June 29, 2011

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Seasoning a Cast Iron Pan

Seasoning a Cast Iron PanThis is a page for seasoning a cast iron pan. Cast iron pans are durable and versatile for cooking. Proper seasoning and care of cast iron cookware makes your pans resistant to food sticking.


Picture of a student loan application

Paying Off Debt from CollegeThis page is about paying off debt from college. Education is getting more and more expensive. Student loans, credit cards and other debt accumulated while going to school can be an unnecessary burden to the student later in life.


Photo of a green apple.

Using Apples in CookingThis is a page about using apples. Apples can be eaten many ways, baked, pureed, juiced, in desserts and even in some soups such as mulligatawny.


Photo of woman covering her mouth with her turtle nick.

Remedies for Bad BreathThis page contains tips and remedies for dealing with bad breath. Bad breath is both embarrassing and can also be a symptom of poor dental hygiene.


hand holding a bunch of radishes

Growing RadishesThis is a page about growing radishes. It includes advice about planting, harvesting and soil recommendations for growing your own radishes.


Picture of two socks white socks hanging on a clothesline.

Getting Socks Really CleanSocks endure a lot of punishment and can be tough to get clean. This is a page for getting socks really clean.


Photo of someone installing a water heater blanket.

Making Your House More Energy EfficientThis page has tips and ideas for making your house more energy efficient. Energy leaks, inefficient appliances, and bad habits can cost you a lot of money over the course of a year.


Picture of garden mulch.

Getting Rid of Mold on Mulch?This is a page for getting rid of mold on mulch. When the air gets humid, mold can begin to grow on your mulch.



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Cheese and Sausage StrataMy family loves this. Can be a breakfast or supper.


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Cucumber and Watermelon SaladI've seen oodles of assorted recipes for cucumber and watermelon salads online, but here's what I came up with. The combinations of ingredients sound strange, but they are a wonderful blend of flavors.


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Amy OnionsThis is a really refreshing simple treat for summer. We make lots of these when camping, and they always go fast. There's no set amount of ingredients to buy so you can make as many or as few as you like.


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Classic Boiled Custard PuddingThis is the easiest "made from scratch" custard-pudding I know how to make. I like it, because I don't have to "temper" egg yolks prior to mixing them in with the other ingredients.


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Teriyaki Flank SteakNice Oriental flavor to this steak.



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Line Baking Pans With Aluminum FoilI love to bake using marinades and various spices that are messy to clean up. In my old age, I have learned to line my baking pans with aluminum foil so I can just remove the food, dispose of the foil, and put the pan away.


A gray shorthaired kitten watching a video game on a TV.

Sassy (Grey Cat)I like playing this game on the TV sometimes. One of the older kittens, Sassy, decided that she likes the game too. She perches up there for a very long time, if I let her.


Foam star with "Happy Father's Day" written on it

Craft: Foam Art MagnetsMy daughter made these little foam art magnets for her dad on Father's Day. You could use these for any season or occasion. She cut out shapes and put adhesive backed magnetic stripping on the back.


White Lily

Garden: Lily GardenI look forward every year for these beautiful Asiatic Lilies to bloom. I have had the Pink Pixie for several years but planted the Asiatic White Lily last year. The lilies are planted around two full size geese decoys.


Bee on Roses

Garden: Bumblebee and the RosesMy climbing wild roses made it all the way past the top of the deck rail last year, and this year they're up to the eaves! A little bumblebee (on upper left blossoms) flying around the deck plants took advantage of them, as they began to 'peek' though the rails.


Jean Embelished Shirt Finished

Jean Embellished SweatshirtI love to wear sweatshirts and continue to try to "enhance" them. This one has a western feel. I hope you enjoy.


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Use Chain Drugstores For Prescriptions When TravelingMy prescriptions here in Los Angeles are all from the neighborhood Rite-Aid drugstore. But since my husband and I often travel, I find it convenient to know that because the drugstores are all linked by computer, my prescriptions are on file.


A brown dachshund on a cream colored couch

BamBam (Dachshund)BamBam is a 5 year old Dachshund. I got both him and his sister Pebbles on Craigslist last October. They went from being crated day and night, to having a doggie door and free run of the yard.


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Store Bananas in RefrigeratorBananas will last much longer if you store them in the refrigerator. They also taste sweeter! Just pick the bananas in the store that are ripe to the point you want them, leave them in the plastic bag, and put them in the refrigerator.


