February 9, 2011

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Bread, Egg and Asparagus MealMade with scrambled eggs, butter, bread, and asparagus, this recipe makes a filling meal for 2 people or a side dish for 3 to 4 people.


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Macaroni SaladCook macaroni according to package directions. Cool. Cube other ingredients and mix together. Add Miracle Whip to your taste and mix well. Refrigerate.


Beef stew and dumplings

Linn's Simple Beef Stew & DumplingsI made this way of making a stew up myself and have stuck with it. Always a good hearty meal for the family. If it is just two of you, great because heated leftovers are so good!


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Cheese SpreadLet cheese stand overnight. Cut up cheese with other ingredients with mixer on high speed for 5 minutes. Refrigerate.


Cinnamon rolls made from sweet dough.

Rich Sweet DoughI hadn't made this in a long time, and had forgotten what a pleasure it is to work with this dough. It has less sugar than a lot of recipes, so it isn't overly sweet. You do not have to knead this dough to develop the yeast and gluten.


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Herb TeaI started out by using all my mint and basil herbs from my summer garden. When I ran out of herbs, I tried tea bags and store bought herbs. I also had frozen fruits from summer and this was a great way to use them up, as well as give added vitamins to the tea.


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Burger 'N Bean Skillet CasseroleBrown beef in skillet and drain off fat. Add beans, remaining juice, and tomato soup and bring to a boil. Fold biscuits around a cube of cheese and drop in boiling stew around the edge of the skillet.


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Strawberry Cream Dream MuffinsPreheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line mini-muffin tins with paper muffin cups. To make filling, whip the cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add 1 egg and vanilla extract, beating only until combined. Set aside.



Raised Vegetable Garden

The Rewards of Gardening in Raised...Raised beds pack a lot of growing power into a small space. They provide an excellent growing environment for all types of plants including vegetables, flowers, herbs, and berries, as well as offering gardeners ways to overcome a variety of difficult growing conditions.


Craft: Guitar PursesMy boyfriend is a guitar player in a band, and he has 4 guitars, in different shapes. I used the guitars for a pattern for my purses. I enjoy making purses and bags out of any color and pattern of material. My favorite material to use is the zebra print.


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Hand Sanitizer to Clean Book CoversI use the library extensively and love to read. I have noticed that the books looked dirty. I can imagine all the people handling them, no wonder they are dirty. So, I grabbed my hand sanitizer and squirted it on the library books, took a paper towel and rubbed it in.


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Use Paper Bag as Alternative to CanvasSave money on paper and canvas by using a paper bag instead. I found creating art to be an expensive process, so I began using paper bags to save money in place of canvas. They are free and a great form of recycling.


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Hibbi Scrub for MangeI had a litter of puppies that got puppy mange. I tried everything to get rid of it and nothing worked. So I tried hibbi scrub which worked a treat. It cleared the mange up in 2 weeks. You just fill your bath up, pop a bit in, and bathe the puppies 2-3 times a week.


Baby Girl (Chihuahua)Baby girl is approximately 10 to 12 years old. She belongs to my boyfriend and I. He got her several years ago from his oldest daughter. She likes to guard her bones and sleep.


A grey cat sitting on someone's lap.

Graycie (Russian Blue Mix)Graycie is my American Shorthair; she is about 7 years old. Graycie was up for adoption at our local Petco. Our granddaughter saw her and decided that she was just what Grandma and Grandpa needed to keep them company.


Exploding Box Valentine Card

Exploding Box Valentine CardI made this pretty exploding box Valentine card using a square milk carton for the basic box and some gorgeous vintage style wrapping paper. Total cost 50 cents!


Ice Fountain

Scenery: Ice FountainWe had ice and snow. I took this at a fountain in town. I think it was lovely. It was melting!


Finished cake.

Craft: Decorated Snow "Cake"I filled a tray with snow, which then became my cake. I filled containers with a few drops of food coloring and some water. I gave my 2 year old a paint brush and told her to decorate her cake how ever she liked.


