I organize it so that it won't look too crowded?


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Making Hair Wavy?My hair is wavy on the bottom and basically straight hair on top. It isn't right, is there a way that works really well to get the top wavy? I have tried a sea salt mixture, but that didn't work.


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Dog is Food Aggressive?I have an adult male chow chow living with me and my kids now. He's a little aggressive around food. He's bitten both my kids now (in the face and arm) and my other dogs also. How can I make him food friendly or do I need a pro?


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Bleaching Designs onto Denim?I want to bleach designs onto jeans for making a blue jean purse. Has anyone done this and if so which kind of detergent did you use? How well did it work? I am thinking of making a retro jeans purse for the kids for Christmas.


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Dogs With Behavioral Problems?Why is my dogs having problems? I have two 2 year old cocker spaniel mixes, one male and one female. They are siblings. They jump at everything from sound, movement, wind, even their toys.


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Beach Waves Homemade Hairspray?Has anybody ever tried to make homemade Beach Waves spray? I've read many magazine articles about these and finally created my own. I put together into a small spray bottle:


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Recording a New Message on Panasonic Answering Machine?I want to change the recording on my cordless phone answering machine. I want to re-record my voice mail message on my Panasonic cordless phone Model #KX-TG560M.


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Mario Galaxy Birthday Cake?Does anyone have a picture of a Mario Galaxy birthday cake?


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Storage Solutions for a Small Car?I have bought a smaller car and I need ideas for homemade pockets of some kind. I would like some that hang off the front dash to hold a cell phone, note book, pen, and an average size box of Kleenex. I was thinking about something similar to shoe pockets, but I don't sew. Thanks.


Number of Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats?We adopted two kittens (litter mates) three weeks ago. They are both using the little box great with no problems. My husband thinks we should have two litter boxes, but my sister-in-law that has 4 cats of her own says one is fine. What is your opinion on this?


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Activities for a Girl's Random Party?What are fun activities to do at a girl's random party?


Fabric Ceiling Has Water Stains?We have a ceiling made of beige color upholstery fabric. It got wet from a leak in the roof, and it has big brown rusty halos created by the water. It cannot come down to be wash. It is a cotton fabric. I would appreciate any idea how to cover, conceal, or paint it. Thanks a lot.


Wall paper with Coke images.

Discontinued Wallpaper: Coca Cola Pattern?I am actively looking for Coca Cola wall paper to redo my kitchen in. If anyone knows where I can locate it please let me know. Thank you.


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