A hummingbird hovering at a red feeder.

Hummingbird at FeederI was outside and saw there were up to 3 hummingbirds hanging out at the feeder. I decided to run in the house and grab my camera. Luckily, I was able to catch one relaxing on the perch, and it sat still long enough for me to zoom in on it.


A close up of two wine glasses in a window filled with colored water

Decorative Colored Water in Wine GlassesThe AS IS store was open yesterday, so I went in to get some mugs. I found cool ones, then came upon an idea that I wanted in the house. So far, it's cost me .25!


Fork and knife on a napkins

Paper or Fabric? What Napkins Save the...A major cost in any household shouldn't be the napkins that sit on the dining room table, but it is an expense. The question, of paper napkins verses fabric napkins, is which is for the better good, both environmentally and economically?


Yummy Fig

Garden: FigYum-yum!


Compost bin made from pallets with door shut (no roof)

Compost Bin from Recycled MaterialsCompost bins are very expensive and do not hold much, so picked up some free pallets and made one myself. I spent less then $10 on materials (3 hinges and a door handle), and I put the sides together with zip ties!


My Frugal Life: Thrifty Grandmas Stay With You ForeverGrandma was born in 1895 and raised 6 children on her own after her no-good husband ran off. This was long before the days of Social Security. She had lived through some really hard times, and she taught me so much, it still makes me smile.


Glass that was cracked during Hurricane Katrina, in Gulfport, MS.

Scenery: Finding Beauty in Destruction (Gulfport, MS)The patterns of the cracked glass and the vines growing up the wall, are striking reminders of the destructive power of nature followed quickly by the restorative power of nature.


A black and white photo of two young sisters, one kissing the cheek of the other.

Photo: Best FriendsThese two beautiful girls are my granddaughters. They love to play dress up, and love it even more when they can play outside.


square sachet with blue pansey type flowers inside an orange circle

Recycled Flowery SachetsThese fragrant and easy to make sachets can be hung in your closet, put in your drawer, or displayed in an area that needs a little scent to it. All of these items were recycled from other projects.


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Reuse Metal Guitar Strings for Craft WireHubby plays the guitar, and I found some of his discarded metal strings in the trash. I thought - hmm! I could use the wire for my craft projects, especially the jewelry I am putting together, so I kept it for future use!


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WD-40 For Lawn MowerIf your lawn mower refuses to start up, spray WD-40 in the carburetor/air cleaner and pull the draw cord.


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Attach Corks to KeysHere is a tip for all the fishermen when they go boating. Tie a few corks to your key ring. If the keys end up in the water, having them float on the top of the water is so much easier than trying to find them at the bottom.


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Emergency Container for Carsick KidsThis is a helpful tip when children become ill either when traveling or at home. Save empty large soft margarine tubs. Take a plastic Ziploc type storage bag and insert in the margarine tab folding down the top of the bag all around the tub.



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Removing Soap Scum from Tiles?My bathroom consists of ceramic tiles on all the walls. Due to years of use of hard water with soap and detergents the tiles are dull with a coating that is hard to remove even after scrubbing.


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Housewarming vs. Open House?What is the difference between a housewarming and an open house? I recently purchased a home, as a first-time homeowner, and I want to invite my family and friends over to see the place.


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Names for a Driveway Paving Business?I am in need of a name for my business, I am hoping to start. I would like something that is simple but snappy. I will be paving driveways, etc.. Thanks for any ideas.


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Smoke Detector Keeps Beeping?Our electronic smoke detectors are going off during the night hours. This has happened last night 3 times. It is a warning beep because of a low battery. Does anybody know anything about this?


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Hairballs After Cat Grooms Dog?Our cat bathes our little dog every day. Our dog just gets up real close to the cat, and she seems to know what our dog wants. My question is, does this habit cause hairballs to form in our cat's stomach more?


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Digital Camera Won't Connect to Computer?Does anyone have a suggestion(s) to help troubleshoot why all of a sudden my Canon PowerShot S2 IS digital camera has stopped having download capability to my computer? Is it the camera and/or some sort of computer glitch that needs to be reprogrammed?


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Cleaning Glass Shower Doors?How do you get glass shower doors to sparkle?


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Freezing Coleslaw?I would like to know if you can freeze store bought coleslaw mixes?


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Can Vaccinated Dogs Get Parvo?I was dog sitting three miniature Doberman Pinschers for two weeks, and the 5 month old puppy got parvo and died after I took them home. The mother and daddy dogs are older dogs.


