June 28, 2011

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Barbecued Black BeansI'm not always fond of beans unless they are either green or baked, but I have also learned now to really love black beans! This recipe is so good and black beans are very healthy as well.


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Baked Tomato WedgesCan't wait to get some tomatoes on my plants outside so I can make this!


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Orange Slice Bar CookiesA favorite of my husband.


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Cream Cheese and Corn SoupAnother different soup recipe.



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Request Take Out Drinks Without IceWhen you go to the take out, ask for no ice in your drinks. This way, your drinks won't get diluted, and they will taste just as good if you don't drink it all right away.


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Ashes for GardenIf you have a fireplace or wood stove, take your ashes and put them around your plants. Your plants will grow better, and less or no weeds will grow there.


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A Simple Way To Conserve WaterI used a pitcher to catch the water while I waited on it to change to hot water to use. I was wasting almost a gallon every time I was waiting on the water to get hot. Now I keep a pitcher nearby, and I save the water to use during the day.


A path with birch trees on either side in Akron, OH.

Scenery: Birch Alley in May (Stan Hywet, Akron, OH)This is called the Birch Alley. It is an arrow-straight aisle of birches, with lilies of the valley at their feet. In May, the fragrance is intoxicating.


An old fashioned postal scene painted on the side of a post office in Omro, WI.

Scenery: Postal Scene Mural (Omro, Wisconsin)This old fashioned postal scene is painted on the side of a local post office. I love the look of the giant stamp painting as it is a real conversation piece.


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Pack Luggage 24 Hours In AdvanceI always pack my luggage over twenty-four hours in advance when I am taking a trip. I pack everything that I need in the bags. Then I take out the necessary cosmetics, medication, toothbrush, etc. from the bags that I need during the day and night.


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Yarn Storage TipsWhen using yarn from a skein, you mostly use it from the center of the skein. That is the "norm". When you are winding yarn into a ball, use any button and tie it to the end of the yarn that becomes the middle of the ball.


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Baking Soda ToothpasteWhen we were very young, we were very poor and I never recall having toothpaste. We always made a paste out of baking soda and water and brushed our teeth with it.


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Save Old Baby Food Jars and LidsBaby food jars have many uses. I saved the ones I used from my son and have used them for a variety of things. I made his food, so I would make little "to go" meals for him and put them in the freezer for when we traveled.


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Please Don't Give Garlic To Your PetsPlease consider reading up about Heinz-Body anemia before you make the decision to give garlic in any form, or anything in the alliums family for that matter, to a pet. Personally, I wouldn't risk the health of my pet when there are other safe alternatives available.


A ball of aluminum foil to prevent static in the dryer.

Aluminum Foil as Alternative to Fabric...If you don't have fabric sheets or just don't want to buy them, try using aluminum foil instead! Crumple up a sheet of aluminum foil into a ball and toss it into the dryer.


A pink peony surrounded by green leaves.

Grandma's Gift: Pink PeonyThis was a well-traveled peony bush! It was taken from cuttings back in 2005 from a bush in my folk's yard, that in turn had come from my Grandma's yard in Wisconsin, more than 35 years earlier.


shoe boxes with photos of shoes attached to them

Attach Photo To Shoe BoxWhat is the proper way to store shoes without paying for expensive storage organizers? Nobody has time to dust shoes on a shelf. I opted for keeping them in the original box, then take a picture of the shoes.


apron hanging on mug rack

Decorate with Themed ApronsI got this cool apron last week. I used to be in the coffee biz, so this just called to me. I thought,"why not put it on the wall" and that led to a cup rack to go with it.


A powerful waterfall cutting a channel through rock on either side.

Scenery: The Falls (Yellowstone National...We went on vacation to Yellowstone, and stopped here at one of the sites called the Falls. It was so incredibly beautiful! It took my breath away.


Beetle on Lace

Beetle Bug on Lace PanelLook what a lovely beetle I found on my lace screen in front of our door. I had to take this shot! It is so beautiful. I never see them unless they get on our insect screen, and the porch light is on.


Watering Solutions

5 Water-Saving Solutions for Your GardenWater is one of the earth's most valuable resources, so it is important to make sure that we garden in a way that doesn't over-use or waste water. With a little planning, you can reduce your garden water waste, and save yourself a little money at the same time.


A brown and white puppy in a window.

Chaze Cinco Reyes (Catahoula)Chaze Cinco Reyes is 12 weeks old Catahoula. I found Chaze at a local animal shelter. As soon as I saw him, I fell in love.


A light colored tile used as a dry erase message board, with red writing.

Small Tile for Message BoardI use a small tile for a dry erase board. You do not have to use dry erase markers. You can use color markers that are not permanent, like the kind the kids draw with. They are great for people to leave messages on, and the kids enjoy it a lot.


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