Chucci on dog bed.

Chucci (American Cocker Spaniel)Chucci is a 10 month old American Cocker Spaniel. We got him last July. He likes to hang out with me! Chucci loves our walks in the country every morning.


Sunset over the lake.

Scenery: Lake Charles, LouisianaWe attended a circus here where, you can imagine, I took many pictures. But the sunset that greeted us as we were leaving was the best shot. Simply beautiful!


Toto (Cairn Terrier)

Toto (Cairn Terrier)Toto is a 3 year old Cairn Terrier. I got Toto in March 2009 from my grandma. Someone gave him to her, but she couldn't keep him. I saw him and just had to have him!


One Birthday Cake for Two BirthdaysMy husband and grand daughter both have birthdays in January, so this year (hubby was away on work for his birthday) we celebrating them together. Well, a 6 year old and a grandpa do not have a lot in common on a cake design.


DragonfliesI came home and as I was walking down the driveway, I could see this huge dragonfly near the front door. Luckily, I had my camera with me and I got few shots of it before it flew away.


Clothes line with laundry.

Cosmetic Surgery For WallsOver the years I have come to accept my flaws. I now call wrinkles my "smile grooves" and as far as body flaws, well, I have decided that God does have a sense of humor! But after looking at my garage walls for years, I knew it finally needed some form of cosmetic surgery.


Fishing In Costa Rica

Travel: Fishing In Costa RicaThe coast of Rica Rica. Many, many fish . . . many



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Removing Musty Odor from Paper?I have a lot of greeting cards I want to use for a craft project. The problem is they smell musty. Can anyone tell me how to rid cards of a musty smell? There are no stains, just a stinky smell. Thanks for any help given.


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Use a Balloon to Make an Easter Basket?Years ago I made Easter baskets using crochet thread and sugar water. I have read the 'instructions' found on ThriftyFun, but cannot find the type/size of crochet thread to use. I have not been successful with a size 10 thread, but it is very tight. Help!


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Cross Stitch School Bus Patterns?I am looking for several cross stitch school bus patterns. I hope you can help.


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How Do I Make a Money Tree?How do I make a money tree?


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Making Easter Pins?Does anyone have instructions for making quick and easy Easter pins? I am looking for a rabbit, chick, or an Easter egg. Thanks.


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DIY Hearing Aid Reviews?A friend of mine wants to know if anybody has bought them (diyhearingaides) and if he can trust the company. Thank you. Irma


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Adding Clear Sachet Pellets from Walmart to Heat Therapy Rice Bags?Has anyone used the fragrance sachet from Walmart, that are clear pellets, for adding scent in the pillows you can put in the microwave for pain? I am afraid they might catch fire, but I am hoping someone has used them.


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How Can I Remove Hair Spray from Wallpaper?I have navy blue and white striped wallpaper in my bathroom. I've tried several different cleaners to remove hair spray droplets. I've yet to find one that works. Any ideas?


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Inexpensive Unique Valentine's Day Ideas?After being married for 11 years, I am running out of creative ideas for Valentine's day. I'd love to hear some inexpensive unique ideas.


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Locating Discount Grocery Stores in Pennsylvania?Does anyone know where to get discount groceries or banana box groceries in PA?


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Painting a Bathroom With Off-White Tile With Gold Flecks?My bathroom has off-white tile with gold flecks. What color should I paint the walls? Right now it is a sage green, which I loved, but am now very sick of.


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My Dog Played With a Dog That Has Parvo?I recently found a puppy that turned out to have parvo. I gave him away to a good family looking for a pet online and they are the ones who found out. Can parvo still be passed to my other puppy and/or kitten?


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Can I Substitute Self Rising Flour for All Purpose in a Cake Recipe?Can I substitute self rising flour for all purpose flour in a cake recipe?


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Problems Using the Gianni Paint Kit for Countertops?I just finished my cupboards and sad to say they look bad. I used the Gianni kit for countertops in chocolate brown. On the last


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