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Getting Rid of Cucumber Beetles?I have an infestation of what appears to be cucumber beetles which are devastating my veggie garden. The research isn't clear as to how to get rid of them. Can someone help me?


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Vegetables to Plant in July?What kinds of vegetable plants can I start planting in July. We have had a really hot and dry spring and the summer started out to be even drier.


Legitimate Work from Home Jobs?Does anyone know of any legitimate work from home websites where I could land a good job? I currently work from home as a VCSR (Virtual Customer Service Representative).


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Cat is Urinating in the Bathtub and Vent?I have an 11 year old cat named Noel. Not too long ago, I got another cat named Mortimer. Noel has since become jealous of Mort and has begun urinating in my daughter's bath tub. Now the plug part of the tub is corroded, and I can't figure out how to get it fixed.


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Using Coffee Grounds on Flowers?Can I use fresh coffee grounds on my flowers?


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Using a Tarp to Suppress Weeds?Is using a tarp the best way to suppress weeds? I have black tarp to lay down on my garden to suppress weeds. My mom said to just cut holes where my plants are. Is this the best way? The weeds are small and very difficult to remove.


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Stains on a Cast Iron Tub?I live in an older home and the one white cast iron tub is looking very yellow. Also the drip from the faucet has left a stain down the side. Any tips on getting it back to pretty, clean and white without resurfacing the tub?


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Dog Has Red Spot on Paw?My dog's front paw, between the 3rd and 4th nail, is red, tender and missing some hair. He tends to limp off and on. What can I do?


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Overalls Are Damaging Dryer?The metal fasteners on the straps of my husband's overalls are chipping the paint from the inside of the clothes dryer. Is there a solution other than hanging them to air dry?


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Freezing Deli Meats?Can you freeze deli meats like bologna, ham, roast beef and sliced cheese?


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Turning Off the Water Heater to Save Money?Does anyone know if there is any harm caused by turning off water heater when I am not home? Since I am not home all day, I am considering turning off water heater at circuit breaker when I leave. Can this cause any problems to the heater?


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Pressure Cooker Recipes?I would love some tried and true healthy pressure cooker recipes. I have a 6 quart cooker. Thanks in advanced!


Persian cat laying on a table.

Helping a Cat Transition at a New Home?I have a beautiful 2 year old sterilized male Persian. Sadly I cannot keep him any longer, and I have arranged for him to go back to the family who bred him. They are happy to have him back, but I am worried about how he will fit in again with his cat family, mother, father, brother, and sister.


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Preparing Corn on the Cob in Advance?I'm having 130 people for a BBQ. I would like to prepare the corn on the cob days in advance. Can I husk, butter and season, wrap in foil and freeze for two days prior to the affair? I will then cook it in a convection oven.


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Chipmunks Eating Tomatoes?This year the chipmunks are everywhere. They have gotten into my raised bed and are picking my cherry tomatoes. Any help is needed.


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Dyeing a Mohawk with Koolaid?How do you dye a mohawk with Koolaid?


German Shepherd mix puppy laying on a pink throw rug.

What Breed is My Dog?He looks more German Shepherd, but they told us he was a mix with that breed. Can anyone tell me what breed you think he is mixed with. They said Blue Heeler. He looks nothing like that though.


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Brewing Coffee Without a Coffee Maker?My coffee machine is broken. Is there another way I can brew my fresh coffee grounds?


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Fun Vacation Activities in North Dakota?We are considering a vacation in North Dakota and Teddy Roosevelt National Park in late July/early August and would appreciate any ideas on fun activities for a family with a pre-teen boy and a partly-disabled adult included (difficulty walking).


Trouble with a Dwarf Stella Cherry Tree?I have a Stella cherry tree that's in a pot. It's swarming with black flies. It is 2 years old. The sap has leaked down the stem and set hard and the leaves are withering up. What can I do?


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How Wide Does Contact Paper Come?What is the widest roll of white contact paper that is made?


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Less Free Disk Space After Document Cleanup?Does anyone know what caused less free disk space to occur after cleaning up oodles of MBs of old and unnecessary documents, videos and photos? Shouldn't there be more instead of less percentage of free disk space?


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Recovering a Recliner Chair to Match New Decor?I have 2 recliner chairs with high backs and a front kick-out leg-raise section. I'd like to revamp the color. Has anyone had experience with a quick and cheap dress-up?


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